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    We had a very unusual experience with a couple that we last played with. Whilst her husband and my wife started to get into their stride, his wife with whom I was also coupled with suddenly asked me to to stop, which I of course did, She then very passionately verbally encouraged her husband with instructions such as harder, faster etc etc. She was quite into watching him going about his business. Obviously this was a turn on for both of them. Anyone else come across something similar?

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    Interesting. Did she let the two of you go back to what you were doing, or was that it?

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    Well,he did last about ten minutes more really going at L very much as his wife instructed. I got the impression and so did my wife when we spike later that this was as much for his wife as mine. After he finished, we both got back to our business which was extremely hot

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    I don't know if it was intentional, but we've both stopped to watch the other finish and then gone back to our business. Likewise, I'll sometimes give Mrs. E some encouragement/instruction. If it's the wife's thing to talk dirty and coach her husband that doesn't seem odd.

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    Absolutely, L often gives me coaching when we are just us together. It was just the way she verbalised that was so different to anything we have cone across in all the time in the lifestyle. Very erotic in its own way.

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    There are people who don’t talk during sex and people who do. In general I enjoy verbal exchanges while having sex, particularly passionate and energetic ones. If my partners are down with talking while playing, that’s what I prefer.

    I do mostly MFMs and MMFs and unless the couple who are my partners indicate they prefer no talking, (and assuming I’m not using my mouth for other purposes) I tend to speak with both of them while we are playing. If I’m actively engaged with one of them while the other is watching, I give encouragement to the one I’m in contact with, but go out of my way to converse with the partner who is watching. I ask them if they are enjoying watching their partner with me. (And I often ask if they’d like to join in.)

    Sometimes the observing partner will “coach” one or both of us, but it’s usually the male who does so. At hotel-suite parties where there are a number of pairs and small groups in the same room, I’ve watched the male half of a couple direct the man who is with his woman in sometimes such explicit language that I was almost shocked. (I get it that when people are fully engaged they use language they wouldn’t otherwise. I played with a woman once who just screamed Anglo-Saxonisms the whole time, literally in sync with my thrusts into her.) I haven’t participated in many gang bangs, but in the few I have coaching, either by the male partner of the woman who was receiving, or even bystanders.

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    Definitely an individual thing. Angel would pretty much be turned off flat out if I ever "coached" her and she's not particularly fond of hearing it from others. Huge turn off for her.

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