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    Congratulations! I hope you guys love Hedo, and I'm confident that you will. Smile, be friendly and open, talk to lots of people, you'll have a great time. FYI, there are several ways to get from the airport to the resort. You can take a private 4 seater plane, which is rather expensive, but great to look around at the scenery. There are also private taxis. We usually take the Sun Holiday Tours shuttle bus. If the traffic is not too bad, it takes about an hour and fifteen minutes, but it is interesting to look around at the countryside and the towns if you have not been to Jamaica before. Plus, it is easy to meet people on the bus, who you may end up hanging out with during the week. I wish you the best vacation ever!

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    So we are booked and airline tickets are purchased. We linked up with the Swing into Spring group the last week of March.

    Excited/Nervous/Turned on/Etc. What's funny is that my wife seems far less nervous than me even when we talk about having sex around others and enjoying the playroom. So might be her helping me push my boundaries instead of the other way around. lol

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    Go, relax, be friendly. You will have fun.

    Join in with the group and do things on your own.

    Don't overdo it on the first day. On our first trip we arrived at the resort at 8AM, and we started off we didn't go to bed until about 3AM the next day. With our overnight flight (6 hours) and packing before, we were awake for about 40 hours. Pretty much wore out for the next two days. Take a few naps or get a good nights sleep the evening you arrive. Trust me you won't miss anything, like we thought we would.

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    We are talking about Hedonism. That means Jamaica. This is not intended to apply to other Caribbean islands.

    Since people have asked, hereís a couple of things about arrival and departure in Jamaica. Weíve been going every year since 2006. (Not to Hedonism yet, though we have visited.) You will arrive at Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay (MBJ). It has improved 5,000 fold over the last dozen years. Used to be pretty primitive, but now itís really nice. Be prepared. Get an immigration form on the airplane and fill it out Ė ONE PER PERSON, not per family like the US. And if the flight attendants try to tell you otherwise (United really need to train theirs better), just insist. When some of them tell people one per family it really screws things up and causes bottlenecks. You MUST have that form filled out before you hit the immigration hall. Fortunately there are plenty of staff checking and assisting along the way.

    I disagree that it is too crowded and slow in immigration Ė these days. It does vary some by day of the week as with any airport, so try to plan travel on off peak days if you can. And yes, as with any airport it varies with the amount of aircraft arriving at any given time. BUT itís no worse than any of the US or UK international airports and a lot better than many of them. They have a butt load of desks and most of them are open most of the time. Also they have had self-serve kiosks for the last 3 years. So you scan your passport and answer some quick questions, it takes your photo, you get a receipt and are prescreened. (Itís a lot like a US Global Entry kiosk.) So when you get to the agentís desk itís a breeze. It can feel like a long time when you are standing in line and itching to get to the beach, but it really isnít. They are actually very efficient. It is a long walk from the gates to immigration, but it still leaves places like Chicago in the dust.

    The ďVIPĒ lounge. This is run by an independent private company. A friend of ours works there as it happens. It is called Club Mobay. There is also one at Norman Manly in Kingston (Club Kingston- imagine that!), but not at Ian Fleming in Ocho Rios. Yes, there are 3 international airports in Jamaica Ė remember that for the trivia competition at the pool!

    We always use Club Mobay for departure. $30 per head and well worth it. Priority security lane and a great lounge with free drinks and food, etc. (Itís by gate 12.) And as far as I know itís the only VIP style lounge there. So unless your airline gives you passes with a first class ticket, you have to pay the $30. It is not free with any credit card or mileage card. We usually book on line well ahead of the trip or with our resort booking and they do it for us. If you leave it to the last minute you might find it is fully booked at certain peak times and not available. Regarding using them for arrival, my personal opinion is forget it unless you need physical assistance. Frankly it does not buy you much for almost twice the price (you can only get departure or both not just arrival). And there is no actual arrival lounge. By the time you have stood in a corner of the hallway waiting for your group to collect before they walk you all the way at the pace of the slowest person, you can be through immigration anyway, even with their VIP lane. Even if it is your first time, most of us know how to follow a crowd. That being said they are a great company.

