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    Default Are there couples out there who would be open to just the women playing?

    Am I really looking in the right circle or should I move on to somewhere else? My situation- I am happily married and have enjoyed a few threesomes f/f/m(hubby gave oral only didn't receive)and would like to meet a lady that likes to have fun in and out of the bedroom. My hubby and I have agreed that we, or should I say I ,would not play alone , he naturally doesn't because he's in this to watch me and another lady. We haven't yet involved another man ,as in a couple, in our play and hubby confuses me . one day he 'll say that he wouldn't have a problem if we were with a couple and only oral was involved . then the next day he'd turn around and say he would only want the other man there for their spouse. Other then lots of communication to really know what he's comfortable with are there really couples out there that would be comfortable with the hubby there for their spouse and just enjoying watching..

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    Default Re: Just wondering

    Sure... I think so. In swinging, we have yet to find couples who are looking for the exact same thing. Variety is the spice of life, right?

    We have friends that we do not play with, but will go out and have fun with at clubs. We have friends that are full swap, and even others who get off watching us and being together while we are together.

    We look for variety in play as well as variety with the individuals we play with.

    Good luck finding your elusive single bi-femme if you decide not to go with a couple. They are very difficult to run accross.
    Mrs. Indy

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    Default Re: Just wondering

    I would say you have a lot of talking to do to establish what you are both expecting. Sounds like your hubby needs to come to terms with what he expects.

    Do not feel too frustrated, Wilma behaving the same way. I just sit back listen, discusss, listen, point out parts of her comments that do not match up, listen and basically wait for her to make up her mind about what she expects. The desire is there and there are many things still to come to terms with.

    Patience will win the day.

    You can get there from here!

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    Default Re: Just wondering

    Sounds like your hubby is only interested in adding women and no men. This sounds bit selfish to me. Oh well, good luck.

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    Default Re: Just wondering

    I think there are a lot of couples who enjoy the wives playing together but the women only playing with their husbands. It's a start you never have to go forward from if y'all choose not to.

    Unless she already exists among your friends, finding the Elusive Bi Female is not the easiest task. It would be easier to find a couple who are interested in the same things y'all are.

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    Default Re: Just wondering

    Thank you all for your responses it was encouraging and lifted my spirits..

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    Default Re: Just wondering

    Yes and no. I know of at least one couple where the guy is pretty much always there JUST to watch and play with his wife. She plays with everyone but he just isn't interested (in other people). So there are people like that out there. But they are rare and you are more likely to find a couple who is just looking for a female for her to play with and you and the other woman can play and then any F/M play is with spouse only.

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    Default Re: Just wondering

    I just read the news letter and wanted to clarify it stated"...comfortable with having the male there just to play with his own wife, but would allow the wife to play with both partners in the other couple" I'm sorry if that came out that way but that wouldn't seem fair if their hubby couldn't play with me but mine could with her.. It not only would be unfair to her husband but unfair to me also..Am I right? Let me try again, even tho I pretty much know the answer because it really doesn't change as far as those go ,Are there couples out there If It were only me and the other female to play and both of the husbands would be there to watch us and play with their own spouse?..

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    Default Re: Just wondering

    Quote Originally Posted by Alura
    I think there are a lot of couples who enjoy the wives playing together but the women only playing with their husbands. It's a start you never have to go forward from if y'all choose not to.
    I think Alura understood the intention of your question, Tigeress; and I agree with his response. Looking through a few of the add sites, I've noticed a lot of couples with bi-women that are looking for other couples with bi-women for girl/girl play only.

    It seems to be a common interest shared by many.

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    Default Re: Just wondering

    Quote Originally Posted by Tigeress
    Are there couples out there If It were only me and the other female to play and both of the husbands would be there to watch us and play with their own spouse?..
    Yes, you should be able to find couples that will accomodate this preference. Not saying they will be coming out of the woodwork, but it should be possible with a little searching.

    I know that if we really hit it off with a couple and wanted to play, we would be willing to respect those limits for a little playtime.

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    Default Re: Just wondering

    I'm sorry but it sounds like YOU would like to be involved with another male and he is restricting it? It really sounds like he's into this for him mostly.
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    Default Re: Just wondering

    I'm right there with Alura and Ves. Compatible people are out there for you. It may take a little looking, but they will be there.

    Just shore up that whole communication thing first, and you should be set to go. Best of luck to you!

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