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    Default 4 Crazy Days of Swinging... and a Review of Green Door (Las Vegas)

    Ok, please move this if it's in the wrong place.

    First our background, we're both 33, married 10 years in Feb. I'd say we are "average" looks but we are both about 30-40 lbs overweight.

    Our tastes, however, are probably "out of our league"... she likes "6 packs" and I like 18 year old butts....

    We've been swinging for just short of a year.

    Last week we were in Vegas and visited the Green door on a Sunday, and ended up upgrading to the weekly pass, and went every night (Mon, Tues, Wed). We had some great times, did some things we never imagined we'd do (although nothing uncomfortable), and had probably the best sex we've had in a while (and frankly we have a GREAT sex life already!)

    Here's a quick review of The Green Door:

    It's actaully in a strip mall. Yes, it has a storefront and everything. The mall is a bit scary, at least to us small-town people... lots of ethnic stores and people standing around cars at all hours of the night. But the lot is decently lighted and we didn't have any problems. Surprisingly, there's 2 other "swing" clubs within walking distance. We didn't try either of the other two, though.

    When it comes to GD, I loosely call it a "Swing" club, since it's almost more like an adult hookup joint. This isn't a bad thing, though... but the swingers that want to "date" before any action may not be much at home there. What we saw is open sex, and a willingness to play with almost anyone.

    The decor is very neat. It seems clean and had a LOT of BIG BIG beds. None of them had linens, all were fake leather and all appeared clean. All rooms were lit with blacklights which doesn't bother me, since "fluids" glow in blacklight.

    The place is HUGE, 2 stories and 18,000 square feet. Every room has a different theme and they are REALLY themed. It was definately well thought-out and well decorated.

    Many beds were just out in the open or covered only in hanging drapes that didn't leave much to the imagination, so voyeurs will be in heaven there.

    The clientele was noticeably younger than at our "home" club, and also "newer"... we talked with 6 couples and ALL of them were "first-timers". We spent 2 hours with one couple who basically just was very curious and wanting to know more about the lifestyle... we told them all we knew.

    We were there in the middle of the week, which obviously wouldn't be as busy as weekends, but there were about 12 couples on Sunday, 3 or 4 on Monday, 7 or 8 on Tuesday, and 3 or 4 on Wednesday.

    Single women were non-existant (surprise surprise). We met 5 single men in the 4 nights (although there were more like 5 or 6 there each night)... all were courteous except for one old man who was a bit freaky.

    We were told that the weekends bring 40-60 couples per night and that single women do show up on weekends.

    The owner is NOT in the "lifestyle" but instead is in the adult entertainment business. This didn't really bother us and it did seem like he knew what we'd want to have in the club.

    We'll go back next time we are there. Like I said it's IMO not a "swing" club, but there's lots of action and most everyone is attractive.

    Next post, the story of our excapades.

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    Being a bit newer to the lifestyle, we haven't gotten too crazy... our experiences prior to this week were a couple same-bed-sex episodes, T was with another man, and I gave/received oral from 2 other women. T also received oral from another woman (her first time )

    We consider ourselves full-swap and will do anything but anal, pain, and T will not give oral to a female, but she will receive. We also require each other to be in the same room at least. Other than that, both of us have full-reign.

    Well we surpassed almost all expectations last week... here's the story:

    Thought we wouldn't hook up but about 2am another couple approached us. I had been looking at the female all night, very very cute, early 20's but looked 17... about 5'6" and 120lbs, perky chest, long nipples, and had that little "pooch" of a belly that drives me wild (I'm a belly man). Unfortunately the male was everything T didn't like (long hair, facial hair, crooked teeth, short stature, and a 1" long soft and uncircumcized dick). T likes the "GQ look" and taller men so earlier we didn't approach them. However I left to use the restroom and left T in a play room, they both came in and asked if we'd like to hook up. T, knowing that the female was absolutely my type, decided to "take one for the team". I told her she didn't have to but we made a deal (yeah I have to take one for the team later, or let her be with a single man).

    Turns out this couple was there as "first-timers" and were 21 and 20 years old, the female had brought the hubby in for his 21st birthday present. And, that 'pooch' was her 5-month pregnant belly! Criticize me if you want, but she really turned me on. Plus, T has been pregnant twice and I know how some women get and was excited to really rock her world.

