Okay, this was early on in Swinging where we were learning just how much sex we could have in one night. In our monogamous days, we thought one and done because those were the rules, right ? Well, we had played with a couple. The other husband had me first, then Alex, then as I'm moving across the bed on all fours the other husband says,"Oh, no rest for the wicked," and embraces me, I'm still on all fours and I willingly 'melt' into the moment as he enters me and fucks me all over again. The first time I had that experience was so thrilling and I came very intensely. Alex watched and it revved him up and he gave the other wife one more good fucking before the evening ended. That being said, we've had a weekend with a couple where the guy, with enough of a break, ravages me multiple time and I love it.--Sandra The bottom line is that people won't expect more than you can deliver.