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    Default Best swinging sites?

    We're interested in this communities opinion on the best swinging sites. What are they, and what are the positive, or negative, experiences you've had with said sites? Thanks in advance!

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    Default re: Best swinging sites?

    Swinglifestyle (SLS) has worked well for us, and is probably at the top of the heap in many parts of the country. It's not the slickest most modern site, but it does have what's most important, and that is a lot of swingers.

    Second to that would be Swingtowns. They seem to fly under the radar a bit, but the people who are part of that site seem to really like it.

    After those would come Swingers Date Club (SDC), Adult Friend Finder (AFF), and Kasidie.

    There are a lot more than the ones I listed, and depending on the part of the country, one of the others may have a stronger local presence than one of the big ones. Most of the big ones offer a free membership option though, so you can't go wrong at least giving them a try to see how they are in your area.
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    Default re: Best swinging sites?

    Many people I have found will pick one or two sites to have a paid membership at and then sign up for free accounts to as many as you want. WE are paid on SLS but free on several others. We have had paid account at C4P before and will probably be back to paid, because as cplnuswing we have found in the Memphis area more people are on SLS while over here in Arkansas a lot of people are paid on C4P.

    Just our experience.

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    Default re: Best swinging sites?

    Very very regional. For our area SLS is where there are active swingers, meets are posted, etc. Two hundred miles south most of the people use Swingular and SLS is a ghost town. We have lifetime accounts on these two sites. We were paying members of Kasidie until a few months ago, it was never great for our city but it was decent for the Portland area that we like to visit. Much of the active swingers in Portland are now in private facebook groups..

    You are in Kansas, not idea what is popular there. You are going to need to create profiles on several sites and see where the people are at for your area. I would start with SLS (most popular overall) and SDC (popular in Texas, closest location to Kansas that I know what page is popular). Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuiltForSin View Post
    Much of the active swingers in Portland are now in private facebook groups..
    This is actually a new arena for us in our local area and have had great success. We started out by being invited to join one private house party secret fb group and are now members of five different groups in our area. They can be a lot of fun and a great way of networking within the LS and it doesn't cost a penny.

    The catch is getting invited to join that first group. From there it is pretty easy to spread out.

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    We are currently on 3 sites, KAS, SDC, and SLS. But from our experience it's mostly based on where you live. I can tell you that here in South Florida SDC is number 1, SLS is second, and KAS is a almost non existent.

    For South Florida

    1. SDC
    More couples, more features, great private, and public events, younger crowd. Can be very X-rated with videos and pix (that can be negative or positive, depending on your view.)
    Site can be a little tricky to navigate.

    2. SLS
    More user friendly. Not as many couples but still strong. Cleaner site as far as what is allowed in the public pictures. Seems stronger up north, we have met a few couples that travel to SFL vie SLS. Negative: site is lacking features, and somewhat old.

    3 KAS
    Not much experience with it, the small amount of couples we see on that site are also on the other 2. As far as the features it's very similar to SDC.

    IMO try them all and see what site has more couples for your area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan63 View Post
    . . . The catch is getting invited to join that first group. From there it is pretty easy to spread out.
    Private Facebook groups are gaining traction around here too. For some of these private groups, people are inventing personas different from their real personas. You, know, the usual feeling of shame about being a swinger and fear of being exposed. We have stayed away from these.

    But neither my wife nor I aspire to political offer nor are we CIA or NSA, so we have felt comfortable to accept invitations from people who are well known to us. Our regular Facebook profile appears to all of the members of these secret groups. This requires a certain level of trust. But there are enormous advantages in using a group like this compared to using a swinger hook-up Web site. We meet new people at a much greater rate than before.

    But as dan63, observed. First you have to get to know swingers before there is any chance of getting invited into a group like this.

    To answer the OP's original question, SLS would be a good choice of a Web site for people just starting. But do not expect instant results. It took my wife and I a year to accomplish a first hook-up after joining SLS. Hopefully you are using other methods as well such as going to swinger cubs and finding meet-n-greet events.
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    Default re: Best swinging sites?

    AFF was good for us before most relevant features could only be accessed by being a paying member.

    SLS is still fairly decent to free members, and allows for limited amounts of interaction between any paying or nonpaying members. Not perfect, but adequate.

    CL has proven a complete bust in almost all respects for us.

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    I think honestly, Kasidie is the up and coming site to look at. The parties they throw at clubs are great. SDC also attracts many people to their events. My experience with SLS is that for parties, it does not attract a crowd. We were in Europe and SDC was even strong over there.

    I have seen people question SLS often...

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