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    Default Has anyone tried this? Cuckolding

    Something my lady and I have been talking about for awhile now, is for her to have sex with a guy and then tell me about it afterwards. We've talked it through quite a bit and have set up the ground rules, picked the guy and have decided to persue it.

    The setup is this. He is an ex-bf of hers from 6 years ago, who's wife recently left him. He's coming into our area over the long 4th of july weekend, and we've invited him over for a few drinks. If all goes well, and we are both comfortable with the situation, she will tell me she wants to go for it, and I'll excuse myself on a work matter for an hour or so, to give her a chance to seduce him. Afterwards, she'll tell me how things went and what all they did, etc.

    I've been involved in swinging in the past with a previous girlfriend. We did several 3somes with another guy joining us. it was great! I totally got off on seeing her with other guys! But this is a little different, since I won't be there.

    The idea of it turns me on quite a bit! Being somewhere else and knowing she is having sex seems like it will be an amazingly hot tease situation and then laying in bed playing with each other while she tells me about it will be hot, hot, hot!

    But, since it is a little different than anything i've done before, I thought i'd would ask if anyone has any thoughts or experiences along these lines?

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    Yes, we tried this... way back early in our marriage. It was underwhelming and was probably one of the experiences which helped us to make up our minds to pursue couples only.

    It wasn't a bad experience. It just wasn't worth the effort.

    Mr. Alura
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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    I never understood this one.

    Rather than make it about pseduo-cheating and making the guy think he is really cheating, just have a threesome or tell him its ok.

    A guy with any class would be a tad uneasy about having sex with his ex while her husband just left for work.

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    Why the ex-boyfriend? I'd say, avoid the drama and look for someone else.

    What's love got to do with it?

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    I agree with Chi.

    Make sure the guy knows before you leave that it's OK.

    However you want to do that.

    Have a few drinks with him. Then the wife excuses herself to put on something attractive/seductive and on her return she teases and flirts to get him arroused.

    Then you say, "Well unfortunately I have a few errands to run for a couple of hours, so while I am out you two stay out of trouble" with a big smiley face....

    Then kiss your wife and leave....

    Darn, I admit that I wish I was you

    I've wanted to try this....maybe someday...
    If you want something you have never had before, you must do something you have never done before.

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    my first wife and fantasized in bed about one of my buddies they flirted playfully with each other then i saw them kissing in our hall one night and told her after he left she could go to his house and fuck him as long as she told me all the details and let me eat her out when she came home it was a great experience which led to several more guys during the next few years

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    Yes I have tried this in the past with my ex. He got really turdned on when I told him what took place. he still gets turned on when I tell him about my sexual escapades. Just remember that doing something like this requires both parties to be trusting of each other. Your relationship needs to be rock solid before embarking on this adventure.
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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    As much as it is a turn on to hear about my wife getting fucked.. and I have been away with work and this has happened. I would never allow it with an ex b/f. Also I think it wouldnt be as exciting as she has already experienced his penis before!

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    This is kind of hot, and why Mrs. WS has played solo on occasion. However, we do have a "no ex" rule, which not everybody does, but for us it just seems to keep things simple. An ex can get ideas of being able to help themselves whenever they want, after all, they used to, right?

    Also, as Attitude said, make sure he know before you leave that it is okay, otherwise it could turn out way different then you are fantasizing.

    Mr. WS
    "Sex is something you do, sexuality is something you are." ~ Anna Freud
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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    We have been in a very similar situation like yourself and thought we would share it with you.

    Something my lady and I have been talking about for awhile now, is for her to have sex with a guy and then tell me about it afterwards. We've talked it through quite a bit and have set up the ground rules, picked the guy and have decided to persue it.
    We have done this on a few occassions, where the wife plays alone with someone else. Having done both, a threesome and wife playing alone. I find when she plays alone it is allot more emotionally intense than a threesome and not as satisfying because you are only hearing about it second hand.

    This type of scenario can take allot of emotional preparation and it can be quite risky. It is one thing for it to be an incredibly hot fantasy but it is something quite different to be real. You may find yourself going through a cornacopia of emotions from excitement, arousal, to fear, and loss. It takes allot of security and trust in the realtionship for something like this to work out. The main thing is communicate about it and avoid it becoming a main focus of your play.

    The setup is this. He is an ex-bf of hers from 6 years ago, who's wife recently left him. He's coming into our area over the long 4th of july weekend, and we've invited him over for a few drinks. If all goes well, and we are both comfortable with the situation, she will tell me she wants to go for it, and I'll excuse myself on a work matter for an hour or so, to give her a chance to seduce him.
    The threesome we had was with an ex-boyfriend. She wanted someone with whom she could be comfortable with and could trust for a threesome. So she chose a former boyfriend of hers with whom she wanted to have sex with but never engaged in it him while they were dating.

