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    Being new to swinging we have only been with one couple. As bad as this sounds, the couple we played with enjoys being the first for other couples. They usually meet couples with bicurious women. My wife is neither bi nor curious. We have now been invited to a house party they are hosting. We will be one of 5 couples invited. We were told the other 4 couples had their firsts with our host. All the other women we were told enjoyed girl play. My wife is hesitant. We were assured that nobody will push the subject on her. Neither of us have been in a group situation. It sounds exciting. We had turned a blind eye to our past infidelities and have only played together with the one couple. Being all the couples will be new to group play we will all be nervous I’m sure. My question is how do things start? Do we get dressed up or does everyone get undressed. We were told we are the second youngest couple. One couple is 20 or more years older than us.

    I’ve read that at a club we can watch or play alone. This is a party with strangers for us. Also do we bring a house gift? I said bringing a bottle is enough.

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    Nobody will usually try to make anyone do something that they are not interested in. Just let them know that your wife isn't interested in girl/girl play and I don't think she will have any problems. Most of the time everyone will get there, talk some, and then someone will either suggest a game or just start underssing to get the ball rolling (but sometimes everyone is waiting for everyone else to start and things can stall out). I would assume that the couple hosting who already knows everyone would take the lead here. You may want to ask who the other couples are so you can read their profiles and see if there is any interest and you can get to know them better remotely. In my experience, house gifts are optional but appreciated. Let us know how things go.
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    We asked for profiles after reading your post. They said they don’t have written profiles for the other couples. Three of the couples are married and the other couple is younger than us and single. They know our concerns with the wife playing with other women and said she shouldn’t worry. They didn’t have any plans of how things would go and again reassured us that they would steer the party in the right direction. They had bought some games as a party starter.
    I think we are excited.

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    Tonight is the party. I won’t admit to my wife I am as nervous as she is. I am never nervous with a woman. Why am I nervous? I am taking a cialis just because. My wife said I should shave everything. I’ve never done that and she never asked. I’m thinking she has been with someone that did that. I never ask her about men she has met. She is worried about women even though I told her she just has to say she isn’t interested. I won’t tell her how hot I think it would be. She is worried the men won’t want her. I laugh because I hope the other women are as good as her. I think I want her to enjoy more than I want for myself. I’ve only seen her with our hosts. It was one on one. We discussed how or if two men want her. She thinks that won’t happen. In my head all the men will want her. Why are we worrying?

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    At our first Swing club:

    My husband: Are you worried ?

    Me: Would it help ?

    We were having sex with new people an hour later. Pretty great night for us newbies.

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    ...and now it's Monday. How did things go? BTW, it sounds like you and your wife could still work some on your communication. You both should be able to say these things to each other...even if you know the other isn't interested. You need to be able to talk about anything and everything (what if the reason she isn't interested in other women is because she thinks you wouldn't like it? Probably not the case, but it's still possible). Hope things were epic!
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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