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Thread: Vasectomy?

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    Default Vasectomy?

    Hello... Has anyone had a vasectomy and had it affect their sex drive, such as not wanting to swing anymore? Also, does it effect ejaculation volume?

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    It affects NOTHING except to increase the libido 'cause you 2 (or more) are free from the anxiety of pregnancy. Relax, it's the 2nd best decision you'll ever make.

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    Default Re: Vasectomy?

    But what's the FIRST best decision

    Vasectomy does nothing to decrease your libido that I am aware of. I have had it done and am as horny as a three-balled rabbit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by vquestion
    Hello.. Has anyone had a vasectomy and had it affect their sex drive, such as not wanting to swing anymore?
    My hubby had his V years ago, and he's a sexual freight train. Wooo Wooo!

    He started swinging years after his V, so no, his V didn't make him not want to swing.

    If you and your partner are ready to end your pregnancy risks, there's nothing better than a V! For most women, it enhances their sex life. Many women's sex drives are curbed by birth control pills.

    No more pills + freedom from pregnancy worry = hornier wife (for many people)!

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    Our sex life VASTLY improved after hubby's vasectomy. My partner also had a vasectomy a long time ago. It is just so FREEING to not have the fear of pregnancy any more.

    I have to say that I prefer play partners who have had vasectomies too, even though we still use condoms. At this point in my life, the fear of pregnancy is far worse than the fear of disease.

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    You haven't done much research have you?

    Why on earth would a vasectomy negatively affect one's interest in swinging? Getting snipped is one of the best things ever to happen to my sex life (other than meeting and marrying mrs iapr of course).

    The only thing that is any different at all about orgasm or ejaculation whatsoever is that there is not any sperm in it. there is absolutely no other differences at all.

    the biggest difference in having the deed done is the tremendous sense of freedom and not worrying about pregnancy.

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    My sex slave had his V done a yeah and a half ago and let me tell you it didn't affect him in any way. In fact, the next morning after he got it done we had sex, boy was he happy that it still worked and that he could still function without any difficulties.
    Now it's so much better for us when we swing because there are no worries of that and it gives our play partners that peace of mind, it sure has made it really easy.
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    It is very simple and does not affect anything sexual. Just remember that it should be considered permanent.

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    Having a V can affect the libido--but only indirectly and almost always positively. What is the body's most important sex organ? The brain! When a V frees you from the risk of causing a pregnancy then sex can be more relaxed and enjoyable because there is not that worry about pregnancy and no need to stop and put on condom (unless you're swinging and need the condom for other reasons) or have her put in her diaphragm.

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    I had a V done 6 years ago and at first i was very worried,you hear all these terrible stories that you can have ED afterwards,the only ED i have had is he stays up longer and harder and my Orgasmsīs have been like ever since then,when i cum, i cum buckets(ok it feels like buckets) and the O lastīs a lot longer than before the V,it might be all in the mind but who cares,the effect is there and the wife isnt complaining.
    One of the best decisions i have ever made!


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    I had my "V" over 2 years ago now. No problems to speak of at all.

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    In fact, the next morning after he got it done we had sex, boy was he happy that it still worked and that he could still function without any difficulties.
    Wow you are very very brave simply because it takes weeks for the sperm to be completely gone.

    Plus i was still icing my balls!

    Having the big V is very relieving (no pun intended). In fact it's the reason we have the partners we have now. They are the same way. I'd personally be a little leary of someone that didn't have it done. Always the possibilty that ye ole rubber could break.

    Best thing for our sex lives i could have done.

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    DH had one a couple of years ago and he's experienced no change in drive, and no difference in semen output - it's just spermless now.

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    I was one if the best decissions I have made. I was a little Sore for a day or two. The guy that had sex the next day must be into S & M. But it was great as far as freedom from worrying about pregnancy. My little sister was a result of a broken rubber. No problems at all since.

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    I had one of the worst vasectomies ever. It resulted in prostatitis and since it was unrecognized and untreated, it lead to ureathritis, which led to premature ejaculation. It caused a lot of heartache for me and my wife. It was a pretty agonizing six months since we didn't know what was going on.

    My doctor took me off of sex and put me on alpha blockers.
    It kind of worked but I was dizzy all the time.

    I did a lot of reading and got on a program of ejaculating at least 5 times a week and prostate massage when needed.

    I have been symptom free for 3 years.

    After all of that, I'm still glad I had my vasectomy. It makes sex so much more spontaneous. Pregnancy is still the number one unintended consequence of sex. 8)

    Mr. FC4L

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    Default Re: Vasectomy?

    I had my V done about 8 or 9 years ago. Never had a single side effect from it at all and it was one of the best choices I ever made. My only regret is that I couldn't find a doctor that would do it sooner. I had both of my kids before I was 18. I had a daughter and a son and I knew at 18 that I would not be having any more kids and I truly did not want any more kids at that point. I tried to have it done when I was about 20 or 21 and the doctors flat out refused to perform the procedure. Even when I was 25 and finally found a doctor who would do the procedure, I had to have my then wife actually go into the office with me and we had to be interviewed together before the doctor would do it.

    I remember going to the office by myself and then driving home afterwards. I had one bad accident the next day but it had more to do with my stupidity than the V itself. I was coaching girls youth soccer at the time of the procedure and my team had a game the next day. So I was out on the side lines coaching and moving just fine when all of a sudden I got really excited and tried to run down the sidelines with my players during the game. Yea that wasn't the best choice to do the day after surgery. I almost passed out from the pain. It was probably the only soccer game that I have sat down in and actually watched.


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