    I do see two red flag, the fact that he is separated. This could complicate things for all involved, especially if there is a possibility that they could get back together. My recommendation would be let the relationship (between the ex-boyfriend and his wife resolve itself) and if they do divorce wait a year after the divorce is final before before pursuing him. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for some drama and a potentially messy situation.

    The other red flag I see is that he is a former bf. In our sittuation I was present so that things 'did not get out of hand' but without you being there, it is possible he could try to 'sway her' into leaving you.

    Speaking from experience if you are going to have her play by herself with a formed bf, it is best to have it as a one off situation and it is best to minimise any 'rekindling' of emotions by allowing any emotional wounds heal (e.g. time to recover from the separation and divorce). Also I would recommend meeting him, be very clear that the two of you have a secure relationship, and at the end of the evening she will be returning with you. In this type of situation I would not 'excuse myself on a work matter' and let them be. Instead I would be very open about what the two of you wanted and the ground rules. Finally I would plan at least letting them be alone for a minimum of 2 - 4 hours. This will allow any anxieties to subside and not put the pressure of time on them.

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    Thanks All, for your advice and comments. The fact that he is an ex-bf is something that may seem to be a red-flag. But, they have a bit of a history in being able to hook up without any emotions getting in the way. Since they broke up, they have ended up in bed together on a few occations. (all before I met her and while she was single.) Also, because they have some mutual friends, we have hung out with him on a couple of occations and he's a pretty decent guy and i didn't see any signs of her still carrying any emotions for him. The reason I suggested him and she agreed was for reasons of comfort. She's comfortable around him, and knows what to expect, but at the same time, since it has been a number of years since they've fooled around, there is still the air of excitement and the unknown.

    he will know the score so to speak. So, i'm not worried about any missunderstandings there.

    One interesting development occurred yesterday. We spent the day out on the boat, just relaxing and having a few beers. Eventually the topic came up and I told her that i'd had a dream where i had come home at the set time and they were still going at it. From our front porch you can see into the living room and kitchen from windows. She asked if it was a good dream, and i told her that it was a really hot dream and that i get horny just thinking about it. At this point she totally surprised me by suggesting that maybe we could figure out a way for me to leave and then sneak back into the house to actually watch.

    Our house isn't laid you very well for such a plan. but we have two weeks to figure it out. So, at the moment we are going with the idea of me pretending to leave and then watching all or some of the action in secret, then after he leaves we'll crawl in bed and she can tell me how it was for her. I can't wait!!!

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    Mr Xxotic loves to hear stories about my sexual past and we have discussed me playing alone then telling him about it later. IMHO playing with an ex is not a good idea. Too much history and potential for drama. Safety is always an issue so watch your back or have someone watch it for you.
    Multiple orgasms are proof that God is a woman.

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    Another thing that crossed my mine, hot2share, is if he thought he was getting a piece of your wife while you were out and didn't know about it, then everything else you say about this guy being "a pretty decent guy" doesn't hold water. If I can't trust a guy alone with my wife I can't trust him in any other situation or in any other way, either.

    One again, it's best to let him know up front what is going on.

    Mr. WS
    "Sex is something you do, sexuality is something you are." ~ Anna Freud
    Blog: Bigger Love

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    he'll pretty much know what the deal is, although he won't know all the details, like if in fact i sneak back to watch.

    right now he's going to be in our area the weekend of the 4th of july... (he lives several hours away, and doesn't come out here very often). She invited him to join us for drinks when he's out and he said that would be great.

    The next steps in our little plan go like this: She will call him later this week or the first part of next week, (i'm always there when she talks to him on the phone) and confirm plans to meet up for drinks. if everything is still a go, then she'll suggest we just meet at our place instead of one of the bars cuz we have a really nice patio area etc. then the big step. She'll bring up one of the times from the past times when they had been at a party and ended up in bed together, and ask if he'd maybe be interested in the same thing happenning.

    At that point he will obviously ask her about me... to which she'll explain that i would be ok with it as long as it's a one time thing and not behind my back.

    We both think he will jump at the chance, but we won't actually know until that point. time will tell!

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    I absolutly love to have my wife, when I know she has been with someone else. We are both so turned on and the sex is incredible. I love to watch her and share her too, but her doing it behind my back is awsome. She also did it with an ex boyfried and I liked that too, so it might work for you too.

