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    We recently started going out to clubs which her and I find fun. We are both in our late fourties. When we were much younger and living together about 16 years ago
    while having sex with my wife who was my girlfriend back then I told her about an MFM experience I had with a girlfriend. An ex boyfriend of hers had also told her a similar story that he and his male friend had picked up a girl in A bar and they both ended up having sex with her. Well these stories seemed to be a turn on to her as every time we would come home from clubbing (reg club not swinger) and ended up having sex she would question me about what happened during our sessions which seemed to make her love making even more stronger. Well during one of these times as we were about to start having sex and the questions began I just flat out told her "why don't you just find out for your self?". Just to explain I knew she had remained friends with her ex (the mentioned earlier) and I knew she had kept in contact with him nothing sexual just friends. So I suggested to her that she call him over to join us. Mind you 1 we had just come home from clubbing and full of "brave juice"
    2 we had just fucked so it was about 3-4 am
    3 I did not think she had the balls to call him over or the least it would be too late and he would not accept the invitation. Well hell my jaw dropped when she picked up the phone and started dailing his number from memory. She was asking him if he wanted to come over " too have some fun" " yes he's here too" " he said it was ok for you to come over". At first I thought " bullshit" she is just pretending to be talking to someone on the phone. We held each other and I started to fall asleep, I guess she was too excited because about 20-30 minutes later the doorbell rang. It was about 4am and I am thinking is this for real??? Is it really gonna happen?? She got her robe on and went down stairs. I just waited in our bedroom naked in bed. She came back in and I asked her "what happened?" thinking again ok she chickened out. She said "nothing he's standing by the door... Is is still ok" I replied I guess so he's here. She took off her robe and came to bed and started giving a blow job ( she has always been great at those). All the while he just stood there and she looked at me and asked me one more time if it was ok which I replied yes. She motioned for him to come over the bed and that is all he needed. He took off all his clothes and got in bed with us. She was on her side giving me a blowjob so he opened her legs apart and started eating her. That lasted until she could not take it any more. She got on her back and he started to mount her missionary I will never forget how she moaned as he entered her. It was the sweetest sound I had ever heard come out of her and I always enjoyed it when I made her moan like but it sounded better when someone else was making her moan. He did not seem to be thursting as hard as he could he was slow and gentle but since he was bigger that's all he had to do to please her. She does love it hard and fast and usually gives me a good cardio work out. Anyway while he was having his way with her she motioned for me to move myself closer to her and she again sucked on me. The night pretty much went like that, him and me taking turns fucking her doggy, missionary, on her side while the other got sucked by her or took a break and watchd. Before hand we had agreed that when she was finshed with him, he would be sent on his way and not stay. Which he did. After wards we talked she told his cock really filled her up and that did make me a little jealous but she pointed out that she's never been fucked as hard as I did doggy when she was sucking him off, like if I was fucking crazy she loved and it was an ego boost for me. I guess seeing her doing it, really turned me on that I did not even notice. We did that a few more time about 3-4. But then it ended not by our choice. I think he still had feelings for her and did not enjoy sharing her. I on the other had the most wonderful time enjoying her with another and watching her enjoy herself as well. We never continued because soon after we decided to have kids and now that they are much bigger we have decided together that maybe its time we started have adult fun again.

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    Sounds very hot. My wife has a former lover that we have hooked up with once for some soft action. Now that we've gone full swap we're both looking forward to the next time he's in town so we can hook up for some full action. There is even talk of sending her off on a date with him and a visit back at his hotel by herself. I'd be full of anticipation waiting to hear all about it when she got home.

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    Hope it works for you all well as it did for us too. Just saying, I would love to be there (I mean if it was my wife) that was the best part of it. And she loved having both together as she had already experience us each separate when we were dating her previously.

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    My wife had an on going relationship with my best friend for a couple of years and it was great. It mostly consisted of MFM but she got together with him alone a few times and it was very hot to have her come home and tell me about it in detail.



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