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    Hubby and I are heading to NOLA in about 2 weeks. We plan on visiting one of the two clubs while we are there. I was wondering which is better to attend? LOL. While I'm sure both are great, what are the pros and cons of each? TIA we really appreciate it!

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    We prefer Colette but I guess it would depend on what was happening on that particular weekend. I would say, check out the events and see if there is something fun going on at either. Colette's was our first lifestyle club so it holds a special place for us.

    I would only suggest going on Saturday unless a convention or something is in town because Saturday is the 'couples only' night. We went twice on a Friday which was two times too many. Too many creepy guys following you around. You sit down and four of them will come sit near you waiting for an invite. I really hate that shit.

    Don't expect a crowd until 11:00 - midnight.

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    Liking It Here Ready2JaM's Avatar
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    Thanks for the input. We will be there Wednesday-Sunday and want to make sure we go a few times since we have to buy the membership and all. Thanks again!

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    In an attempt at full disclosure, we have not been to either club in a few years, however, I can tell you what we remember....

    Colette was the only one open when we started so naturally, we started there. It is a very nice, clean club. BYOB. Has a bar/dance area downstairs. Upstairs- Adult theater type setup (although anytime we have gone, no one ever used it), a handful of semi-private rooms (beds with sheer curtains all around), a voyeur room (a bed with two way mirrors on two walls), and a group room (several beds together for group play). Also a bathroom with a shower in the men's room (why there isn't one in the women's room is still a mystery to us). Anyway, besides all that, the atmosphere is what is most important to us, and we find the atmosphere between the two clubs varies greatly. We got a tour the first time we went, but it was unmemorable enough that I had to check with hubby to make sure that was accurate. The staff seemed very "we have done this a thousand times". And the guests were a bit of the same. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it but there was very much "excitement" and it wasn't very fun for us.

    Jasmine opened maybe a year or so after we started swinging. It is harder for me to describe the set-up because when we attended it was within months of them opening, and they have made many changes since then. What I can tell you is that some areas have more of a fetish feel to them, not to say that this dominates the club, but it is there if you like it. We found the atmosphere much more friendly and welcoming at Jasmine, and although we have been away for awhile, this is something that we consistently hear about the club. A lot of the members are what we would truly call "regulars" and you can catch them at a lot of the parties. Not only a tour but "Let me introduce you to such and such", which works great for us since I am on the very shy side and have trouble approaching people.

    Okay, this might sound a bit harsh, but I'm gonna go there You are looking for people you are physically attracted to right? Colette is your thinner, or more fit, perfectly groomed, not a hair out of place, lots of makeup, and lots of "enhancements...?". Jasmine tends to have what hubby calls more "natural" people- more people with "padding", more people with natural breasts and such, more people that look great (at least to us ) but don't look like they spend the majority of the day making themselves look a certain way. Again, I can only speak on this based on OUR experiences at these two clubs and OUR preference of what attracts us. Nothing demeaning is meant by any of the above.

    The other major difference is the single male issue. Colette allows no single men on saturdays (maybe fridays too, but I can't remember) and Jasmine allows single men every night. However, from what we have experienced Jasmine is never overrun with single males and they do limit the amount of single men they allow into the club.

    I have look at the events coming up for each club around the time you are planning to visit, both seem to be holding very similar events, so there shouldn't be much difference as far as that goes. No matter which you choose, we hope you have a great time and enjoy the city!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwingSetWife View Post
    Okay, this might sound a bit harsh, but I'm gonna go there You are looking for people you are physically attracted to right? Colette is your thinner, or more fit, perfectly groomed, not a hair out of place, lots of makeup, and lots of "enhancements...?".
    This statement only pertains to the women. We noticed the last time we were there (about 7 months ago) the men were fat, had beer bellies, didn't appear to care very much about their self image and they all had a chip on their shoulder like they felt that because they had a hot wife, other hot wives should still fuck him because of said hot wife.

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    We went to Colette's on NOLA this past Saturday (July 2016). We have read a lot of good reviews about the club. Having been to the Trapeze in Atlanta and the Trapeze in FLL and Desire RM we were expecting something very similar. The pictures of the club on the website looked really good. We arrived at the club about 10:30. There were about 10 other couples there, it looked like many were regulars as they all new each other. The bar and the bar service(BYOB) was okay, even though they were not that busy, you had to wave at a bartender to get service. The dance floor was empty most of the night, even as the night went on and a few more people would show up. An occasional song would get a few women to go out and dance, but never packed like at either Trapeze or Desire. We wandered upstairs into the very dimly lit area. Very narrow walkways and how dark it ways made me think of a haunted house. There seemed to be lots of people wandering around. The couple of times we looked in the "Group" room we never saw more than 1 couple. The largest room (Vouyer Room) was left vacant most of the evening, while a very little small alcove by the top of the stairs had the most action. There were 2 couples and one foursome in the small area, and lots of people standing against the wall watching. It made moving around very tough as the narrow hallway was two people deep watching the action. The Semi private rooms were in use occasionally.

    We left about 1:30 unsatisfied with our visit, not likely to return. We really felt like the layout was poor, and the upstairs was really dated. I would assume that the number of people that go to the club depends on whats going on in town, but it was really a letdown. We really prefer the Trapeze in FLL. It seems like it is always packed and has a tremendous variety.

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    We stepped back & relaxed econobiker's Avatar
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    Thank you for your honest review of Colettes.

    Colettes attendance probably ebs and flows based on the time of year and other events in NOLA. We went in 2008 in march during st Patrick's day week and it was really busy, way more than just 10 couples.
    Was there still the "library" and the "video theatre" room there when you went? We did find the property fairly small but chalked that up to the city location versus the warehouse like space we were used to at our "home" local club.

    {Also, from what I understand, the Trapeze clubs are supposed to be possibly the best swingers clubs in the country so any others might be a let down. Red and I actually have relatives in the Fort Lauderdale region but, to date, have only visited the area with children in tow which has negated sampling that Trapeze. But I occasionally have work reasons to be in GA, so I need to get Red down for the weekend after my work for us to go to the Atlanta Trapeze to see for ourselves if they're the gold standard for swingers clubs. We'll never do Desire,Hedonism,etc. beach resorts because Red cannot be in the sun for extended times for health reasons plus she doesn't tan, just turns cooked lobster red.}

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    We were at Colette's last year? I think and had a GREAT time. Way more than just ten people and sex was everywhere!!

    Yes the library and video rooms were still there. Yes we had a GREAT time in the library.

    I would highly recommend Colette!!!

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    How is Colette's on a Thursday night? In particular, Valentines day? My wife and I are going to go tonight.

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    We went to Colettes several years ago and had some soft play but were interupted by a single guy. I called Jasmine this week and their phone is out of order so not sure if they're still in business.

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    How did it go?

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    "Colette or Jasmine"

    When I first saw the title before I read the thread, I thought these were Disney characters.

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    Colette’s in New Orleans is our favorite place.
    Great layout and wonderful staff. Wife and I visit as much as we can.

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