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View Poll Results: Penis curve survey

541. You may not vote on this poll
  • Curve upwards

    144 26.62%
  • Curve downwards

    37 6.84%
  • Curve on your right

    32 5.91%
  • Curve on your left

    112 20.70%
  • No curve. Strait up.

    216 39.93%
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    Default Does your penis curve?

    As we all know, penis comes in different lenght, grift and shapes. I have questions for both men and women.

    Men: To which angle does your penis curve when it is hard?

    Women: Which type of penis you find appealing and more arousing to you? Can you tell a curve penis once it's inside your vagina? Do you feel weird with a curve penis?

    I was told by my friend that she prefer guys with his penis curves upwards as it stimulates her G spot in missionary possition and easier penetration during doggie style or spoon possition. Is that true??

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    As for me I'm straight as an arrow, once had a girl tell me never seen one so straight. Never had any complaints bout being straight, but never had anyone tell me they prefered it one way or another either.

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    Default direction

    just dropped by drawers to check. im fairly straight until about half mast then curves to the left. im right handed so maybe it was trained to go left....practicepractice

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    I am right handed and do a lot of masturbating so mine goes to the right. I am going to stright going to the left to try to strighten it. my owm little expermint.

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    I prefer them straight... or at least straight enough that there's no majorly noticeable curve. I only remember being with one guy who had a definite curve to his penis and it was like having sex with a banana .... very uncomfortable and not something I wanted to repeat.

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    I have 7 inches which curves to my left and I am right-handed. I've had women tell me they prefer to have a curved penis as opposed to a straight penis as it was more likely to stimulate their clitoris. I've never had a female tell me that my curvature was in the least uncomfortable. That's just my experience.

    I think it is like a woman's vagina. Some are tight and others not. Some women do Kegels and some do not. Some have the clitoris located lower close to the vaginal opening and others have the clitoris located higher. And I can definitely understand how a male curvature would affect female pleasure and orgasm. We have no control over certain aspects of our bodies. However, I have never been with a vagina that I didn't like and I always find a way to please my partner. As follows, every woman has a preference for the kind of penis that pleases her most and she is entitled to that. Nothing personal to me.

    It's just me, but I like to gratify my partner first ! I don't seek a simultaneous orgasm. If it happens, it happens. However, my objective is total fulfillment of both parties.

    I am D and she is A
    D and A

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    Mine has a very slight curve upwards and the head is quite a bit larger than the shaft so I have been told that it rubs the G-spot very well. At any rate I have never had a compliant on the shape or size or anything else. I guess its really how you use it rather than the size or shape.
    Mark in Austin

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    I'm wondering whether the curvature of penis is caused by the method he had applied to masturbate in the early age? Or is it genetically? Can one assume the curvation of their penises resemble the curvation of thier father's? Can a twin brothers have the same curvation of their penises?

    Ladies, please participate and tell us your preference.

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    Purveyors of Perviness ionsawmill's Avatar
    He's Bisexual She's still thinking about it. They are happily married!
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    Default Nature vs. Nurture

    There are some outside influences to penis shape. Circumcision scarring can cause a curvature, as can Peyronie's disease.

    My penis is straight (unlike the rest of me ), but is thicker on the left side. I wonder if this is because my fingertips stimulate the left side more when I masturbate? I also tend to point up and to the right when I'm erect.
    He is "Tainted Homily" - She is "Deal Earner"

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    Swingers Board Addict MrsBliss's Avatar
    Happy together

    Default Straight!

    I like them straight! Easier when giving a blowjob too

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    Liking It Here devonsgirl's Avatar
    "On cloud 69" ;)
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    Default re: Does your penis curve?

    D's curves straight up and is thick...The "G spot" myth...For me it's not a myth. I LOVE the curve, for sucking and fucking, it is PERRRFECT
    "Sharing is Caring" :D

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    Default re: Does your penis curve?

    I have a nice upward curve. Never had any complaints about it at all.
    Want to cum play with us? :fun: Check out our profile.:fun:

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    Default re: Does your penis curve?

    Hi Everybody!

    K's penis has a significant curve upwards.

    D notices it is easier to penetrate her from behind with this kind of curve. The curvature is helpful when K enters D when he's kneeling and she's flat on her tummy with her rear raised a bit.
    She doesn't notice any difference in sensation during missionary style.

    Just our observations,

    K and D

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    Swingers Board Addict 20ishCouple's Avatar
    Engaged ~he 24/she 23~
    SLS Profile

    Talking re: Does your penis curve?

    his answer: Straight as an arrow and stiff as a board....

