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    Default Re: analingus (rimming)

    A recent partner whispered something to me that I couldn't understand and then I felt his tongue in a very peculiar spot. It felt so wonderful at the time but I couldn't stop thinking about the germs. I guess I am just too much of a germ-a-phobe to truly enjoy this.

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    Default re: Analingus anyone?

    I have done it and received it and I love it as combination with oral sex.
    I have received it from both men and women, but I have performed exclusively to women not even to my husband.
    My husband hasn't received it such thing from any of her play-partners.

    Before play we always take showers and take special care of our personal hygiene.

    I have never seen a woman performing this action to a man to be honest, in our group I think this is only a "girls thing"

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    Default re: Analingus anyone?

    I have done it to my wife but she has never done it to me.

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    Default re: Analingus anyone?

    sometimes in the shower he will eat her ass while rubbing her legs, stomach, licking her thighs, ass cheeks, and slowly rubbing her clit. sometimes her legs start to shake uncontrollable and you can feel the goosebumps all over her legs!

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    Guest newplaytoys's Avatar

    Default re: Analingus anyone?

    we both do it enjoy it , love it .feels so good

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    Default re: Analingus anyone?

    I'll do this for her but have never received. I sure I would if i asked. ~Captain

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    Guest newplaytoys's Avatar

    Default re: Analingus anyone?

    we both enjoy giving and receiving

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    Coupled and taking it very slow

    Default re: Analingus anyone?

    We both enjoy it with each other, but have not with others.
    There's time for sleep when you're dead.

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    Default re: Analingus anyone?

    Personally I love rimming. My wife isn't into it, but my GF is.

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    Default re: Analingus anyone?

    Personally, I LOVE it!!! Giving and receiving, actually I think I like it better than getting a bj. Not saying that I would give up getting bj's for it though because I know it's not for everybody.
    It is, what it is!!!

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    Default re: Analingus anyone?

    (Mr Frojoe)

    I love it: giving and receiving (especially as part of a bj). Besides, Mrs Frojoe has an amazing ass, so nibbling it is the very least I can do.

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    Default re: Analingus anyone?

    always believed there were two women in the world who would not accept or give Analingus . One I never met, the other I married.... So down the road couple female analingus met me and I learned something regrets.

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    Default re: Analingus anyone?

    Love rimming my wife as a part of foreplay. She purrs.

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    I love someone behind me

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    Think I'll Stay edtungsten5858's Avatar
    unmarried couple, swing buds only

    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    Ad me/us to the love giving and receiving column! I love to go deep and experience the silky smooth rectal tissue on my tongue and embrace the aroma and flavor of a partner's relaxed/gaping anus! Do you have 45 minutes to spare?

    I find it cute to 'meet' ladies who love it but are too cautious to ask for it. They typically lift their legs during oral as if to encourage you to eat their pussy even more, but when I give her anus that first, no doubt about it, I licked your anus on purpose - lick; and they go crazy... That is priceless!

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    My hubby and I have been into anal sex for some years, and being very oral, we love a good all licking. I have been into anal sucking and licking since I was in college. Dave is the best as his 4 inch tongue can reach my puckered hole without difficulty and I melt from my ability to suck a guy's ass if he has a hard and tanned ass. I beg to have guys let me suck their asses. It's what I like.
    Laura and Dave

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    I have been having anal sex for a long time, even with my first hubby but this hubby is into Ďanalingus' and I am totally into receiving it. At first, it was only something I would allow him to do if I was a little tipsy. Now I just enjoy whenever. More recently, Iím getting into enjoying my role as a giver too, esp. if accompanied by a few spanks and commands for me to do so.

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by kinkykoupleinny View Post
    Anyone else here into analingus?

    We are a full-swap couple, but we only do anal intercourse with each other...
    Our poly family is the opposite - anal intercourse, finger play, but no tossing of the salad for any of us.

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    I did a photo-shoot... I let the photographer... was that bad?

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by lisampsas View Post
    I did a photo-shoot... I let the photographer... was that bad?
    Absolutely not. Why would it be bad unless it was something you didn't want to do?

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    it is very nice to start and prep me for anal sex it .. and a finger in my pussy - nice

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    I am very anal and have loved receiving analingus since I was a teen. Any man who knows me will give it to me every time we have sex. It is often followed by a finger or two and then a vibrator up my ass, and finally often a cock.

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    Butch slave;
    I never went to bed with a woman yet that didnít like to have her ass eaten. I have a long tongue so I can drive them crazy thrusting a good 2 inches in and out of their anus. Mistress J taught me how to eat ass in a very intimate way doing an anal 69 lick. It was hot making each other come as our tongues were thrusting in and out of each others asses at the same time. I really like eating a womanís pussy until she canít stand it then I flip her over and start eating her ass for another orgasm. As long as everything is clean women love it. Never go from ass to pussy with your tongue which is definitely unclean and taboo.

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    As a youngster, I was taught that I had to eat everything on my plate before I could play. I apply that same theory to my adult life as well.

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    Default Re: Analingus anyone?

    I don't care what the age, anal love has been my love since college and I first wanted to please my boyfriend. Little did I know that I was to be an analinguist for the later years. It started with my college boyfriend who also got me into pegging, then I found that I got turned on my ass licking with men and then women as I am one half of an openly Bi couple into the Lifestyle. The anus is one of the most marvelous erogenous zones that must be a part of a healthy sexual relationship.
    Dave and Laura

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