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    Default Unicorn Success Club

    I saw the t-shirt posted by a vanilla friend of mine and I couldn't help but think "I do not think that mean what you think it means".

    I'm a big fan of the Bloggess, ever since I read the post about the giant metal chicken that had me in tears. And chances are had I not been so distracted by my own meaning of particular idea, I might have laughed just as hard at this one.

    Unicorn Success Club ?

    oddly, my meaning only got awesomer when I considered that the mascot would be a cougar!

    makes me wonder if the Bloggess is really a swinger and was just hiding all these double entredre meanings... then again she does also write a sex blog.
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    Default Re: Unicorn Success Club

    My favorite line;
    "a cougar RIDING A UNICORN"

    The mental images are extraordinary.
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    Default Re: Unicorn Success Club

    that is funny, but the chicken one is probably one of the best things I have ever read

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    Default Re: Unicorn Success Club

    I'm still waiting for her to pick up on this strange new source of traffic and post something about those crazy swingers.... and then for her to figure out what a Unicorn Success Club really would be... and well... that whole Cougar Riding a Unicorn.

    Then again, maybe she already knows and this is all just subterfuge that only those of us "in the know" would ever pick up the GIANT hints she's dropped. Is the Bloggess a Swinger?

    And yes, the Giant Metal Chicken is by far still one of the funniest things I've ever read. Evidently, it was the post that really launched her traffic-wise.
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    Default Re: Unicorn Success Club

    I think she knows exactly what she wrote. The stallion's's just too good, and too many double entendres for her not to know

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