    Customs is also a breeze, you are most unlikely to have anything to declare anyway and they have red and green lanes like anywhere else. The most we have ever had to wait is about 3 couples ahead of us Ė maybe a minute or so maximum. Usually itís pretty much straight through.

    Once you walk out into the arrival area you will find your resortís welcome lounge right there. Ignore everyone else, they are just trying to part you from some of your money. Anything they are peddling you can get for less later. The resort staff will be expecting you and will tag your luggage to go to the resort. As far as I am aware all the all-inclusive resorts provide transfer to and from the resort included in your booking. Apparently some people are taking private cabs and paying for it. Beats me why. We have never waited more than 10 minutes for the shuttle Ė which can be from a small min bus to a full size bus depending on the number of people arriving at any given time. Very occasionally it could be a car if thereís only you. All are run by reputable companies, the biggest being Juta. Tip your driver a few dollars when you get there. They humped your bags on and off the bus and probably gave you a guided tour on the way. They are not resort employees. Also the uniformed airport porters will lug your bags out to the bus and back again to the airline desk when you leave. It is customary to tip them $1 per bag. Donít be cheap, itís worth it and you just spent thousands on your vacation for crying out loud. It is interesting how begrudgingly cheap people can suddenly become, trying to save literally a couple of bucks.

    Take a beer Ė or two Ė for the ride. The resort lounges usually have refreshments. Unless you are going to somewhere close like the 3 Sandals resorts or Riu in Moíbay, itís going to be about an hour and a half to 2 hours ride, but the roads are good these days (unless you are going to Sandals South Coast, which is up over the top on very rural roads.) They donít exceed the speed limits these days, so donít expect them to. Too many speed traps. Since they legalized pot they have time to enforce other laws. A typical speed trap has both Federal and local police AND Jamaica defense force very visibly packing an M16. Not a good idea to mess with them. They try not to interfere with tourist buses unless itís a gross violation Ė not good for the tourism industry which is by far THE major source of the Nationís income. Very often they will make a pit stop about half way for restrooms and more beer or whatever.

    Oh yes, and of course you can take your favorite vibrator. Put them in your checked bag and you will not even get a knowing smile and wink at outgoing security. Like doctors, they have seen it all. We always have some small toys, lubes, etc. in our bags. Jamaican customs donít care and they donít ask if you have sex toys!! - only the usual fruits, commercial pharms, samples, firearms, etc. like anywhere else. Just donít try to smuggle in your pet. Leave that ďemotional support dogĒ (sure it isÖÖ) at home. BTW: While pot is freely available and basically legal during your stay, donít try to bring any home, you will most likely either get caught leaving Jamaica or arriving home - not worth the risk and you donít want to see what the inside of a Jamaican jail looks like.

    Hope this has been helpful. It has definitely got a LOT better in recent years.

    One last thing. Itís safe in Jamaica. There are parts of just about any big city in the world you just donít go to unless you are stupid. Same applies. You are not going to be dumb enough to rent or drive a car yourself. Take tours and cabs ordered at the resort Ė not for safety but for a reputable company and reasonable price. We have gone places on our own and never had a problem. Just donít go to the wrong places!!

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    Good advice and well written. We have been there every year since 2001. If you follow the above advice you'll be good to go.

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    Trying to read all the posts to see what would be good for us. We are interested and have read different answers. We seem to be younger. We are looking to go when the majority of the people are under 40. We are under 30. We have only played with people I went to school with and their friends. No real strangers, maybe 3 degrees of separation. We have also played with my husbands best friend and his date. She is the one who said we should go. Iím not afraid of the nudity. I do need to be attracted physically to someone.
    We Are...

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    I feel stupid. I saw another post for Youngswingers week. At Hedonism II
    We Are...

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