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    I have been told that there are a few men who frequent our swing club who regularly bring prostitutes as their dates. They do not advertise this but it seems to be a well known fact among the regulars. I have witnessed the men swapping with other couples. How do you feel about going to a swing club and unwittingly playing with a prostitute?

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    We are VERY careful of this situation. When we meet a strange couple at a club we spend some time talking to them to determine if they are actually a couple. We NEVER play at clubs bareback unless we're with close friends and then never outside that select group. Over the years, there have been 3-4 occasions when we have "made" a hooker at one of the clubs. We always steered clear. As for the guys who bring a hooker and pass her off as a girlfriend so they can fuck someone else WIFE, I don't think there is anything much lower in the swinging world than that.

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    Bringing a hooker in as a date sounds really expensive, & whats the point. Unless she is needed for some sort of fetish it sounds redundant. If you are just after sex with a woman why not just do it with the hooker?

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    We were at a swing club a couple of years ago and it was obvious some of the women were professionals. Some of the men just did it with the hooker and did not look to swap. I guess it is a sexy atmosphere.

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    The hookers we've seen at clubs were not the stuff of fantasy. They were all kind of skanky and I still think one of them had a dick.

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    We never play bareback so that's not my concern, per se. I suppose it should be as we do engage in oral. I was surprised by how easily people seemed to accept the whole thing. Wondered if this was common at all clubs.

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    I think it happens a lot more than people think especially in clubs with velvet rope policies. Club Wicked in Toronto makes you send in pictures and they approve you based on looks so a lot of men put a pretty sex worker on their arm to get in the door. I also know clubs will rent sex workers/escorts and have them wander around pretending to be unicorns to get couples in the door. I'd be willing to bet that unless it's a house party it's probably happening on some level in most clubs . Just looking at web site pictures for some clubs it's pretty obvious they hire models to walk around at the very least. I went to a club once and based on the web page I was so intimidated thinking everyone would look like a super model . When we got there the crowd was nothing like the pictures so they definitely pay pretty people to model and get people in the door. I have no feeling about it either way but people should be aware that it's a thing for sure. On the bright side most high end sex workers get STI tested weekly so they're no more risky than the average swinger.

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    I am naive. It never occurred to me that people would do that.

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    No problem in my mind. A sex worker might do sex all day to make money and gain little or no enjoyment from this activity. But many sex workers do enjoy normal sex for which nobody has paid. Most of them practice safe sex assiduously and might well represent less risk than a more-typical club goer. How do I know this? My wife and I are acquainted with two women who formerly owned and operated a swingers' club. One of the women was a sex worker in her early life.

    What bothers me is a guy who uses a female sex worker as a ticket into a club. He leaves her at the bar to sit, drink, and wait it out while he goes around accosting every woman within sight.
    Pedo ergo sum.

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    Seems an expensive way to get into a club to party. At least the worker gets some business. I cannot imaging playing unprotected at a club.

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    I agree. I think this has to be more myth than fact. Why would a guy spend upwards of $700-$800 (on the hooker alone) to take a hooker to a swing club. Think about it. A guy would be paying for 3-4 hours of her time + whatever expenses were involved. By the time all is said and done, it would be a 1000.00 evening, minimum. That's an expensive way to take a chance on getting laid in a swing club.

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    Who would have thought...a single guy doing something creepy to get into a swingers party. Who knew?
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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    We have seen it once where we were sure. The guy was older, she was you get, attractive, not hot. Had bruises on her arms and thighs. The guy was handling her rough and ordering her around. You could tell she had no idea what to expect or what was coming next, almost like they had never been around eachother. Imagine that.

    We haven’t seen it, or were oblivious, but don’t think it happens much in our circles. Although thee are plenty of stories about men using escorts as their “ticket” into an event.
    You want me to whack a guy, off a guy, whack off a guy?
    -Peter Griffin

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    We have never met a escort of any type at any time at any swing party we attend at time. We have never attended a commercial event or location. All private parties....regular people. We have met many who are friends or dates for the event. The woman is more comfortable then showing up alone and the guy arrives as a couple. Some rumors have started now and again but mostly due to talent in the room rather than actual profession.

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