View Poll Results: How loud are you when you're having sex?

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  • I'm a woman: I probably disturb the neighbours on occation.

    143 35.14%
  • I'm a woman: I make the odd moan, but I'm not LOUD.

    36 8.85%
  • I'm a woman: I'm quiet.

    12 2.95%
  • I'm a woman: It varies considerably.

    47 11.55%
  • I'm a man: I probably disturb the neighbours on occation.

    31 7.62%
  • I'm a man: I make the odd moan, but I'm not LOUD.

    124 30.47%
  • I'm a man: I'm quiet.

    47 11.55%
  • I'm a man: It varies considerably.

    56 13.76%
  • I abstain: This is a bad poll, I'll tell you why below.

    1 0.25%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Default How loud are you in bed?

    I didn't search this one out too too thoroughly, so if a similar poll exists, I apologise... As far as I can remember there isn't one.

    I recently surprised someone by my... umm... loudness... in bed. From my perspective, there was a time when I didn't know people could be so quiet.
    I had just assumed that I was normal and everyone else was also loud. Now, the quiet ones must think that they are the norm.. Since we know that porn can't be trusted... how are we to know?

    With a poll!

    So, please do tell, how loud are you? You can vote for both a man answer and a woman answer or just one depending on your situation.
    I feel that a woman doesn't have to be called 'Ms.' in order to be a woman of her own making. I believe 'Miss' allows moi to be a woman, and my karate can get me anything else

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    Default Re: How loud are you?

    Another great poll Miss P, I am not really loud, in fact, until I started swinging I thought loud sex was just for porn movies.
    R (He is R, she is P)

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    Default Re: How loud are you?

    I'm always loud, Mrs. WS always tells me to keep it down at home. Mrs. WS is more reserved at home, but when we are alone in a hotel room or swinging she is very loud. Other men seem to love it. I know I do. It is a boost to my ego that I'm doing it right.

    Mr. WS
    "Sex is something you do, sexuality is something you are." ~ Anna Freud
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    Default Re: How loud are you?

    We just took your poll and yes I guess I do get rather loud. Comes from living in the country with no close neighbors

    Nice poll, I wish mine from this morning would have worked out this well.

    Mrs Fantasy Partner
    Life is a merry go round, wanna go for a ride?

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    Default Re: How loud are you?

    I'm pretty loud, especially with Spoo. Of course he gives me lots of reasons to be loud.

    When we are in a play situation I will usually be a little quieter but I still can make quite a noise. If I try to hold it in and be quiet I forget to breathe.

    Mrs Spoomonkey
    Love is friendship set aflame

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    Default Re: How loud are you?

    I have always been quiet but since we started swinging I have been trying to be more vocal so my new partner knows if he is doing things they way I like it or not.
    One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains it original dimensions.

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    Default Re: How loud are you?

    I can be very loud. Very, very loud. But then again, there are times when I'm very quiet.

    For me it depends on the sex. If it's rougher, wilder, animalistic sex, then I am LOUD. But for more passionate love making, I tend to be quieter, mostly whispering. It just depends.

    Very interesting poll though.
    What's love got to do with it?

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    Default Re: How loud are you?

    Im (Mrs) very very quiet. I tend to hold my breath when I orgasm. I've only scared one playmate. So now I warn potential playmates.
    Blessed Be!

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    Default Re: How loud are you?

    I'm porno-movie loud . We don't have any kids, have always lived in a free-standing house, so I tend to let 'er rip. I think, (and Drew agrees) that it's a lot more fun when he's 100% aware that he's hit the right spot....

    "Swinging is a lot like riding a Harley, ...for those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who don't, no explanation is possible." --Mr. Alura

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    Default Re: How loud are you?

    Alas I try to be quiet because we have a four year old in the room next to us.

    However, when we are kid free I tend to let things get get a little more wild and then I am much more vocal. It also depends on who is doing what to me and how much i like it
    "Well! Evil to some is always good to others." - Jane Austen

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    Default Re: How loud are you?

    Mrs P is very loud. I especially love to hear her when I am in another part of a house/club when she is building up to an orgasm and then cums. For me, there is nothing more erotic then hearing her cum. Now, if we are home and the children are there, she is much more quite but sometimes she still has to bury her head in the pillow....

