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    Default Do we know each other?

    You know? There's been a lot of discussion about what if you meet someone you know at a swingers club.

    And, the usual response is that they're there for the same reason as you, so?

    Well, have you ever wondered if some of us here know each other in the vanilla world?

    Do you ever read someone's posts and think you might know who they are?
    And, you'd love it if it were them.

    Well, it's easy to tell where we all live by our profiles. But I think that most of us tend to keep the rest fairly vague for privacy purposes.

    But, we could divulge just enough so if someone who knows us might send a private message to inquire.

    For me, it'd be really great if one of my wife's real friends happened to be in the lifestyle unbeknownst to her. And, once that shared secret was revealed I think it'd be the spark that would encourage my wife back in.

    So, if you're friends with a newly retired educator in central Florida who's married to a writer send me a PM!

    Anyone else want to test the waters here?

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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    Wow, you just made me realize something, if your talking about the question of knowing each other here, exclusively from the swingers board.

    There allot of real people we know in the swinging lifestyle, who know I/WE post here. Many read, and a few do post.

    I would think anyone would know for sure, yep it's us.

    That being said, as we recently discovered our first swinging partners(whom we lost contact in life with since) have moved recently into their family homestead. They would be in their mid fifties now, and we always wondered if they too, post here or at least have always known it was us here.

    Following the testing of the water, to your thread....

    J & T, You could always send a pm

    Might as well, we know where you live now, Welcome home

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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    Be careful with that, me and my ex ran into a couple who we knew as friends, we hooked up and then the whole little town we live in knew. They were hardcore swingers and didn't care who knew it, and they had a big mouth. We were exposed. Me and my current wife have a rule, never play in your own backyard or your friends yards as well. We will only meet with out of town strangers. There is a couple on SLS that live down the street from us, they hid there faces, but she can't hide that unique tattoo. They are hot and we would love to hook-up with them. But, I learned the hard way, going to keep those neighbors just that - Neighbors

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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    Mrs. CXXC and I have fallen into a most interesting pattern in regards to the lifestyle and with whom we play. It seems that in spite of our desire and wishes to find a coupe (or any number of) within our area, we always end up meeting and often playing with those 2, 3 and more, hours drive from us.

    I have wondered if this is by fate or design. As Mrs. CXXC is in a position, professionally, that must be viewed as wholesome and "Up-standing" within the community, discretion is of the utmost! That being said, our search for local couples has generated little fruit.

    In the three cases we have discovered couples within the area, only one remains. The others have moved away for various reason while the one remaining has left the lifestyle for an indefinite period of time.

    Now, if I were insecure, I would have to question what we are doing to chase these lovely people away. If I were arrogant, I would have to consider these people have now had the best and no longer need to seek others. So good were we that they are sated for the rest of their natural born days. HA HA HA HA!

    As it is, however, we are still blessed with having friends and lovers who enjoy us so, they make the trip to spend the time with us. We too are welcome to their homes any time.

    There are many couples in our area that Mrs. CXXC and I would truly enjoy being with. the kicker here is that we are unaware of any lifestyle activities on their part. Pipe dreams and wishful thinking is all we are left with.

    Those people we have met that we know are in the lifestyle and do not know of our involvement are kept in the dark for various reasons. Some work too closely to Mrs. CXXC and her profession to let in or to trust fully. Others are not a fit for our desires. Still, others, though what we consider physically within our scope, do not share the same fantasies, desires or freedoms we possess.

    Would we like it if our next door neighbors were swingers? Goodness yes! They are hot as hell and wonderful people. Do we suffer for our inability to find others locally? No. This is a hobby. It is something we do as a couple or solo that entertains us when we are in that mood and spirit.
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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    I'm sure there are a few lurkers on here that know me and have yet come out about it. Since I see the registrations there are often people I see that I recognize from the local clubs. We all enjoy a bit of privacy and ability to post what we want without feeling like someone's looking over our shoulders.

    That said, I was on facebook recently and added an old HS friend. He sent me a thank you and let me know that he'd also sent us a mesg on "the other site we are members of". Hrmmm... my site? or SLS? I didn't have to wonder long, I checked our email on SLS and there it was.

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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    Do you know me?
    Do you want to know me?
    What would you do if you did know me?

    If you did find some one on here that you know. would that make things better or worse?

    What would you say?

    At any time you could see some one that you know or knew at one time at a house party or club.

    I would think that there are more of us than not in the lifestyle that have looked at some of there friends and thought ( I bet they would be fun to play with ) and/or ( they are hot an sexy ).. but not wanting to hurt the friendship, you have keep the lifestyle out of the pitcher..

    For myself.. I would find it to be a good thing.. Some times good friends can and do make grate new friends in a new way.
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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    I got thinking a bit about this recently, myself. I've realized that I've probably posted sufficient information in various threads, that if someone took the time to add it all up, who knows me, they'd figure it out fairly quickly.

    I suspect that it might be interesting to see who might be here, that the wofe and I know, and likely they'd be rather surprised to find we're here...


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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    So Julie, if you don't mind me asking, was this old HS friend someone you'll be interested in?

