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    Default Re: Seperate Room vs Same Room... what and why?

    Mr. LFM and I both do same room only, and I highly doubt that separate room will ever be in our future.

    There is just so much pleasure that I get watching him with another woman. Mostly, I look over and think what a lucky woman she is to have him as her partner, but then there is the eye contact that we share, the nods, the winks, the touching... I like watching his partner as well, and the pleasure that she's receiving as a result of his skills. (Mr. LFM is VERY skilled!)

    It's about sharing, which is only one of the small reasons why we started this new adventure. It's also about respect, (which wouldn't really there for us) if he shoos me away into another room with a man whom I've just met once or twice. How do we know he's not going to try something that goes against my comfort zone? How do we know he'd stop if asked? I think that would just heighten my anxiety a bit. He also likes it when I have a little girl/girl play. I know he likes to watch that and wouldn't that be selfish of me to shoo him off so she and I could play and he wouldn't' get to fulfil that one fantasy of his? I just wouldn't be able to do that to him. I know he likes to watch me and I love to watch him... So it's just our thing that same room will always be a part of swinging lives.

    We also find it highly erotic to communicate with each other what we saw with each other and what we felt. I love to hear about his "good time" and he loves to hear about mine. It enhances our own lovemaking for a long, long time.

    Like Spoo said, swinging is what you make of it and it's a personal choice. And personally, I have no problem with that -- to each their own. If they like separate room play, that's fine. Same room is just not something that we're willing to give up.
    Dave & Holly

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    Default Re: Seperate Room vs Same Room... what and why?

    Spectra & I do same, separate, puppy-pile, whatever...
    Many times, she'll tell me she's taking him to the room because he's distracted by the commotion his wife and I are causing...Spectra likes her men to be very focused on the task at hand. I'm sure there are times she's distracted also...
    She asks the guy first, of course. And I'll of course make sure the lady is comfortable with it also.
    Sometimes the lady and I will sneak a "kinky" peek or two, adds to the fun in certain situations. This will occasionally lead to the aforementioned puppy-pile, many times it's been their first.....
    For us it's really about playing it by ear. If a couple has strict guidelines, that's great with us, we're very accomadating and will follow to the letter.
    If a couple tends to "leave the door ajar a little", well, we'll stick our heads in and see what developes. We're both great at reading people, and can retreat before anyone feels the least bit uncomfortable.
    Not for everyone, we understand, but our relationship is rock-solid, and we have faith in one anothers ability to show our guests a good time...really, that's first and foremost in our encounters.

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    Default Re: Seperate Room vs Same Room... what and why?

    We do same room, separate, and solo at times. There have been times I've been sitting in a hot tub and Mrs. WS wants to play with someone and asks me if she can, and being I'm content where I'm at I am all about her being where she wants to be too. So off she goes. I have to admit I like knowing she can have a good time, and I feel especially good because I know she is coming back to me.

    I love to watch her though. That is a huge turn-on for me. But, sometimes being in separate rooms I think allows us to pay a bit more attention to the playmate we are with. I know that I end-up watching Mrs. WS in action allot, and therefore tend to slack a bit with the woman I'm with. Sometimes I just marvel at Mrs. WS and it's all I can to (and sometimes my playmate, too) not to watch her with another man. It really is a sight to behold. At least for me.

    So, the short answer is: we are okay with however it goes down. In the end, we feel we are still in this together.

    Mr. WS
    "Sex is something you do, sexuality is something you are." ~ Anna Freud
    Blog: Bigger Love

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    Default Re: Seperate Room vs Same Room... what and why?

    We have done both....separate only with a couple we know well and trust.
    I (f) prefer separate room for a number of reasons. I do not especially enjoy watching my husband with the other woman. It does not, in any way at all bother me, other then I find the sounds distracting. I might be totally engulfed in my play....feeling 'drunk'....without having drank.....and then the sounds snap me right out of it.....bummer .
    I also find that I can let loose and be totally myself easier when it is one on one. Not that I hold back because of my husband, but one on one is much more personal, and a makes for a smaller audience, thus makes for a wilder me. The touching and play that, as a result, doesn't occur with my own spouse, I don't miss because I have him all the time at home. Also, in regards to the couple we are with at this time...the man performs better separate room, due to the lack of distraction. So that is a huge plus for me as well.
    We trust each other completely and do not feel the need to have to keep our eyes on the other. Not that all same room couples feel that need, but I think many do. The first few times we would be with a new couple, I would prefer same room just to 'see what he's getting'....and to gain trust in the other couple.

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