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Thread: Condom Disposal

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    This might seem ridiculous for all of you. How do you dispose of a used condom in someone else’s house?
    We have not used condoms for years and when I did it was just with my partner and either I would flush in the toilet or put it in a tissue on the night stand.
    We were with two couples, a small party, and after my first time I didn’t know what to do.
    The first experience we had was just us and a Unicorn and I didn’t use protection which I want to say was stupid. At least this time I was more prepared or overly prepared with a Costco box of condoms. My excuse the first time was I was never a Boy Scout.

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    We were at a larger party when we first started playing. Our host had been having parties for I am guessing a long time. At first I blushed at what I noticed. There were baskets of condom stations, meaning in the den, living room, bathrooms and even in the kitchen. In addition to condoms there were lubes,wet ones, tissues and then plastic lined wastebaskets. I wondered why there were sandwich bags too. I had no clue what that was for until later when I saw they were for used condoms. The bathrooms also had mouthwash and disposable toothbrushes.
    At smaller get togethers I have seen used condoms in tissues that are put in the garbage can at quiet times and I am sure some are flushed in the toilet.
    I don’t require condom use.
    We Are...

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    I wrap mine in a tissue and put in a lined garbage basket. I have seen less sanitary people leave them around. Ick!

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    Just don't flush them.

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    Yeah, we simply throw them in the bedside trashcan. No problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njbm View Post
    I wrap mine in a tissue and put in a lined garbage basket.
    Ditto. At the very least, toss them in a lined trashcan. Don't flush them, it clogs the drains.

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    While working as a consultant at the Advanced Waste Water Treatment Plant in El Segundo, I learned about “traveling water screens”. They are designed to catch things like “rubber fish”, as the waste water people like to call them, and the bank notes that drug dealers flush down toilets when the police knock at the door. I contend that no harm is done if you flush.

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    Is it a problem flushing them? I’ve always flushed them. When I was young I even threw that out the window of my father’s car.

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    Just as the "spit or swallow" debate was becoming boring, we now have moved on to "flush or trash."

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    Swingers Board Addict divenaked's Avatar
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    If you are on a septic system your local service company will appreciate you flushing condoms. They don't break down and can cost you a service call.
    Just because we have to grow old does NOT mean we have to grow up!

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    Our LS, Adults Only resort in Ontario has it's own septic as it is located in the woods. Last summer it clogged. When we opened it up it was completely 'flushable wipes' and condoms! A big ol' ball of em. (again, we are an adults only resort, so why so many wipes??) Perhaps if you are on a city septic, it's not such a big deal. But it CAN become a problem. (but if its a city problem, then its a city problem that drains some of your tax dollars to fix. Nothing is free and there are ramifications to anything we do as humans on this planet).
    At a party or club, tie a knot it it (so it doesn't spill out, & contains the smell of cum) and put it in the garbage can. <---think of the person who has to clean up after you have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tabota View Post
    ... tie a knot it it (so it doesn't spill out, & contains the smell of cum) and put it in the garbage can.
    But then it goes to a landfill (how long does it take for a condom to break down?) and leaches into the groundwater (ends up everybody swallows). There needs to be a more permanent way to dispose of cum containing condoms! Store it along with nuclear waste maybe.

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    Swingers Board Guide SW_PA_Couple's Avatar
    Happily married to a wild woman
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    Quote Originally Posted by Numex View Post
    . . . Store it along with nuclear waste maybe.
    Neutron bombardment is pretty rough on latex.

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    The best way to be eco friendly is to have the female take the comments and either swallow it or use it as a facial cream.
    Rinse out the used condom with a hypoallergenic soap, hang inside out to dry. When dry roll up the condom and return to your wallet for the next time.
    Do NOT use talc when rolling.
    A suggestion was made to me that you might want to put the cleaned condom on your electric tooth brush and sanitize with ultra violet light.
    Do not microwave.

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