    Her answer : only actually seen a noticably curved penis once, and personally I didn't care much for it. It's not very comfortable, in the mouth or otherwise. I prefer them to be Straight, the straighter the better. It makes things much more enjoyable for me.
    "I've been a very bad girl, but you have to admit I was very, very good at it" ~Halle Berry~

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    Post re: Does your penis curve?

    Hmmmm... this did take a little thinking .... of what exactly the difference felt like if there was a difference .... I cant say that I actually noticed that there was a curve or that a man had a curve in a different direction ...(Hubby has a slight upward curve) .... So I would have to say that I like them all ...
    The Mrs.
    Mr. and Mrs. Cajun :8-0::

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    Default Re: Nature vs. Nurture

    I had a boyfriend who had Peyronie's, but he never did anything about it. And he had it bad curved downward. I remember having sex (dreading it) and propping myself up. It's a pity, because I really cared for him.........

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    Default re: Does your penis curve?

    MrAV8R bends very, very, slightly to the left. I've only seen a few penises in my whole life and have only actually experienced five. Only one did I not enjoy at all but that is because it was extremely short and kept slipping out. The guy went soft, got pissed off and blamed me. Bad experience! I don't ever remember any penis with a significant bend either way. I like my hubby's penis and I don't care whether it bends or is straight. I cum and have multiple orgasms EVERYTIME with him. But, I am lucky that way because I orgasm very easily. So, I guess it really doesn't matter to me

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    Default re: Does your penis curve?

    Saw a man once at a swingers club that had a sharp left turn to it. Funny the man was bragging about having taken a viagra and it was rock hard. He was so obnoxious anyway, that I asked if he turned his left turn signal on before hard ons.

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    Default re: Does your penis curve?

    Mine used to be curved downward, being straight until halfway..then curving downward.

    Then while Marie and I were having doggy-style sex (which puts a strain on a downward curve) I noticed intense G spot orgasms on her part, but a slight pain in the penis later. We had sex like this at least three more times when I finally decided no more because of the mild pain.

    Within a few months, I developed pain while having an erection (the beginning of a peyronies plaque). The plaque I have now creates an indentation in the middle of the penis where the plaque is underneath the skin, that area is also weak now and very flexible

    A trip to the urologist reveals that the plaque is permanent (but not the end of the world), but it should get to the point when I no longer have pain while erected, but a nasty side effect is the loss of 1 inch in length

    While sex is still very possible I MUST be sure to NOT allow the penis to bend at all or further damage could result.

    Men, PLEASE be careful, you CAN damage your penis, if you are rapidly thrusting DO NOT miss the "hole" , doing so can cause intense pain and permanent damage.

    We really haven't done anything with other couples since and now I don't know if I want to, sometimes I almost feel as if I had been neutered.

    So lets be careful out there.
    Life's too short to not have as much fun as possible !

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    Guest palzom's Avatar

    Default re: Does your penis curve?

    i have a right bent curve \first i was emmbarassed to even have sex .... but my girl after having sex said she like a curved better than a straight... i dont know if she said that to make feel better........ i think it would be better straight

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    Liking It Here sweetnnasty's Avatar
    Married Couple
    SLS Profile

    Default re: Does your penis curve?

    Well as far as my experiences go, I have been with a couple guys who were slightly curved and couldn't tell a difference... hubby has a slight curve up and to the right but like I said it feels good no matter how it is, but everyone is different.

    Now I read that a few of you said that you don't like it if it's curved, does that mean you will not play/have sex with another man if he does? I mean I don't think most guys will even say anything about it... and what would you do if you were with this man and started messing around and you noticed it was curved does that mean you will stop messing around right then and there?

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    Default re: Does your penis curve?

    My mr. is curved up and to the left. He says it is because he dresses left. I have no complaints. The upward curve hits all the right spots in Every Position. facelick

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    Default re: Does your penis curve?

    I voted "No Curve ..." because that's what my hubby has, and I love his above all. And pretty much all the others that I have had have been straight as well.

    But I will say that our regular single has a curve .... to the right, I think. And it is quite enjoyable as well.

    And I certainly wouldn't mind trying one out that has an upward curve. facelick

    I do not think I would much like one with a downward curve, because in missionary, it would be going away from the g-spot, and quite possibly would hit the rectum instead. Occasionally, in certain positions, hubby hits the rectum and I am not fond of that. Although, I like anal, it's a different feeling having the rectum hit through the vaginal wall when one is not prepared or expecting it.
    Life is not measured by how many breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.

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    Default re: Does your penis curve?

    I've got one that curves slightly downward. It fits nicely down her throat when she's on her knees. I prefer her to be seated though since, as she has me down her throat, I can run my fingers through her hair, play with her nipples, or rub my hand between her legs.

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    Default re: Does your penis curve?

    I couldn't vote. Mine curves up and slightly to the right.

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