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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    I was 31 and the lady was 36 at the time a very skilled lover and bisexual. She preferred oral sex over intercourse but truthfully so did I. Needless to say she enjoyed pussy licking and ass licking. The sexy lady and I had some history together and actually lived together for over a year experimenting and having fun making love. She was so wild because she loved using vibrators on herself I knew that if if she had had a dildo I know I would’ve been bent over the bed getting fucked. She was also the first woman to finger my ass and milk me several times for begging her to have sex.

    After some passionate French kissing we got completely naked and she climbed on top of me 69 style and I began eating her pussy as she suck me rock hard. It didn’t take long and she was licking her way towards my ass and I follow the suit and did the same thing. Truthfully this lady had eaten my ass several months earlier making me so excited I shot my wad and now I was going to get a repeat performance a real turn on. But this time playing follow the leader I was finally going to have to eat her ass as well. Soon our tongue started rotating around each other‘s anus and before long were darting in and out of each others asses. I didn’t even think about the taste only how nasty it was to eat my girlfriends ass and having her eat my ass at the same time. I was so excited I started shooting all over myself doubling my efforts to make my girlfriend orgasm as well. It didn’t take long thrusting my tongue a good 2 inches deep in her ass and she was crying out and coming as well. We ended up in each other‘s arms French kissing and making out exhausted from this new experiment.

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    As an Ass-loving wife, I find that I have loved analingus since my college days. I have found that if I see a perfectly hard and tanned ass, especially with a sexy ass tattoo, I go for it full force, I get wet, my pussy gets so wet and I have to tell the guy or gal that "I want to suck you ass", which most couples and singles are cool with that. Luckily I married an ass lover who also has a 4" tongue and also appreciates a good, hard and tanned ass like me, so we make more friends with our tongue and ass play.
    Laura and Dave

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    I have never had it done to me.
    I do enjoy doing it to Babe.
    She loves it and freaks out about it all at once.

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by BabeAndApe View Post
    I have never had it done to me.
    I do enjoy doing it to Babe.
    She loves it and freaks out about it all at once.
    I understand where she's coming from! ��

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    The first time I heard the expression Toss a Salad I almost tossed my lunch. I was in high school and thought it strange anyone would do that. I wasn’t very comfortable with anyone touch my butt let alone putting their mouth there. I smacked the guy who first touched me there. Then in college I was with a guy who would always joke about my ass. I told him to leave my butt alone and don’t even think of putting anything there. When we would sleep together he started to touch me there during oral. One night while we were having sex, he stopped and started to go down. It was something he would do I think to slow himself down. I was on my knees and I felt something strange. At first I couldn’t figure what he was doing. At first it felt like he was licking between my butt and puss then I figured it out. He was licking all over. It was the first time for me. To this day I never did it to anyone.
    We Are...

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    I love it... even when I had not done it, I was so fascinated by it that I knew I would be doing it some day... just thinking bout putting my tongue on a girl's starfish makes me horny... i can lick a sexy, juicy butt for like 30 mins... lol... has to be clean though... and i use wet wipes before putting my tongue there...

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    My wife and I love it too. At first she was very apprehensive about me going there now she is hooked and loves to perform on me too.

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