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Thread: MFM question

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    We enjoy MFM and have had several positive experiences all of them at clubs.My wife does sometimes find it a little intimidating during the first few minutes and thinks she would like to try starting out in the room alone with the second guy.She finds it a little intimidating initially. Her thought is she would be more relaxed if she could start out one on one with him and then have me walk in while she is already into it. I don't disagree with her there is always a little stress initially for all participants. My question is has anyone tried this if so what was your experience was it the same better or did it kill the mood?

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    OK, I'm sure others here are much more experienced at MFM threesomes but from my experience, my wife needed to be already comfortable, and enjoying, the other man before I became part of the action. In fact, the few times we experienced that, I waited until after their first orgasms, and even gave them time to enjoy some afterglow and recoup, before me and the other guy started her engine again.

    It was mostly the same with a couple I had threesomes with. He usually waited to join in when his wife invited him. I remember imagining him in the other room masturbating while waiting her beckon.

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    If that's what she wants, and you are cool with it, why not?

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    We met the guy with whom we had our first MFM for what was probably our 4th mom. This time, he asked if he and I could go up to the hotel room for 20 minutes or so before hubby joined us. I was a little reluctant but we had known this guy and his wife before that first instance but were by no means close friends or even friends, more just acquaintances. So, we went with it and I actually found it quite enjoyable to get started with him and then add hubby in 20 minutes or so later. Basically, hubby stayed down in the bar, had another drink or more slowly drank the one he had. I could see how a woman would enjoy that approach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DNPlus View Post
    ... Her thought is she would be more relaxed if she could start out one on one with him and then have me walk in while she is already into it...
    This made me think. Although we mostly swap with couples, we also do threesomes and alone play if that's what comes up. So on occasion my wife or I have gone to another couple's place or one of them has come to ours alone.

    The situations that stick in my mind are when a guy has come to our place for a planned MFM. It happens three different ways, all weird, all cool.

    First is where my wife and I are there waiting for him. We would sip some wine, she would get naked (maybe we'd do a little oral), and when he gets there she'd meet him at the door and they'd go to the bedroom.

    Second would be if he gets to our place before my wife comes home from work. This is the weirdest. It's strange, he and I talk casually, not saying anything about the fact that he's going to be fucking my wife in less than an hour. When she gets home she gives us both a kiss, sips wine and strips.

    The third way is if I get home and they are already at it. I just announce myself and ask them to tell me when to join in.

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    Never tried it that way, but if it makes her more comfortable and it doesn't make you feel jealous, than it can't be bad. I'll bet it has to do with her initial feelings of being unsure of how you feel about it or feeling awkward around you because it is "taboo", but once she's into it all that gets drowned-out in the moment.
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    We've tried it (usually at house parties) and it works just fine for us. There is almost nothing hotter than to walk in the room to see her naked stroking a guy or on the bed with her skirt up and the guy licking her. I'll invariably get my cock out and have her suck me. It ALWAYS gets better from there.

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    When my ex and I did this I would give her 10-15 minutes or however long with the other guy in another room then I would join. What "padoc" said sums it up.

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    We have done it whereas we two start things off then the third comes in a little later when she is all hot and ready. Being in that state all barriers are usually down. When the third enters her and the moments before it is a bit odd but then in seconds she is totally totally focused on the other person and enjoying herself.

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