    Now that makes me think of several old HS friends that I wouldn't mind 'catching up' with.

    Actually, there are several couples who are friends of ours that I think 'knowing each other's secret' would make our friendship even better. And, not just the possibility of sex either but, the sharing of that new side of us.

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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    I don't know him well enough in the current context to say (nor remember him well enough in the past context).... but I'd like to find out

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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    I've never run into any friends on this particular site ... but I did run into a fellow alumni of the same graduating class in high school at a swing-party once.

    She & I were in different social circles in high school - so we didn't really know each other from back then. But it was nice to "formally" re-introduce ourselves.

    Personally - I like to keep my lifestyle moderately descrete. Most of my friends choose NOT to want to know TOO MUCH about what I do in my sex life (and I applaud them for their discretion & keeping their business to themselves). I think it'd be nice to know if some of my (platonic) friends are swingers... not sure if this would mean we'd ever get together for that (since we haven't run into each other at any events yet - we probably run in different circles in the local-scene)
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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    The male half of the couple we met and hung out with on our first (and to date only, but that may change this weekend) foray to our club is a guy I have met before. I did a ton of home remodeling about 2 years ago, and he works in the lumber department of my local Home Despot. Not a friend per say, but we exchanged alot of friendlly banter during my many wood runs. So running into he and his girlfriend at the club was sort of funny.

    But on the off chance that somone I know and like reads this board I guess I'll toss my pants, er I mean hat, into the ring.

    I'm 6'3, somtimes blonde somtimes brown haired, live in Gresham Or. Recentlly graduated from Mt Hood, am currentlly a psych major at PSU and am married to a Doctor (of sorts). And Nancy if you read this, we'd LOVE to invite you for drinks to the local Portland club!
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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    My wife is an anesthesiologist at one of our local hospitals and we ran into one of her nurses at a party once.

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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    I get nervous about meeting people too local. I seem to know at least half the locals and most I'm really not keen on meeting up with.

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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    Hi All,
    I've thought about this as well. Sometimes I'll be reading something and it sounds so..familiar, and I wonder...but so far, no, I may well be recognized by a couple I directed here...b/c I really think this is a wonderful place to ask questions, get feedback, explore fantasies...etc. The people I mentioned are friends and I know that if it was going to be spread around town, it would have already happened...and I take other people's desire to be anonymous in their communities very seriously, so if ever I did recognize someone, it would stay with me/us.

    I've often wished that some of you guys/gals here were local....just due to the wonderful responses, and the way you get a "feel" for folks in a place like this. Interesting thought, I got this thread confused with another, so am glad I checked in. I'll admit that even though I'm a little "unconventional", that it would probably still be shocking to some of my neighbors if they knew. I'm not real uptight about it, I think, if I saw someone I knew at a club...b/c in that case, we'd be there for the same thing, but of course, there just are those that have to talk. Still, I feel like I could handle it if anything did arise, I've thought aboutn the possibility before, and realized that it could come with the territory. It's funny how in other situations, I have seen people I knew locally at a non local places...just not in the swing atmosphere..yet. Have a great day all, Karmic

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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    Quote Originally Posted by Karmickiss View Post
    I've often wished that some of you guys/gals here were local....just due to the wonderful responses, and the way you get a "feel" for folks in a place like this.
    Feeling is mutual!


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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    I have to say this the only way I know how...

    If its someone, you THINK you kinow, ask
    If its someone you WANT to know, ASK
    If its someone you want to avoid, Ignore the person and HOPE they dont ask

    Lets be honest, there are plenty of people that are finding their way into the lifestyle thru all sorts of information sources. TV Film references, as well as any number of actual news stories, in print and TV media.

    Whats shocking to some inspires others... Christ, who knows, Maybe the David Letterman story when it ALL comes out will be the next one.

    By the way, sure there are a number of folks that use specific phrases, or seem to use particular words.. But, as one who knows, once they are heard or read, they can be stolen at a moments notice..

    So for those that use the word, sexploration.. Enjoy.. the next one I come up with, will be copywrited, lol
    Reality Checks written Upon Request

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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    I just googled 'sexploration' and there seems to be a number of uses.

    Amazing how words get out there. My favorite, and it wasn't my origin, is Trysexual.

    Don't you just love the information age?

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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    [QUOTE=ViSexual;391715]Amazing how words get out there. My favorite, and it wasn't my origin, is Trysexual.

    vs - Trisexual? Interesting... yeah a thread for the modern swingers coin machine would be fun! I'd add to it here but don't wannta hijack this thread.


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    Default Re: Do we know each other?

    I used to live in a MUCH smaller city and rarely ever ran into people I knew anywhere including the lifestyle. I live in a fairly decent sized city now and I can't seem to turn around without bumping into someone I know. Just encountered another situation where someone I knew from vanilla world appeared in our local club.... somehow we kept just missing them at the club events but saw a post on the Y group and confirmed my suspicions via Facebook. Pro Tip: IF you have a really unusual name, you might not want to use it in multiple places online if you don't want to be found out.
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