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    Has anyone ever run into a client/customer, co-worker, etc. while swinging? What was the situation and how did you handle it? What was the long term effects?


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    At a swingers' club party we ran directly face-to-face with members of our synagogue. Their kids had gone to school with our kids and both my wife and the woman had worked together on committees. We realized instantly that we were all at the club for the same reason. This does not mean that we right away took them to a room for sex. We din not, in fact, make any plans for meeting them for sit-down talks for anything. We might have done so but it did not strike us as being worthwhile. They apparently felt the same as we greeted each other a few more times at the club and saw that at shul but received no "feelers". Life went on.
    Pedo ergo sum.

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    We were custom building a house. The builder we'd hired was a cool guy and he and his gorgeous wife were our age.

    We became friends quickly, early on in the process. We'd gone to dinner together, sort of to discuss building matters. We'd had them to our home for drinks and then one evening at their home a name of a single man was mentioned by the wife of that couple. She simply mentioned him as a vanilla friend but we also knew the guy from swinging and knew the only way she must have known him was from the same way.

    I figured there was no reason to beat around the bush, and in fact I was very interested in her bush, so I said that we knew the guy too and asked if she'd enjoyed him as much as my wife had.

    During the rest of the construction period we played with them several times and even took a long weekend trip with them. The playing had no adverse effects on the business side and some very great memories. We, both of us couples, moved on to other folks and other things after the business side of the relationship was completed but we, and I think they too, never had any regrets.

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    Last summer we were at Gunnison Beach in NJ. I was standing in a small group by the water with my wife and a co-worker and her husband strolled up. There was two seconds of awkwardness and then we laughed it off and had a great day together. Ever since, we have remained great friends outside of work. A few years back, we were in the public room at a local club. My wife was with me and another guy and I noticed two of our old neighbors in the group that was watching us. We gave them quite a show and did talk to them afterwards. I think the husband least had a thing for my wife so i’m sure he enjoyed seeing her being fucked by two guys.

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    I use to travel with my husband when he worked trade shows. I would shop and what not all day while he worked. There was one in Tampa, we had actually gotten a hotel a couple of blocks away from the designated convention hotel to help preserve our evenings and anonymity. We were into MFM but he was encouraging me go more of the hot wife route when opportunities like this didn’t facilitate MFM. Well, I was down at the pool, a nice older gentleman stilling across from me, sent me a drink, we chatted. I told my husband about it that evening and he really encouraged me to take it further. Next day, back at the pool and Joel was there again, same thing but this time, we ended up in his room. Afterwards, I went back to my room, showered, dressed for the evening and went down to the bar. Before long, Joel came by and sat with me. Shortly there after, I get a text from my husband, asking what I’m doing with “him.” I said, exactly what you wanted me to do. Came back, that’s Mr SoAndSo, he’s my bosses, boss. Oops. I excused my self. The thing is, you just can’t undo those things.

    The rest of the trip, we did most of our socializing away from that hotel and I never went to the company Christmas Party.

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    Seems like with the examples so far it's slightly awkward initially and then either no big deal or actively avoided.

    However, I'm curious if there is anyone in the health care or education fields that have experienced this where ethics/etc. might come into play?


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    When we were stationed in germany, we ran into a young lady in my husbands unit. we had a great relationship with her after that.

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