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    So after a great night of watching porn, dirty talk and great sex with the wife the conversation came up about recording ourselves having sex.
    Now the wife isnít shy about taking pictures during sex (wish I could figure out this uploading pictures stuff without getting errors and I would share).
    Anyways this topic came up awhile ago while visiting our favorite club where our friend works. She suggested taking pictures of us and even recording us having sex. She assured us that is would be confidential and the wife liked the idea.
    So I was wondering proís and conís of having someone record us versus just setting up a camera.
    Iím hoping for a little more then the obvious like poor camera angles and audio. I understand itís not going to be like a good quality porn video but
    wondering if you were embarrassed after watching yourselves, not wanting to do certain things again etc...hope this makes sense.
    Thanks in advance.

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    wish I could figure out this uploading pictures stuff without getting errors and I would share
    I believe that this will go away after you post enough.

    So I was wondering pro’s and con’s of having someone record us versus just setting up a camera.
    Setting up a still camera and recording you don't get any close ups or different angles. That's why it is...less interesting. Just the same picture for an extended period of time or part of the picture will include the arm trying to hold the camera while you guess what you are filming. Having someone else recording (even if combined with a still camera for different 'cuts') gives you close ups, different angles and views, etc. Now if you have a woman willing to do some of the filming, then what are you waiting for?

    In the mean time, we look forward to you posting your pictures
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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    Hey there, thanks for the reply and info. We definitely have a friend to help out and will be reaching out to her very soon. Set something up next time we in New Orleans.

    Still very frustrating not being able to upload pictures of my beautiful wife
    Will keep trying

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    I believe that you need to have ten posts before you can post photos.
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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    As an avid viewer of sincere home sex vids I see the same mistakes. First, record the encounter from the beginning, when people come together and what they talk about. The classic opening is opening the door to he home or the hotel room. You want a dedicated videographer who knows the equipment and has some feel for a shot.

    Second is lighting. Does anyone even think how the bedside lamp throws off the camera rendering the subjects dark? You don't need a professional level amount of lighting with umbrellas, but no bedside lamps.

    How about sound? Conversation is an important part of intimacy even swinging. Most homemade videos have a script featuring mumble mumble.

    Finally, you can have great sex or a great video, but it's hard to get both.

    My two cents.

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    We have a mutual friend that records for us. She has joined in FFM several times so we are very comfortable with each other. I think that’s the ideal situation rather than having a total stranger do it.

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    Appreciate all the good input.
    I can only hope that our female friend filming would join in
    Either way we are going into this will little expectations of it turning out good the first

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    I was surprised by how big my balls were

    My ideas, from trial and error, is to have two cameras, if you can afford it, recording from different angles. You can edit things with inexpensive, readily available editing software on your computer.

    The next step would be to have a third person for close ups that you can insert into your video for an even more awesome video.

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    You will obviously get better results if you have someone else do the video, but in that case, you should have that person use your camera. That will ensure the video remains under your control.

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    DEFINITELY a great idea about having the person filming use our camera! Kept it under lock and key, unless it turns out good! Lol

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    This is why it's so much better to film with someone you know and really trust. We don't want to be worrying about where the video is going to end up while we are sharing such an intimate moment. We love having someone who gets turned in watching us and who will eventually join us afterwards or as part of the final product.

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    I've had a fair amount of (though not extensive) experience recording (and broadcasting) some of my sexual adventures over the years. All with a tripod & a webcam connected to a PC. A very simple setup (and not a big investment). There are lots of free software choices available to do a decent editing job. (However: The learning curve for all this IS an investment in time!)
    It is a lot easier to connect a webcam to a tripod these days.
    I suggest a:
    Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam $100 ... or something similar.
    While the mic on that cam is excellent, for a separate one, try a:
    "Blue - Snowball" $70 ... or something similar.

    The most common (standard) tripod mount is a "1/4-20 UNC" thread.

    For me, personally, excellent audio brings a lot more to the "show" than good video. (Something to consider.)

    Try to not make it too complicated (angle, sound, scene, etc.), especially as you get started. Just set something up... have a bit of fun with each other (finish what you are doing), and watch the result. This cycle can often lead to a lot more play time fun than you might normally have. (Too much of anything can become a chore, so try to avoid that trap.)

    Having a camera-person is going to give you a lot of advantages, but it is not absolutely necessary in the beginning.

    As you experiment on your own, you will quickly find out what does and does not work.
    Try the same location (reducing this variable can be helpful at first), with different lighting & camera positions. Getting some experience with this is not only fun, but you will have some knowledge to share with your camera person. ... You could even share some of these with them. (Watch the videos next time you are all together?) Do not be afraid to show what may not be your favorites... it will help everyone understand what will likely work best (and illustrate what to not try again).

    It should all be fun.

    I found that using a separate microphone can be very useful at times. The setup I liked best was a camera about shoulder height (or lower) near the foot (side or end) of the bed, with a mic near the head. POV positions, with the camera and mic near the head, can be fun too (in that case the webcam mic usually does fine).

    If you already have a handheld camera, then mixing them both will likely cover everything. Even with the tripod mount webcam, if it starts moving around in the middle of "getting busy", it just adds to the eroticism, as it is obvious that there is someone else in the room.

    A nightstand or small (adjustable) "folding table" (like a TV tray size) can help with mic's and such. Tripods are easy to get. Putting your desktop or laptop PC on a small rolling cart will give you a lot more freedom for camera & tripod placement.

    Trying all this out can be more than half the fun.

    You want to perform for the camera, but at the same time you want some ability to move around a bit. (How often do you roll around every square inch of a bed, room, etc., while fucking anyway?) With just a bit of effort, it is not that hard to get decent videos, even with just two people. ... After all, that is what the editing software is for.

    I saw at least one episode (on "Playboy TV") of a show that featured "How To" examples on making good porn vids (that will work with even with relatively simple equipment). Lighting, camera angel, and backdrop are for sure the most critical elements... as is getting decent sound. ... Many of these shows can be seen for free at sites like ... (example) .... Those are pretty elaborately staged. Try and get just the basics down first, before you get too elaborate with staging the scenes you want to try and capture.

    These are all just friendly suggestions.

    Try different things, to see what works best for you.

    "I ride my bicycle to ride my bicycle"
    "Life... is a State of Mind"

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    GREAT info!! Thank you so very much.

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