    I am pretty quite most of the time but do start moaning when I am building up to an orgasm.
    Leave the lights on...We don't eat anything we can't see!!! facelick

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    Default Re: How loud are you?

    I have been trying to quiet down ever since my oldest son was born, but it isn't working. The better the sex, the louder I get . I gave up on quieting down, instead we bought a bigger house ... lol!

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    Default Re: How loud are you?

    Mrs. N and I are definitely on the loud side. There's something about the breathing that goes with the moans that just intensifies and prolongs the pleasure for me. I have found I can keep on orgasm right on the edge for a very long time by deap breathing (and moaning) a certain way. I'm not sure how...I just do it, and LOVE IT!

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    Default Re: How loud are you?

    I'm on the loud side. Hubby always worries I'm going to wake the kids when it's just him and I. When we are playing with others, I don't hold back. He's got the cutest little grunts and they can get pretty loud also. If we are anywhere but home or a hotel, I usually have to cover my mouth with my hands so I don't wake parents or others.

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    Default Re: How loud are you in bed?

    Yeah we've had the cops called from a concerned neighbor... The cop's face was priceless... LOL!

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    Default Re: How loud are you in bed?

    I consider myself pretty loud and since the weather here is rather nice in the spring/summer we "sleep" with the windows open. Several times we've heard the neighbors slam their windows shut... guess I was a bit too loud. Moaner and screamer.... lol But he has never complained, go figure.

    Oh and on several occasions I will grab a pillow and put it over my face kinda muffles.

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    Default Re: How loud are you in bed?

    I gotta admit it. I get VERY loud especially when hubby hits just the right spot. Being quiet is just to damn hard.*lol* Whenever family visits hubby has to "shush me" every other minute.
    Have you petted your pussy lately?

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    Default Re: How loud are you in bed?

    L is usually audible to the neighbors ... sometimes in the next county.

    One funny incident... once, she and I were going at it in a video booth in the arcade area of a local adult bookstore. We were hot and -- ahem! -- "enthusiastic" (aka, loud) in our play. Eventually we finished, caught our breath, and put clothes back on our sweat-soaked bodies. When we stepped out of the booth, everyone in the arcade was standing around looking at our booth. They all broke into applause and cheers. What we'd been doing not only sounded better than the soundtrack of the videos running, it drowned out all them.

    On a couple of occasions, L has been loud enough in motel rooms that she's inspired the neighbors to go at it themselves. So as we're relaxing the the post-play "ahhhhh" moment, we hear the neighbors get cranked up.

    S and L, Hot Raleigh Cpl

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    Default Re: How loud are you in bed?

    We both tend to lean towards the "Not silent, but not loud" category. Moans, groans, and gasps are pretty much what you'll hear from us. Of course, once we get closer to the big O, we get a little louder, but nothing that will scare the Pocono wildlife.

    Not like some people I know.
    I find your ideas intriguing and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

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    Default Re: How loud are you in bed?

    My natural instinct is to be loud. When I don't have to "think" is when I'm having the most fun. With kids in the house (and neighbors mowing the grass), I have to be conscious of my loudness. But when we're alone, boy, watch out!!

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    Default Re: How loud are you in bed?

    I try to monitor my loudness but so far I haven't been successful .

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    Default Re: How loud are you in bed?

    If that sweet spot is touched, and the children are not at home, I can disturb the neighbors. When the kids are home though, I keep it down to a low moan.

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    Default Re: How loud are you in bed?

    Mrs.J gets pretty loud when we are alone, but if our neighbor and his son are home, we either don't do it (which is less and less) or we keep a bit quieter with TWO doors closed between our bedroom and the adjoining wall.

    Me, I tend to get moaning some toward orgasm... my breathing also intensifies.

    I really enjoy hearing Mrs.J or any other woman being vocal... steers me toward the 'fun spots'.
    My opinion is just that... take it or leave it.

    Enjoy the "Now" nothing else exists.

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    Default Re: How loud are you in bed?

    I've told people that I'm a vocal road're going to know if what you're doing is right!

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    Default Re: How loud are you in bed?

    I have to say I am LOUD and verbal during sex, whether we are at home alone, a club, a house party, whatever...that's just me! My SO gets loud when he is about to cum.

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