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    Default Should My wife and use a condom if we plan to play with others later?

    My wife and I have been married for a while. We go to clubs and play with each other. We have even experienced a soft swap before. For our anniversary we are going to Hedo and we both would to see the other in a full swap. However we never have nor does she ever want to use condoms when we play with each other. I'm trying to find what the proper etiquette is in this situation. If we are playing or just finished playing and then others become part of it my fluids could or would still be inside of her. She says that she is taking the same risk when she goes down on another lady. She says that if we have penetration with others there should be a condom but not between our self? Opinions please?

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    Default Re: Should My wife and use a condom if we plan to play with others later?

    We are in the same boat. I'm a clean-aholic. As a couple, we shower before and after sex with each other - so sometimes we have three or four showers a day. As we, like you guys, move towards the possibility of interacting with another couple, I am along the lines of thinking of your wife. Pretty much the first section we read was the section on STDs. This is extremely eye-opening and informative. Condoms, condoms, condoms - and even that isn't going to prevent exposure to some things...crabs, etc. As for female oral, same deal, the STD risks are there with oral sex. We have redlined against oral sex with another couple. Condom oral may still be okay for the man but for the woman performing it, it would depend on her comfort level with it. I, personally, don't like it - it's like eating a balloon. Female oral with a dam is the condom equivalent but cunnilingus has so much creativity and aspects to it that a dam really overly restricts that. We have decided that hand play is pretty much the extent of what we could do with another couple. I admire people willing to go full on and do so with success. But, we haven't gone this long as a monogamous couple to throw it all away by introducing strong risks to disease when we are presently at zero risk. Even at a party where licking, sucking is going on, I know I'm not interested in even kissing someone who has been going down on others. So, just for me - for us - we are going the cautious route. We feel like there is plenty of fun to be had by hand jobs, watching and being with another couple who is also fucking. I'm only going along with any of this to have open-minded friends to talk about sexuality with, expose our bodies with safe people and help my husband experience a freer and more open attitude about our sexuality - but it's not worth getting STDs over. Peace, respect to the community - very grateful to all those open-minded friends and people who allow us to have our more conservative boundaries. YMMV

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