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    Default Not using a condom

    Hi guys, My wife and I have a regular couple that we meet up with and over the past six months we have started not to use condom in our play sessions. We are comfortable with the fact that they are our only full swap partners and vice versa.

    I do enjoying cumming inside both Heather my wife and Marie as do they enjoy the feeling of taking mine or Jan's load. I also enjoy fucking them when Jan has already cum inside as the warm and wetness make it even more pleasurable. I have on occasions eaten the girls out after I have cum in them and last weekend during a session I went down on Maria after Jan had filled her. I am little confused by this as I enjoyed it immensely, something I didn't think I would.

    I would be interested to hear others views.

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    To me it sounds like you 4 have reached a new level of intimacy. At first, playing without condoms was probably a little taboo and added excitement. Congratulations on getting to that point.
    Enjoying something like what you wrote can come as a shock as it is associated with 'gay'. I'm sure the thought "If I like eating cum, am I gay?" has been in your head. Nope, just enjoying a sexual and emotional relationship with close friends that you are very comfortable with. Stop worrying and enjoy this time! Embrace the change and new open mind.

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    I agree, everyone involved are consenting adults and all are enjoying themselves, so if you have discovered that something feels good even though you didn't think it would, then don't worry so much about the why, just relax and enjoy.

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    You 4 seem very normal to my wife and me. Enjoy it to the fullest and don't try to over think it.

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    My husband enjoys the same thing and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I've known plenty of other men who also like it. It's playful, erotic, and intimate. We all have our kinks, and as long as you enjoy it and get pleasure from it, I say stop worrying and happy eating!

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    It is one of the advantages of having regular partners or doing friends or even relatives. Naturally, there are disadvantages, too.

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    Thanks to all for your comments it's good to know that people are very supportive.

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