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View Poll Results: How big is too big?

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  • 6 inches?

    5 1.72%
  • 7 inches?

    18 6.19%
  • 8 inches?

    63 21.65%
  • More than 8? <WOW!!>

    205 70.45%
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    Default How big is too big???

    We're talking cocks here ladies (and men who like men too) big is TOO big??
    Ok, for me there are two considerations.....there's really no such thing as too big when Im admiring, stroking and even sucking but there are entirely new rules when it comes to putting it inside me.
    I've been with a few REALLY big guys and it seems to me that after about 8" it's just too much and starts to hurt. But that same dick is a lot of fun to do other things with and just the sight of it makes me incredibly turned on. Then there's thickness.......I like thick ones too....both the look and feel.....and haven't had one that was too thick to fit inside although there were one or two that really stretched me in a good way. I usually get REALLY wet anyway so that helps. Oh and also I wonder what people think about circumcised versus uncircumcised. I must say that I love the way a circumcised cock looks and feel the exact opposite about uncircumcised.........and I know that uncircumcised is SUPPOSED to feel better but I've never noticed a difference.


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    Wouldn't it depend on the size of the woman? Vagina size as well as overall body size? Probably even frame of mind would be involved also.

    I'm just thinking petite women would be less apt to consider a rather large cock compared to 6' tall robust lady who probably wouldn't flinch at one.

    I guess I'm just saying you can probably expect a rather wide variation in responses.
    If you want something you have never had before, you must do something you have never done before.

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    Obviously Additude it depends on all sorts of things...that's why I'm asking silly!!:p
    But I don't think being petite automatically means you like small ones......and I was curious about both how big is too big to fit comfortably and also how big is too big just generally.


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    For me anything over 9 is too big for me to handle. It does depend on the woman though too. As far as which i prefer as circumsized or non circumsized...looks i would have to say circumsized but I cant tell any differents from the feel once it is inside of me.

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    Swingers Board Addict BettyAnnMBSC's Avatar
    F half of bi cpl


    I've not met the too big one yet -- they keep promising 10" but it always turns out that they don't know how to measure....

    I've been with a couple 8" longs and they are no problem -- I'm guessing there is room for more since I've had doubles in there...
    N'essayez jamais d'enseigner un porc à chanter. Il perd votre temps et gêne le porc.

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    Purveyors of Perviness ionsawmill's Avatar
    He's Bisexual She's still thinking about it. They are happily married!
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    Default Size doesn't matter

    A woman's body size and frame, in my experience, are completely unrelated to the size of their vagina. Of the women I've been with, the larger framed ones have been a much tighter fit. This may fall under the heading of "Too Much Information", but one of the girls I dated before I met my wife was very nervous about sex, despite the fact that she "talked a good game". With her, vaginal sex was much tighter than anal sex, to the point of discomfort because she just couldn't relax. I guess this means that Attitude was right about "frame of mind" affecting a womans reaction to penis size.

    BTW, BettyAnnMBSC, there is a guy on Swappernet who advertises a 9 1/2" cock and he has pictures to prove it. It's not 10", but who's going to quibble over half an inch.
    He is "Tainted Homily" - She is "Deal Earner"

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    Guest Willbfun's Avatar


    Wife has only been with one man over 8 inches. Never measured but would be safe to say, He was 10+ and thick. She couldn't take the full length, when he was fully erect. all but maybe an inch. So I guess she can handle 9 inches. She like Katjams2000 stated, likes to play and preform oral on a larger size. Although she said her jaw hurt from stretching wide enough to accomidate his thickness. His lenght didn't create a problem, because he seemed content, with not stroking too deep to cause her any discomfort. And she had the right mental aspect, as she seemed anxious at the time.

    As far as the size of the woman, I know a very small petite woman, who could take about any size object, without any problem. I think it was her fetish, she enjoyed masterbating with huge dildoes, and even a enjoyed fists.

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    My ex-husband had 10+ inches and sent me to the hospital for severe cervical bruising on several occasions (BTW: THANKS, PAUL!!!).

    Having one that big is a great big HELL NO to any oral or anal... talk about lockjaw... that's PROBABLY why I have problems with arthritis in my jaw! (TMJ Syndrome)

    In regards to size... I'll stick with the 7 that Larren has! It suits me fine, and sometimes, if he's got feet on the wall or footboard, I get hurt anyway... so heck. I'll stay away from those 8s!!!
    Sonya and Larren
    Management @

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    Swingers Board Addict frenzb4sex's Avatar
    Male of Couple
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    Default Lora's Limits

    I asked the question to Lora, and she says that anything over 9 is unbearable. This, of course, is something that she had a bad experience altogether, because one of the gentleman (term used loosely) basically tried to slam-fuck her, to the point where she pretty much had to stop it. She was sore for two days and had a little blood the day after. Still, even those that are over 9 that have been "gentle" she still gets no pleasure out of.

