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    Originally posted by Alura
    We met a lady soon after we returned to America and remained friends through two husbands and countless boyfriends for about fifteen years. She and Mrs. Alura had discussed a threesome early in the friendship, when Mary was still single, and "Mary" agreed it would be fun but it never happened.

    One Sunday, Mary's husband "Bill" and I were working on his motorcycle in my garage when I noticed he seemed upset. He said Mary was angry because she had come into the garage and "caught him" looking at a calendar on my wall. (It was a bikinied lady who looked much like Mrs. Alura when I first met her.) "She's so damned jealous, it's driving me nuts!" he said.

    He had to rush home from work every day because if he was a few minutes late, she'd accuse him of stopping off at some woman's house for a quickie. She had also "caught him" masturbating and was furious about that at the time.

    For a few hours, while turning wrenches and chasing parts, Bill and I talked about jealousy. During the course of the conversation, as a way of showing him how jealousy and love don't relate, I told him about our hobby. There was never any suggestion of playing. Both of us agreed Mary would not understand. He said he'd never tell her (about our swinging) because she'd not understand. I agreed.

    The next day my office phone rang and Mary ranted at me for about fifteen minutes, accusing me of trying to trick her husband into wanting to "swap wives" with us. She slammed down the phone. We haven't heard from them since. That's been almost six years.

    The saddest part was when the boys asked, "How come we don't get to play with the "Jones" kids anymore? They never come over." I didn't really have an answer.

    Mr. Alura
    I have to agree with Brit_Pair 100%. "Bill" should have kept his fucking mouth shut. Unfortunately I've known guys like Bill before, and basically they are what we used to call in my sordid youth "pussy whipped". This Mary was leading him around by the nose, and he let her do it. Concomitant to this, such men usually can't keep their mouths shut to their wives, either.

    She was obviously not only very insecure, but a control freak as well. Yet some men will let their wives get away with treating them in such a manner.

    The saddest part is that sooner or later relationships like this usually come to a bad end. Note Bill's anger at her jealousy. I mean, getting upset over his looking at a picture on a calendar? Give me a break! As for having caught him masturbating, someone should have clued her in on something; if you line up ten men and nine admit they masturbate from time to time, you have found yourself one liar.

    But this sort of thing creates festering resentments that eventually build up to the point where things blow up and a divorce is usually the result. It was unfortunate that you guy were, albeit temporarily, caught in the middle...

    -- Bear

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    I'd be curious to know if they are still married.

    Swingers or not that kind of jealousy cant make for a healthy marriage.

    I worked with a guy who had the same problem but maybe even a little worse.

    I have a job that requires us to work outside quite a bit. She would call work all the time and if no one answered the phone he would get accused of not being at work and being out cheating on her. Our boss even got involved and explained to her that the only time we are in the office is if we are on break or just happen to stop in for a minute to grab something. She accused our boss of covering for him.

    Needless to say this dude lived a pretty miserable life.

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    Originally posted by Mr&Mrs-naughty
    Needless to say this dude lived a pretty miserable life.
    Not so much a life, as an existance. And if all a person is doing is existing...
    It's not going to be an orgy. It's a toga party . . .

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    Originally posted by Mr&Mrs-naughty
    I'd be curious to know if they are still married.

    Me, too, Mr&MrsNaughty. I just ran their names through the InfoBel website. I found his parents in Wichita and her's, also in Kansas, but no listings in the entire USA for their first names. Their telephone number has been reassigned. I suppose I could do more research, but what good would it do if I found them? If they, or more likely, she had thought about renewing the friendship, she's had almost six years.

    Y'know, come to think of it, we continued to send them invitations to our parties for a couple of years. They had always come before. Mary called once and rsvped that they would come, but they didn't. She talked to Mrs. Alura. I guess that was the last time we heard from her.

    Needless to say this dude lived a pretty miserable life.
    He was definitely not very happy that day. He seemed quite envious of our marriage, not so much the swinging, although that, too, intrigued him, but the freedom we feel in not being afraid to tell each other anything. He lived in constant fear, not only of what he said, or the way he said it, but the way she might interpret it. Damn! I'm a lucky man!

    Mr. Alura

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    Laura and I are very out.

    I had a radio show here in Vegas for two years, a Lifestyles radio show that was about all different Lifestyles. We also own a news site that deals with all Lifestyles. No less then twice a month there is an article either written by me or about things we deal with in the major Las Vegas Newspaper so it is a bit hard for us to hide.

    We have six kids, five of them grown and five grandkids. All of our older kids are very aware of our life and lifestyle. The 10 year old knows "we are different" then many but does not understand and we do not feel it is the time to fill her in yet. In time she will need to know since we are so public about things.

    The 10 year old goes to a private school ran by a church since the public schools here in Vegas rate close to the bottom of the charts. The school knows not because they ever asked me but because they read the paper and watch the news. They have accepted it and left it alone because they see how close I am to my daughter and that I am a good father despite would most would think about someone that is an Lifestyles Advocate.

    We have NEVER lost a friend or had problems with anyone because of being who we are because we are very honest about who we are and what we do.

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    I guess there is no reason to tell people that we have sex with others anymore than we'd tell someone Mrs Spoomonkey's best bedroom sex trick... If I wouldn't talk to someone about a "vanilla" sex life, why talk to them about one with all the toppings?

    Mrs Spoomonkey has a friend that she has always shared everything with - and she is planning to tell her. But other than that, I just don't see a reason to tell anyone. We are neither political activists or gluttons for punishment, so when we zip our pants, we zip our lips...

    Of course, that's why I love this place. Someone to talk to!!!

    "Eros will have naked bodies; Friendship naked personalities." - C. S. Lewis

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