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    Default Re: Why do many swingers prefer MFM?

    I would say both are very fun and exciting, but I prefer MFM, I am not a cuckhold and always participate in the action but for me there is just something about pleasuring your wife to mutiple orgasmas that can't be accomplished with 1 person, and just seeing my wife with someone else is better then any porno, the sounds and sights of her are amazing and can't forget DP for her is an intense orgasm.

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    Default Re: Why do many swingers prefer MFM?

    As a male that has been the third wheel in a MFM and the man that organized a FMF let me add some thoughts.

    I have been part of several MFM, most earlier in life when I didn't mind barebacking that much a lady I just met. That was the regular request I got in those situations was to "breed the wife" while the man watched and would then may/may not join us in the action.

    I have helped organized a few FMF too but be careful. If the two girls are not into each other then be prepared to do twice the work to bring two women to orgasm at around the same time. I prefer to focus on one partner at a time.

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    Default Re: Why do many swingers prefer MFM?

    Because their wife won't consider MFF.

    Personally I find most women are okay with MMF, they will at least consider two men pleasing them, but ask for another women to join in and most women freak out, they become jealous, erratic, moody, insecure when you ask for another women. Yes there are exceptions, yes some women are fully bisexual and enjoy another girls company, but of were speaking about your average women in a relationship then NO they do not want any other women near you at all and become emotionally unstable if you even suggest the idea.

    I think a lot of MEN start with the idea of MMF to get their wives / girlfriends use to the idea of sharing, they secretly hope that after having enough MMF situations with other guys their wife or girlfriend will then consider the idea of MFF.

    That after sleeping with enough guys she will suddenly let another female join you in bed, but in most cases she won't, and even if she does she will become do pissed off about the friendship she will destroy it before its even started .

    I have dated enough women who are okay with the idea of two men, but go nuts when you suggest another women.

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    Default Re: Why do many swingers prefer MFM?

    Our group tends towards as many ffm as mfm. This may not be the norm for all

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    Default Re: Why do many swingers prefer MFM?

    As far as we are concerned, it is the norm. Most in our several groups in California, Hawaii and Nevada find ffm and mfm fairly equal. Much depends on the years of experience and the desires of all. Hell, we've gone on fmfmfmfmfmfmmffmfmmmff before!
    Laura and Dave

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    Default Re: Why do many swingers prefer MFM?

    We have met many couples that are new to swinging. Because it is our preference to meet couples with curious women there are many experiences that involve both ff. I think many of the husbands are more comfortable watching their wife with a woman.

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    Default Re: Why do many swingers prefer MFM?

    Two different answers. Most people both men and women would like to fuck around and still keep a relationship. So for a woman if a guy suggests MFM she gets the best of both worlds, a marriage and playing around with sex. And no worries about another woman and her guy.

    For guys it's a bunch of reasons. My reason is just to keep the wife happy, I suggested it not her, because she told me about how before we got married she liked to keep several guys available at any given time, including when she's out of town. My wife having extra sex doesn't bother me, so I told her she can keep seeing guys she likes to fuck. She especially needs it when she travels for work for a while and I'm not there. Once I started sometimes watching/getting involved it wasn't an abstract thing any more and I enjoyed it along with fucking her afterwards or joing in.
    Some guys really like the idea of their wife cheating, or being really appealing, or just being porno. Some guys are into mental DSBM or whatever because it DOES actually bother them. For me though, it's just a big 'why not' if that's what she wants?

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