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    I also think a former b/f is a bad idea. It only takes a couple of hot sparks to make an old flame roar again. If she really wants to do this, get someone shes never been with. That way she'll have a new experience to tell you about. On another note, there's no way I'd ever leave the most important person in my life alone with anyone I didn't know, old b/f or not. So the idea of you being close at hand is not only a hot one, but gives her a saftey net. Hey, ya never know what might happen. Hope a good time is had by all. You're a lucky guy. Enjoy! D. D.

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    First You Have to Have a Very STRONG relationship. I am sure you tresure her love and her as a person. Without a STRONG Relationship (Love) you could be inviting trouble.
    Having a strong love relationship and being able to separate without a doubt between love and casual sex with other partners, it can be exciting. For example, I too love watching my wife with other men. I love watching her truly enjoy the sex, for the true enjoyment of sex alone. I love seeing the passion in her face, body language and how she moans to the true enjoyment of being with another man. Its the taboo, that adds the extra excitement.
    As I trvel a lot, I encouraged her to be with other men, as long as she shares ALL of the intimate details. As a reminder, she started writing down all of the details (and I do meant all) on a pad. This was so hot for her, as she was writing them down she became excited again and used her toys to relive the sexy moments she justed enjoyed with the other man. On many occasions due to the time zones, I would telephone home after checking in to my hotel room and she would share the details over the phone in vivid detail. We both became excited and we both had orgasms when relivng the sexy incident. On one such occasion I telephoned home and ebfore I said anything she said "I've been bad, I've been really bad. My pulse increasing I said waht do you mean. She said "I just had sex with a guy and it was really good. I said. "thats not so bad, I told you you could do that as long as you told me." She said, " I know but I was really bad, I did three different men." I said Oh and I paused waiting for her to say more. She said yes, I was lonely and particularly lonely and even more so I was very horny, so I went out. I said Oh. She continued, yes I went to see a band I we liked and I arrived early and I met one of the band members. (it was a black band). She said we started talking and he offered some really good compliments about me and my body and so on. So I knew he was trying to pick me up. He siad it was an hour and a half before the band would be playing, would I like to see their motorhome. She said yes, and she hoped he was interested in bedding her as she was getting very wet just talking to him and thinking about her first black cock. They exited the back and went to the motrohome. Once in side he closed the door and offered her a drink. She said no thanks, I just want you. He siad Yes Mam and bent over a kissed her passionately. He started touching her through her clothes, as she returned his kisses passionately (actually moaning) as she wanted to satisfy the heat between her legs. She felt his cock grow against her leg and then reached her hand slowly down between them so she could feel his cock. She said damn its big. I need it. He slowly pushed her back and asked her if she would take her clothes off real slow while her wacthed. She said OK and stepped, so he could see all of her and slowly undressed. While she was undressing, he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his throbbing hardness. She looked at it with great interest as it was the first black cock she had ever seen. (she said later, he was about the same length as you honey except you are bigger around). She said she stood there trembling with excitement while this black man eyed her up and down, she leaned back and spread herself so he could get a better look. She said she was wetter than she could ever remember. She dipped her fingers into her pussy very slowly then pulled them out, raised them to her lips and licked all of her glistening juices from her fingers. Then she reached viver and touched his cock. She said his skin felt velvety different from a white mans cock and it really exicted her. She looked down and saw his balck cock in her small white had and shuddered to a small but exciting orgasm. She reached up with her lips to his mouth and whispered fuck me, while her hand moved up and down his cock. After kissing deeply, she removed his clothes slowly. Bending down to remove his slacks, so that he could step out of them, his cok was right in front of her. She said she could not resist. She reached up for his cock, looked at it moved her hand back and forth slowly eposing the head of his cock. She could see his pre-cum ozzing out and she said I had to taste it and so she moed her mouth over his cock and sucked his cock. She said she kept her eyes opn as she wanted to see his black siking and the cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She loved it. She stood up still holding his cock and led him into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom she repeated I want you to fuck me and I want to watch you cock sliding in and out of my pussy. She slid up onto the bed and spread her legs, surrednering herself to him. He looked at her and said beautiful and started licking her pussy really slow, tasing her pussy and juices. She orgasemed twice, looking down and seeing his black face buried between her legs lapping her pussy hungrily. She reached down and pulled him up between her legs. She reached down for his cock and loved the contrast of his black cock in her small white hands. Damn what a turn on she said. She pulled his cock up closer to her pussy and slid the head of his black cock up and down the slit of her pussy. He let her have her way. She slid it up and down her white pussy and she loved the sight of his black cock in her