    We started out with oral on our own partners, then the husband moved over and asked if he could go down on T, I obliged and moved to his wife. Wow. My type of genitals... large clitoris, small vagina, and perfectly bald. The husband had been giving her oral for at least 10 minutes with barely a "whimper"... I went to town and not joking, gave her 3 orgasms within 15 minutes. She was quivering and shaking. Very nice!

    In the meantime, T sounded like she was having fun, although she told me later she actually faked because every time she got close, he jammed his whiskers into her and she lost the feeling. So she faked and pretended she was "ticklish" so he'd stop.

    Anyway, T started giving me oral and the wife gave her husband oral for a while, but he wasn't getting it up. They got in the "spoon" position and he tried in vain to get it in, he was still having problems so I reached over and fingered her while getting oral from T. I have her 2 orgasms within 6 minutes. She then quietly asked her hubby if she could give me head and he didn't seem to up for it. I think he was pissed.

    She did give T oral to 2 orgasms, and T loved it.

    They sat on the couch for a while and I boldly explained that I had always dreamed of 2 women going down on me, she asked him again and he said yes. So she came over and I was in heaven. Her on my shaft and T on my balls. mmmm mmm mmmm. After a while he said he was going to get a drink of water but he never came back (oh well).

    I then suggested 69 with the female, she agreed and I gave her at least 3 more orgasms. I asked if I could have intercourse and she explaned that she was worried since she was pregnant, that it may hurt the baby or something. I didn't push it, but I think that she was scared of my whopping 6.25" penis... it was twice the size of her husbands

    So T jumped on top of me and brought me to a screaming orgasm... what was weird that I all of the sudden felt like I could cum again... she jumped back on and 45 seconds later I was cumming again! Last time that happened was when I was 17 years old. The other female seemed to be very impressed.

    So that was a fun night... and definately the 2nd most attractive woman I've been with for 13 years (2nd to the wife, of course).

    Monday night, no action.

    Tuesday night, talked to a few single men, T wasn't interested in any of them but then a couple from Wyoming came in (people in Wyoming have sex??). Interesting story... they were married 3 years and were VIRGINS when married! They had never hooked up with another couple but recently found out they were VERY MUCH voyeurs (both watching and performing). She was so cute... "soft" figured but definately feminine... pretty face and blond hair with 2 ponytails. Turns out both were 23 years old. The husband was well-hung, I'm guessing 8.5" and reasonably thick. We ended up having same-bed-sex with no cross-touching, but had some great conversations, comparing positions, etc. She seemed to LOVE to give oral (which I love to watch someone who LOVEs to do it). I have a feeling he was too big for her because she did explain that she had a hard time orgasming and did not like oral, and that she got sore during intercourse. She seemed very jealous that T (who is multi-orgasmic) had about 8 orgasms via oral and intercourse in less than an hour! She mentioned a couple times when T deep-throated me that "I wish I was able to do that to my man". And she made a couple references to "my size" being a nice size because of not having to worry about going too deep, etc. Anyway we both had the feeling that she was interested in swapping (which is weird, since my size was a "downgrade")... that would have been interesting being a woman's SECOND sexual partner, but nothing happened. They mentioned that they may come back the next night... we both thought they'd come back, and both agreed that we thought they'd swap if they came back. Unfortunately they didn't, but we did have fun the next night... read on...

    Club was empty except for 3 single females, all African-American but all 3 absolutely beautiful. We walked in and one asked, "are you a couple", and we said yes and she said, "are you going to have some action tonight", and we said "probably, why?" and she said "because we want to watch'. Hmm... ok... we don't have a problem with that and frankly I wouldn't have minded if one or more jumped in. So we said, "ok, but give us an hour or so and maybe you'll see us with another couple, too!". They agreed.

    An hour passed and there were a couple more couples but none that we found attractive. 3 or 4 single guys came in and 2 more single ladies came in (both very overweight and not my type).

    So we decided to take the original 3 ladies into a room and give them a show. We left the door open in case a couple or an attractive single male came in.

