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    My husband and I are in the process of building a very DISCREET and OFF-Grid home and an acquaintance posed the idea of instead of using it for our current intended vacation purposes, turn it into a weekend house party themed event type of thing. While we have never even hosted or considered such a thing, we have been mulling over the idea and had some questions, so figured we'd ask here.

    1. Is that something people would be interested in going to?
    2. Do you just advertise your event and people just RSVP?
    3. What do you look for when picking events to attend?
    4. Anyone advice you would give someone heading down that road?

    Open Minded Couple

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    Swingers Board Addict adamgunn's Avatar
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    If you plan to charge any fees, I would be concerned about the legality and politics of the idea. I'd probably talk to a lawyer.

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    A weekend seems unusual, but I have heard of a group of 3 cpls who attended a bike week event over a weekend but they knew each other well. As far as spending a weekend with cpls I haven't met before, or knew much about, I would probably pass or at least only commit to one evening. The parties we have been invited to mostly come from pm's from our swinger sites. Couples that host private parties typically don't advertise to EVERYONE, but select which cpls get an invite. I am sure that is to make sure they can limit the amount of people they can accommodate as well as focusing on those they have an attraction to. Most of the invites we consider are cpls we have at least met at a party or event...and know they are pretty easy going and fun to be around.

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    Definitely sounds interesting

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    If it were me I would not feel comfortable inviting strangers to my home. I would find a way to vet people before just opening your doors. I would also have clear rules and expectations in place before the party. We have never been to a private party but would be opened to the idea. My 2 cents

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    Have a law firm on retainer.

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    My wife and I know people who host weekend parties at two different private homes near Pittsburgh. They consistently have somewhere between 50 and 70 people at a party. If what you mean by "off-grid" also means "far from the beaten path", I suspect it would be difficult to attract that many people. One of the homeowners invites sign-ups at an SLS public group page. The rules for behaviour are posted at the page. SLS prohibits any mention of donation or fee but when people arrive at the home it is made evident to them where the tip jar is. The fact that tipping is not required keeps the hosts out of trouble with local zoning regulations. The other house party of which we know takes sign-ups at a secret Facebook group. The group grew by people already members sending nominations of Facebook friends whom that knew were swingers to the party hosts who subsequently approved the nominations. Anybody who makes trouble at a party is removed from the secret group. Facebook seems to have no policy about mentioning a dollar amount for a "donation"; not, at least, within a secret group. So, Open Minded Couple, it has been done. But I feel obliged to add that that in neither example that I described does anybody "make money". With a donation of ten dollars per person, the cost of hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, and a little bit toward maintenance of the swimming pool is covered, maybe, but no more.
    Pedo ergo sum.

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