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    Default Too close for comfort

    Due to my wife's job, we drive out of state to go to clubs, but we've heard such great things about hotel takeovers. Well, there's a hotel takeover about 5 miles from our home. Its so tempting, but we can't imagine not seeing someone we know, be it another couple, or a hotel employee. Would anyone here attend a hotel takeover so close to home? Are we the only ones who travel play, rather than play locally?

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    You have to do what is comfortable for you as a couple.

    If it is truly a "hotel takeover", then you are unlikely to see a guest who is not there for the same reason you are.
    Hotel staff see so many people that they remember essentially no one. Moreover, they understand that discretion is part of the business.

    The "as a couple" aspect matters. At the end of the day, the two of you need to be happy. Candidly, if you are doing adult things together, no one seems to mind. Some years ago, after several trips to a nude resort, we got tired of making up stories and simply mentioned that we had just returned from xxxx. A few days later, several friends independently came to us and said, "you went THERE? What was it like? Weren't you uncomfortable?"

    Some of them made reservations and went and had a great time.

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    I'm not comfortable with places and people too close to home. I also think it's easier to separate work and play if they're some distance apart. You come home and you switch off and go into your work mode. I'm not sure that my discomfort is justified, I just know that I feel the way I do.

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    The proble that can happen with a hotel take over is it is only taking over PART of the hotel. While you more than likely won't see anyone you know, unless it is a complete take over (in which case as mentioned, anyone you see is there for the same reason you are), there will always be a CHANCE that you could see someone you know. For us, we choose not to piss in our backyard and keep our swinging lives away from the chance of crossing our public lives. We would pass and look for something we could attend when you are traveling.
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    Its a full takeover, otherwise we wouldn't even contemplate going. Where we live its hard not to run into people we know. Its may be irrational, but we fear running into a hotel employee that we know more than other swingers. Its the prospect of partying with such a large group, with the only planning required being dropping the kids off with family for the weekend, that makes it so tempting.

    From podcasts and stories I've read from those that have been outted, friends and family are much easier to deal with than others such as parents at our kids school, co-workers, patrons/patients/customers, church members, etc.

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    We have had very good experiences with hotel takeovers. One in particular stands out in memory: Buffalo, New York. It is difficult to judge ahead-of-time which event organizers are adept at staging takeovers. But if you see in their advertisements that there will be learning sessions and exhibitors, changes are better that they know what they are on about.
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