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    Default Do you think it's time for a new Swingers reality show?

    With the failure with A&E show "Neighbors with Benefits" in 2015 and the semi successful "Polyamory married and dating" on Showtime in 2012-2013. Do you think it time for a new reality show base on swingers. I never gotten a chance to see the Neighbors with Benefits, just small youtube clips. I thought it had a good chance but A&E is too family friendly to have that kind of show. I think it would of work in Showtime.

    Anyways I think there should be a new reality show base on the subject. And this time get different people with different age groups instead the early to mid 30s from the show. I think getting people from all age group would work better. Also I think it would help the show if they find people in there late 40s or early 50s or so, with older kids and ask them what they think of their parent's lifestyle. And maybe have 1 or 2 couples who are swingers and that their kids are swingers as well. Since both of the other shows had kids that were too young to know what what. I am just saying people would be a little surprise to see how many swingers parents are there and that their kids are swingers themselves. It would be pretty good show with the right people on it. Better then the people from "Neighbors with Benefits" and "Polyamory married and dating" which seem fake and scripted at some part.

    So do you think it is time for a new swingers base reality show? Or we should leave it alone after 2 failed attempts?

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    Default re: Do you think it's time for a new Swingers reality show?

    Neighbors with Benefits was nothing but a HUGE

    I had high hopes for it but it was terrible. The problem with reality type shows is that they live and die on the drama...and most swingers don't want or look for drama. The other problem with a show based on any sex practice is that it really NEEDS sex to keep it interesting (otherwise all there is is the drama). We really liked Polyamory Married and Dating when it first came on but once again, the couples (triads, etc) were not vetted enough and there were issues with them (either already existing problems in the relationships or problems behind the scenes). Having a show about couples wanting to try swinging that don't really have issues and are good stable relationships...well, that just isn't too exciting. Playboy's Swing comes closest to this and while it was on for 5-6 seasons, it became kind of 'formula' after awhile (the same thing happening with just different people every episode).

    One other show that comes to mind is still on TV right now: You, Me, Her. It isn't a reality show so it doesn't NEED (fake) drama. It's just a TV show about a couple who invites a third into their relationship and how they try to deal with stereotypes created by society. Here's the synopsis from IMDB:

    What begins as an impulsive "date" between suburban husband Jack and neophyte escort Izzy, spins into a whirlwind three-way sexual affair including Jack's wife Emma, who has been keeping secrets of her own. Over a span of just 10 days, their "arrangement" breaks free of its financial bonds to become something else entirely: A real romance, with real stakes, involving three real people, confronting viewers with the compelling question: What if your best, truest, happiest life looked nothing like you thought it would? Would you be brave enough to live it?

    IMHO, the problem with this show starts from a bad place: the husband meeting an escort...obviously there are problems in the relationship from the start. Both the husband and wife have 'been keeping secrets of [their] own' from each other. Also, it seems like they all have to drink and/or smoke pot whenever the three of them get together to play. Finally, the biggest problem is that its another show about sex that doesn't really show any sex. Rewrite this show showing a loving, stable, open married couple, add some skin, have it deal more with the stigma of an 'unconventional relationship' that goes against the perceived norm, and put it on something like HBO or an online subscription service (Netflicks or similar) and now you may have something. I think that there could really be a great show about swinging or polyamory, but so far one hasn't been created by someone who understands what it is all about.

    Do we want this show: YES!!!
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    Default re: Do you think it's time for a new Swingers reality show?

    Not enough drama.......
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    Default re: Do you think it's time for a new Swingers reality show?

    Quote Originally Posted by SAMnTINA View Post
    Not enough drama.......
    I agree. It would attract little attention unless it was some kind of swinger adult version of Here Cums Honey Boo Boo (pun intentional). But then it would not be reality.

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    Default re: Do you think it's time for a new Swingers reality show?

    A note from someone who was featured in an episode of a reality TV show in 1999, really. The Lifestyle is a lousy fit for reality TV.

    The fact is that Swingers' reality is typically less "dramatic" than most vanilla families. To make it in the LS, couples have to be secure with each other. Beyond that, they typically have equanimity. They have each others' backs. They are also discreet. They do not proselytize. They are tolerant. They are supportive of the community.

    As a consequence, TV producers are going to be interested in only a couple of things.

    1. Schadenfreude (taking pleasure in the misfortunes of others). This will arise when couples are outed, some guy can't perform, etc. People in the LS never take pleasure in this sort of thing, only intolerant vanillas.

    2. Seduction and sex. Candidly, we're not interested in becoming porn stars. Neither are our LS friends.

    Most reality shows operate on Greed, Pain, Misfortune, Competition. There are always losers. If there are winners, there are many more losers. The LS is quite the opposite. Pleasure and joy are much more common. That doesn't attract viewers.

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    Default re: Do you think it's time for a new Swingers reality show?

    Since I absolutely loath reality shows, then I'd say no, the last thing I want swinging to be subjected to is the reality show treatment. On the other hand, do I think it's time for another swinging show? Yes, if it's something like the Swing Towns show was, a drama where swinging is part of the characters lives but not the only part. It sort of faded a bit toward the end, but the one thing I really liked about that series was swinging was just part of the swirling mix that is life - kids, work, family, friends, joy, sadness, and everything else we experience. That's how it is for real people who happen to be swingers, and even though it was a fictional drama, it seemed a hell of a lot more real than any reality show ever could.
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    Default re: Do you think it's time for a new Swingers reality show?

    I agree with the opinion that a reality show would not work for all the same reasons - too much fake drama, having to make things "entertainment", etc. What I WOULD like to see attempted is a documentary/series type show that looks at the lifestyle in a positive, non-judgemental way. So much of the stuff that has been done seems to be in the "see what these couples do behind closed doors!" titillating manner and is a look from the "outside", which always seems to pass some subtle judgement.

    As discussed on a similar thread, it would also be cool to see everyday couples with two jobs, normal lives, and average body types involved. We don't need another fake pornumentary! LOL

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