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    Default Re: Fictional TV Couples - Who Would Swing

    I think we need to add the whole cast of Torchwood - After all Jack only hires bi people.... but I guess Ianto needs to work on his jealousy issue

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    Default Re: Fictional TV Couples - Who Would Swing

    Anyone give any thought to Perry Mason and Della Street? Back before the PC police screwed up office sexual inuendos?

    Paul Drake as the MFM can't picture the MMF
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    Default Re: Fictional TV Couples - Who Would Swing

    not exactly a couple, per se (but they've pretended to be a few times). But I love Pete & Myka on Warehouse 13. His humor (and he's hot) and her brains (and she's hot), they'd have me outta my clothes in 2 seconds.
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    Default Re: Fictional TV Couples - Who Would Swing

    Bones & Seely Booth.

    Well, Bones for sure. I'm not as sure about Booth. He may be a little too traditional for it.

    But, if they were real, and if they were available..... yeah.
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    Default Re: Fictional TV Couples - Who Would Swing

    Gloria and Meathead
    Probably...Even though Gloria was horrified (Mike was just amused) that a swinger couple by virtue of a misunderstanding ended up at her parents house (Played by the late Vincent Gardenia and Rue McClanahan)
    This might have been the first reference to swinging on network TV
    Still..both she and Michael recognized that they were swingers a BIT too soon in the process to make one think they had no frame of reference

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    Default Re: Fictional TV Couples - Who Would Swing

    Charlie - on the new Anger Management...just watched, funny stuff. I bet he and his shrink would swing.
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    Default Re: Fictional TV Couples - Who Would Swing

    Bo and Dyson from Lost Girl would, well at least we hope they would.
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