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    Default Posting Couple Pictures

    I think if you want to be taken seriously when posting pictures, make sure you post a picture of the both of you together with clothes and in a normal setting. How many times do you look at a profile picture and it's a selfie bathroom picture or the wife in a sexual position. If all you have are nude sex pictures we just pass you by. We rather you didn't post any pictures. Dick and crotch pictures say absolutely nothing. Don't want to paste a face picture? Then crop the picture. If you post ONLY pictures or him or her alone we feel maybe you aren't a couple. In today's world it is so easy to take a couple picture. I am not saying the nudes are bad, just you should have a nice g rated picture to go with it.

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    Default Re: Posting Couple Pictures

    Most photos with the two of us also contain other family members, and editing/cropping isn't always easy.

    The occasional 'just the two of us' photos are when we're out together at a restaurant ("Waiter? Could you take our photo?"), and -- maybe it's a job requirement -- they invariably cut our heads off.

    Weirdest thing, that.

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    We are of the same opinion. My wife's first check point when looking at a profile is if there are any pictures of the two of them together. If not, she immediately suspects that they are either not a couple or it is the guy doing the posting and the F knows nothing about it. So the profile is off to a bad start. The next thing is if the profile contains some close up shots of private parts. We don't care nor need to see that either. That is part of the exploration with a couple if we get to that point.

    We prefer shots of them doing what they like to do together as well as some classy sexy shots to know they also have a sexy side. But dick pics are an instant turn off for her.

    And for heavens sake, take some nice pictures. Selfies in the car or bathroom don't cut it. And pay attention to the mess in the background. Says a lot about you if the house is a mess to boot.

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    Default Re: Posting Couple Pictures

    We rather you don't post a picture than post a close up of that. I know it's hard to get people to respond if they have no idea of what you look like. A crotch picture just shows... Well nothing other than you are human. As for a couple picture,I am sure you can have a nice picture without asking a server to take one of you at a restaurant. I never understood why so many pictures are taken in the bathroom. I guess you have a mirror there but come on,you can do better than that. And if the best picture you can post is her giving a BJ just don't post a pic

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    Default Re: Posting Couple Pictures

    I'm not sure if it's the same all over the world but here in the UK you count yourself lucky if their profile has any pictures of the male half at all!
    I'd say 80% of couples profiles don't have any pictures of the male (I'm not counting close up cock shots as pics) they're just all pictures of the woman, one of the many reasons we're starting to give up online.
    Mrs Scared is pretty picky when it comes to men so she certainly won't agree to meet a couple and just leave it as a surprise as to what he looks like, worst thing though is that half of them get really defensive when you ask what they look like.
    We don't have any pics of us together in our public pics , it's hard enough getting one of us to look the right way and smile never mind two, but if we message a couple we always include a couple of face pics where we are together

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    Default Re: Posting Couple Pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by Scaredstiff View Post
    I'm not sure if it's the same all over the world but here in the UK you count yourself lucky if their profile has any pictures of the male half at all!
    No different on this side of the pond.

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    Default Re: Posting Couple Pictures

    While we see LnW's point, lets face it, the female form is generally much more appealing to they eye than the male form. So posting the female half of the couple as the profile picture will catch a person's eye in a "hey that's a pretty flower garden" kind of way, where as the male form is more of a "check out that industrial building with the cool arches and metal framing kind of way". Unfortunately, the majority of the male specimen are just like those industrial buildings... once they start to age, it takes a lot more effort to keep them shiny and looking good. They still serve their purpose, but may just not be as good looking as they once were. A flower garden can become less appealing as well, we guess, but it is generally easier to find the beauty again.

    But yes, if the profile has NO pictures of the male half, we tend to think "hmmm, is the guy using some really good bait to try and catch a fish?"

    The other possibility could be similar to us... He is better behind the camera, and over the years she has learned to be his favorite model.

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    Default Re: Posting Couple Pictures

    Most of the time if a picture is being taken, I (Mr Gold) am the one taking it...I'm rarely even in a picture even just by myself. However, that being said, we made it a point to take several pictures of us together for our profile pictures. We edited the faces out (sensitive jobs) and posted those. Anyone wanting more can email us and we will send them un-edited pictures. We really don't care what your private parts look like. We only use the photos to eliminate what we will know are bad matches (too many tattoos or piercings or not enough teeth...). Personalities cannot be caught in a picture so we are also pretty quick to wanting to meet. You can tell more in 5 minutes in person than 5 centuries of texting/email/any other form of communication. After we meet, if everything goes well, THEN we might hope to see your private parts...only in person.