    What happened next is one for the record books... now why 3 skinny, young (19, 20 and 20) females would enjoy watching 2 overweight 30 year old people having sex is beyond me... but these girls really enjoyed the show. One sat on her belly on the bed, holding her head in her hands like she was watching a TV show... less than a foot away as my wife gave me oral! After a while she held T's hair back so she could see better. She was genuinely interested in watching and was totally fascinated. So I out and asked... "so why exactly are you girls so interested"... and it turns out 2 of them were VIRGINS and just wanted to see what it was like and "learn something". Ok, bizarre but I guess that's acceptable with younger women today.

    I'll say they got a show... T gave me oral for at least 20 minutes, and I reciprocated for another 20, giving her 5 orgasms! The girls were litereally clapping and saying, "man he must be good" and "he's the man" and "she is so lucky to have so many orgasms", etc. I felt very good about myself.

    They asked if we could have sex doggy-style and they really liked watching... we then showed them a few of our favorite positions, and they just ate it up.

    After about 15 minutes of intercourse, another couple came in, and sat and watched... then slowly over the next 20 minutes, every time we looked up there was a new man or couple or female watching. After a while, we counted 8 females and 5 males, all standing around the bed watching us (well except for the 2 females ON the bed, watching closely). Guys were stroking themselves, a couple of the girls had their hands down their man's pants, etc.

    T asked a couple times saying, "my mouth is tired, any ladies want to help me out, just jump on in"... but no takers.

    After T had 14 orgasms (yeah everyone counted them and called them out as she had them!) I decided I'd held out long enough.. and when I came (in doggy style, pulled out and did it on her back), I squirted farther and more than I ever have. The first 2 sprays actually got entirely in T's hair! I probably sprayed at least 5 more times (I usually only have 2 or 3 "productive" contractions). I'm not joking when I say everyone clapped and was in awe.

    I know that sounds totally made up but I swear it's 100% true. I never thought I'd enjoy doing a "show" (since I'm not a huge guy anyway)... but it was a total turn-on, and the "audience" feedback was awesome. T really enjoyed it too!

    So there's our 4 nights of fun and new experiences... don't know how we'll top it, but I'm sure we will.

    Oh, by the way, every night when we got back from the club, we did it at least 2 more times throughout the night. We both felt like teenagers again!

    What a great 10th anniversary vacation!

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    Cool that you had such a great time. Sounds like you should submit this to Julie to be added to the Swinger Stories link. You can do that here.

    Submitting Your Stories
    Remember that human beings are complicated creatures. We like our bedtime routines but dislike routine in our bed times. - Sallie Foley, M.S.W.

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    Oops, forgot to add that you should also submit a review on the Green Door. You can do that here.

    Club Reviews
    Remember that human beings are complicated creatures. We like our bedtime routines but dislike routine in our bed times. - Sallie Foley, M.S.W.

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    Just curious about something.

    In your first post, you stated single women were non existant during your stay. In your second you mention being watched by three single ladies on Wednesday night. Am I missing something?


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    Originally posted by CanadianCouple
    Just curious about something.

    In your first post, you stated single women were non existant during your stay. In your second you mention being watched by three single ladies on Wednesday night. Am I missing something?

    Yeah, I said that, didn't I. When I wrote the "review" I was thinking of "participating" single ladies... and the ladies on Wednesday night didn't and wouldn't participate.

    I may submit these stories and reviews, or if she sees them here, she can feel free to use them.

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    Originally posted by J&T Indiana
    I may submit these stories and reviews, or if she sees them here, she can feel free to use them.
    You will need to submit them, otherwise they will just remain in this thread.
    Remember that human beings are complicated creatures. We like our bedtime routines but dislike routine in our bed times. - Sallie Foley, M.S.W.

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    Originally posted by OhioCouple
    You will need to submit them, otherwise they will just remain in this thread.
    What she said. I don't pull things off the board and repost them in other areas. I do hope you will take a moment tho and submit your review of the Green Door using the form at at the very least. And we are always looking for great stories for the stories section and it sounds like you have the making of a few.
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    Great post. Love to here the replay of great times at clubs. So often reports focus on only the tangible aspects, food, decor, etc. but leave out the events we truly go to clubs to find. Wish we could have been there with you.

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    Default Re: 4 Crazy Days of Swinging... and a Review of Green Door (Las Vegas)

    God I wish we had jumped in there and gone for it when we were there. Next time we are going for 4+ days and will be getting the week pass.
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