Thanks all for posting. Sorry that I haven't been around, but you know Christmas with the opening of presents and the further opening of the darn plastic that surrounds kids toys...I'm finally out of that fray

Firstly, to address Sereneiders, it's not that I need to justify my beliefs to him, to me, it's intellectually stimulating, and I like being challenged. I've noticed that he has started to dodge the topics covered though, because he hasn't been able to counter what I've said. He's the same age as myself, (25) and he just got married 4 months ago, and I find it interesting to discuss with him things that he never even contemplated before we started discussing (his words not mine).

He wasn't at work today, so no further discussion ensued, but I was talking with a couple other people who wanted to know what we were talking about in depth and I just skimmed the issue saying it was about differences of beliefs and learning from one another.

They went on to say that Jehovah's Witnesses are taught to lie to people to draw them in and try to convert them and I might as well not really discuss differences of belief. That their magazine "The Watchtower" told them how to approach people and dismantle their beliefs in attempt to draw them in and lie if necessary. No offense intended if there are any JWs here, but is that true? The other question is: Isn't their bible a lot different from the standard one (for instance KJV)? Note: most of the people in my work are "Christians" and even hold prayer meetings now and again during lunch hour. I don't know if I agree with their approaches, but they mostly leave me alone about that stuff. I never knew Louisiana was "Bible Belt" until I moved here. Anyway, is that stuff true? Or are they basically just saying it because JW's aren't "like them". Just a side note/question out of curiousity.

When he comes back to work I am going to point him to Romans 14 like Intuition suggested. (She's my forum heroine too Richdon03 ) I really think this has been a good thread, I've learned a lot about different view points and I value them all.