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    Question Women with "Kid Marks"......

    My wife has a very pretty body/face. Men love to see her all around in pictures and the contest pages on the internet. Her chest is most admired by both sexes. The one part they don't see is the skin damage that our kids have left behind on her tummy. 3 kids to be exact. She worries that men will be turned off once she exposes her belly once naked. Woman with "Kid" scars don't bother me at all because I accept it as nature. She worries about this so much because she always compares the other women out there that don't have them and they want me. I tell her she is the hottest chick---more than the ones that don't have them because I Love her and not them.

    How many men out there that swing still find a woman attractive once you see the "Kid" marks/lose skin and the rest of her body is hot? Would it turn you off all of a sudden or do you accept it like I do?

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    Kid-marks, are not offensive at all to me. I too find that they are a "part-of-life" and can happen to just about anyone.
    Life's too short to not have as much fun as possible !

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    i, Personally, am turned on by how much a woman is enjoying herself....not by how much her breasts sag or how untight her ass is....its all about the orgasm and the wiggling right before {and hopefully after too!!!}besides, most guys are so excited just to be in the same place with a naked woman, they dont notice [lol] tell the wife that bodies are so great because they are all so different. i once had a lovely girlfriend that had scars on her belly fron past operations, and she felt the same way. i always just told her that she was the love of my life and she turned me on just the way she was. P.S. its hard to see the belly when your face is buried in other parts.... [Wink]

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    "Now I don't want to get off on a rant here," but everyone has their own preferences. We've had this discussion before. Some people don't want to swing with overweight people, blonds, smokers, etc. If someone doesn't want to swing with someone with Kid marks...that's their problem.

    There are plenty of other couples out there that think like we do...kid marks, scars, skin tags, birth marks, handicaps....none of this even comes into play when we consider weather or not we will swing with a couple. Things that happen to our bodies as we age are completly natural. I for one would much rather have a gal next door type of woman. That's part of the thrill for me. "Who would have thought that this gal who looks just like your every day soccer mom would be sucking my dick?"

    I think the average guy thinks along the same lines. Granted, the little hotties are fun to look at and play with every now and then, but there's so much more to swinging for us. I don't care how much of a hottie someone is, if they can't carry on a conversation, don't know how to take a bath, and can't put 2 and 2 together, I'm not interested. "Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong."

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    I've said it before, but I'll still say it again anyway...
    Every woman in the throes of orgasm is beautiful.

    A woman who is secure about who she is and having fun with what she's doing is sexy to me. I don't focus on what marks a woman has on her skin, but how she's using what's between her legs.


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    I like some of these view points. I think women always worry about how well their bodies look as men worry how well they can perform. Mental hang-ups I must say.

    Another view point would be competion of the other person. Like---she has a flatter tummy than me, bigger tits, nicer ass, etc. while men seem to deal with the size of their dick and is the other guy banging his woman better than him. I guess everyone is different--thank goodness for that.

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    guys you are right we do have mental hang ups. They come from society mostly. Like the men who obsess over large breast.. women with small breasts feel inadaquete. When you drool over a woman with a tight ass and flat stomach and we don't have them we feel like we are less desirable. This may not be how you feel but we do and thats what counts. You cant tell some one how to feel. The best thing to do is continue to reinforce that the woman you love is beautiful in your eyes regardless of your flaws. My husband told me once that, "yah he wished my breasts were bigger but that I probably wished his dick was bigger too! lol

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    Now I don't want to get off on a rant here," but everyone has their own preferences. We've had this discussion before. Some people don't want to swing with overweight people, blonds, smokers, etc. If someone doesn't want to swing with someone with Kid marks...that's their problem.
    Amen Dave there is nothing more beatuiful then a real women or like the girl next door that is one of the things they keep us as humans different and exciting physically and emotionally is our imperfections. We get caught up to many times on visual cues and over look the important things in life, real life expierances and attractions
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    I know that this question was addressed to the men here but you going to get my two cents, so buckle in .

    What you call kid marks (I call stretch marks)are a fact of life for many women. If man isn't attracted to me for this reason, his problem not mine. I don't consider that to be superficial on his part, just his loss :P.

    I would not have such a beautiful family if I have not been pregnant and stretch marks are part of the territory. I would not trade in a lump, bump or kid mark for anyone. I have earned every imperfection.

    My advise to your wife would be not to worry about what other women have or don't have. As her comfort level is established the marks will be less of an issue and she will be able to focus on the enjoyment. To be self conscious only inhibits the pleasure.

    I'm not cheap, but I am on special this week.

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    THX--it is nice to hear from a female view. Guys have made some excellent points here. You all rock!!!

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    First of all I love the term "kid marks" versus stretch marks. It made me smile.

    Secondly, I think women worry more about what other women think then what men think. We women should quit judging each other so critically and instead support one another. Lets face it, its other women's opinion that always worries us. Men are more accepting of who we are.

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    Okay, women get "kid marks" (love that description) and men get a "shed over their tool". Anyone who is turned off by either is superficial.

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