    If only there was some way to delay taking a picture so you had time to step back and get into it...or maybe a stick that would hold your phone back to take that photo...
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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    Default Re: Posting Couple Pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by GoldCoCouple View Post
    If only there was some way to delay taking a picture so you had time to step back and get into it...or maybe a stick that would hold your phone back to take that photo...
    Would you like to share a patent on something like this?

    You have expressed what we are thinking. We like to check the teeth before we buy. Oh, that's for horses!
    We too look for types. It might be superficial but you can tell more by a picture of a clothed person than a nude picture. We already know you have sex so showing a sex act shows nothing. Contradicting our own thoughts, some people look better fully clothed but this really being superficial. If and when we meet and get to the point of going further, I find undressing and seeing someone for the first time is an exciting part of what we do.

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    Default Re: Posting Couple Pictures

    To crop faces or not?

    We are wanting to post pics of us online (no nudes, might run for president) so that we can be recognized in the lifestyle but not in vanilla life...or do we... I assume that if someone recognizes us that would be a plus because they came across our picture because of their interest in the lifestyle.

    Are there any horror stories with positing face shots?

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    Default Re: Posting Couple Pictures

    We keep our face pics in a private gallery, but we will share them with folks we reach out to. We've never encountered an issue in the (geez!) 10 years now we've been doing this. Our take is that anyone we contact has as much to lose by revealing they were on a swingers site as we do if outed.

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    Default Re: Posting Couple Pictures

    We too are not be fans of some of the naked pics that some people post, especially when it comes to crotch shots. We realize what you should have if you are a guy or a lady, and it basically functions all the same. At the risk of being rude and not wanting to offend anyone, some people should really at least screen their pics before posting as it may be more of a turn-off, rather than a turn-on.

    We usually post our pics as a non-erotic couple and also individual pics that can be easily matched to the couples' pics. We do crop the faces to be discreet in public galleries. However, once we establish contact and feel comfortable with the other couple or individual, we always share face pics, especially when a meet is planned.

    Most naughty pics we retain to share with people we have met and either have played with or are planning to have a meet for some adult fun. However, we will never post/text a naughty including faces cause once you hit the "send" or "post" button it is out there for anyone to see.

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    Default Re: Posting Couple Pictures

    My Slut wife and I will show anything just don't care

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    Default Re: Posting Couple Pictures

    We keep our face pics private on the sites and open them to those with whom we have planned to meet. We think our photos are erotic and tasteful and appreciate that in other profiles. We're not big fans of blatant crotch pics. Mrs Doc looks in the background of couples profile pictures, a pile of clothing or dirty socks on the floor will get a thumbs down from her. Pictures taken next to an above ground pool behind a trailer are not going to get her panties wet.Big gobs of pubic hair or a full ashtray by the bed will get a thumbs down too. It doesn't matter how sexy I think the woman is, if the guy's only picture is of him on his harley with a cigarette in his mouth and his long gray ponytail blowing in the wind, there is absolutely no chance. We are both equally turned off by gang bang photos and she thinks that if there's a picture of a hard on and its more than a handful and a half , the thing is probably going to be too much work to get up and not worth the effort. Again, doesn't matter how sexy I think the female is, "supersize me" is not in Mrs Doc's vocabulary. We're grownups, we have genitalia, we hope that you do too, we hope that they are normal looking and function within normal ranges. If you own a jet, a private RR car or a Fear the Walking Dead yacht, we wouldn't mind a couples picture taken next to it (or an invitation), otherwise, your mode of transportation isn't important to us. We'd rather see a picture of your dog and not a creepy one either!! We're not picky, we just like playing with couples similar to us and look for that on the profiles.

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    Default Re: Posting Couple Pictures

    Also, please send current pictures. My wife and I met a couple the other night and the pic was either 10 years old or photoshopped. The guy looked absolutely nothing like the picture they sent... he was so ugly we almost ran out!

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