white pussy and throught of the taboo and this sent another thrill of a tiny argasm through her body. As she slid his cock up and down the length of her slit, she hunched her pussy forward, letting t=his cock slowly slide into the folds of her puss, then back out. His cock was glistening with her pussy juices. Her hot juices were easier to see against his black skin and it thrilled her to know end. She inched his black cock into her pussy and out again slowly watching it the entire time, inching slowly and deeper inside until the head of his cock was covered by her pussy. She gasped get on top of me, but let me watch your gorgeous cock disappaer itno my white pussy. He was in a push up position and inched his hips slowly so she could see his cock disappear into her pussy. He inched it in slowly, and he could her her breath gasp at each short thrust into her pussy. He was driving her slowly insane with passion. Finally she laid her head back and said fuck me, fuck me and he obeyed happily. Soon he was thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy and she would lift her head so she could see his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She loved it and he knew it. She said she must have orgasmed 20 times befoer he did and she was glad, as she wanted to really enjoy a good fucking. He tensed up and she said yes, cum in my pussy and he did and she felt the warmth of his cum rushing into her pussy, she felt his cock throb each time he squireted cum isnde of her. She loved it. He remained inside of her and she did nothing to remove his cock. Slowly as it lost its hardness, it slid slowly out with her wwatching the entire time. Finally, it was out and lying partly on the bed and the rest against her pen legs. She looked down at the beautiful picture to remmeber it so she could tell me all of the details I am writing. She reached down and slid her fingers deep inside her pussy and extracted wet glistening fingers. She looked at him and licked her fingers slowly so he could see. Time was approaching for the band to play, so she slowly bent down and licked his cock clean of their combined juices, then she kissed him with these juices on her tongue and said another time OK. He stammered OK, anytime. She dressed and then went backinside the lounger after fixing her hair and make up. The corwd was there and she stood watching and listening to the band. As she was standing there she could feel his cum oozing out of her pussy and she remembered what she had just done and enjoyed the taboo of being with a well endowed black man. She loved it. A young guy early 20's (she was 49) came up and said "I hope you don't mind, but I have to tell you, you are a beautiful women." She respoinded thank you. He said can I get you a drink and she thought why not I'm still horny. So he brought her a drink and continued to feed her lines of intentions. He siad I would love to take you out sometime would that be possible? She said what about tonight? What about now? He stammered, well I would, but I am here with a buddy of mine and I drove so I can't leave him. She said thats OK, I'll do both of you. She said he swallowed and said what? She said you heard me don't pass this chance up. He siad OK let me talk to my friend and off he went. His friend returned with him and she said do you live close by? He said No, about 40 miles. She said that much to far and its getting late so we better not. The youngster repleied, I have a van outside. And she said that will do lets go. She said shecould fell the other guys cum ooze out of her pussy with each step she took to the van. They got inside and she started making out with the guy that had hit on her while the other one sat in the front seat and watched, not blieving what he was seeing. She said she removed every stich of her clothes as she wanted these young guys to see her beautiful body. She helped undress the first guy and sucked his really nice cock. She could feel the wanton throbbing in her pussy and wanted his young cock inside of her banging away at her already cum filled pussy. She delighted in knowing he was fucking her with another mans cum inside of her. It turned her on. While he was fucking her and enjoying his young hard cock, she was looking at the guy in the front seat watching them and this got her off. The sight of a complete stranger watching her fuck was more than she could take and she had several orgasms. After the first you man came, she laid back with her legs spread widely so the other young uy could see. He climbed in the back between her legs and removed his clothes. He kissd her deeply and she reached for his cock, it was really hard and ready. She pulled him up and she loves sucking cock before she gets fucked. After suking him for a few minutes he got between her legs and started fucking her. She loved it. She didn't know if it was the thought of this guy fucking her with his friends cum inside of her or not but he didnt last too long. But long enough for her to have 2 more of her own orgasms while she watched the other guy watch hsi friend fuck her. It was OK that he came quick, as it was late and she wanted to return home, so I could call her and she could relive the hottest sexy night of our marriage. She took their phone numbers but never called them and we laughed thinking of the number of times these guys returned to that bar hoping to see her again. I called about midnight, about 9PM on the westcoast where I was. She told me the story while on the phone, where we both relived the story. Althought this was 8 years ago, I rember the details quite vividly thanks to my hot horny wife. So phone sex can be fun and enjoyed with your wife instead of some stranger. But remember its your love and relationship which is important. DOn't let his get out of hand. Control it to the advantage of both of you. If you see your relationship starting to change for the worse STOP IMMEDIATELY or don't start at all.
    R & L

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried this?

    Whoa that was a hot read!

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