    She says she's like goldilocks--not too big, not too small-just right-she notes that any man with 6 to 7 that can "work it" does just fine in her book....

    "I can resist everything except for temptation..."

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    Old Proverb of undetermined source:

    If it makes your mouth water . . . it's big enough.

    If it makes your pussy water . . . it's big enough.

    If it makes your eyes water . . . it might be a touch on the large size!!!

    It's not going to be an orgy. It's a toga party . . .

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    Swingers Board Addict LadyCleo's Avatar
    F half of married couple


    I have to say that anything over 7 is too big for me. I don't like being fucked up to my tonsils.
    Hubby is a thick 6"er. Which is PERFECT for me!
    I had not ever been with a very well endowed man before, so at the last party we attended, I did play with one. That's one roller coaster ride, I'll never go on again. I was sore for 2 days after. He fucked me like there was no tomorrow. Ouch...
    After that, I shy away from anything even close to that large. I want to be albe to walk straight and feel satisfied and comfortable afterward rather than in pain.

    But, that's just me. All 5 feet of me.
    A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. --Mignon McLaughlin

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    One more viewpoint - from average size woman (5'5 - 125")
    Never had one I couldn't take, but I don't think I have every had more than about 8 inches (but who was measuring?)

    Personally, I am into it love it -
    so if I can take that, 10 inches should be no problem!

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    Originally posted by Additude

    I'm just thinking petite women would be less apt to consider a rather large cock compared to 6' tall robust lady who probably wouldn't flinch at one.
    Well, let me assure you. They DO make us flinch!! The size, height, or frame of a woman has nothing to do with how she is built internally!

    I am 6' tall and I prefer 6 1/2" to 7". Girth is an added bonus. If a man knows how to use it, who needs it. I have had a few large cocks. Some of them good, some of them not so good. Occasionally you run accross someone who knows how to use what he was given, without trying to see if he can see the head of his dick shoot out of your mouth! Somewhere between 9" and 9 3/4" is the largest I have had. It was also the gentlest. I had one that was about 8 1/2 once that made me sore for days. I had another one that was about 9" and couldn't take but a few strokes. Maybe I was more aroused at one time that another, but each time occurred at our monthly party where I'm usually in the same state of mind. Point being, Large cocks still make tall women flinch...

    mrs hmr

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    I have a little over 8 inches. Which is wierd since I am only 5' 9" and about 165lbs. I hurt my girlfriend almost every time we have sex. We can only have sustained sex for about ten minutes before she gets sore. I actually thing sometimes it opens up her cervix....that is a very bad thing. My girlfriend is asian though, so maybe she is smaller inside than most girls.

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    Ive not had anything over 8.5'' but have had cucumbers that were 11'' o more and tookit all. Ive never had a problem taking a big cock though.

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    For me, regarding LENGTH, there is no limit. There are positions I love doing where the guy needs to be quite long--at least 10 inches--to perform REALLY well or the cock comes out the pussy or ass hole.

    Regarding WIDTH limit, I'd guess and say around 2 1/2 inches.

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    Default Re: How big is too big???

    I've only encountered one that was "too big" to the point that I turned it down. It was not a length issue but rather girth... it was bigger around than my wrist. It was long too, but on length alone I would not have turned it down.

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    Swingers Board Addict Trace Ekies's Avatar
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    Default Re: How big is too big???

    I asked Mrs. Ekies and she said length beyond 8" is too long...Girth is what she likes and hasn't found one wide enough for her to say no...yet.

    Trace for Mrs. Trace.

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    Default Re: How big is too big???

    From Mrs. viewpoint: over 8 hurts
    She has turned some down.

    Girth is good

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    Venerated male slut strathmore's Avatar
    Single Male (Widower)
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    Default Re: How big is too big???

    Quote Originally Posted by Lorrie View Post
    Regarding WIDTH limit, I'd guess and say around 2 1/2 inches.
    Hmmmmmm... we're talking a soup can here. ??? That's almost 8 inch girth. My 5.5 inch girth, which is above average, is 1.75 inch diameter.
    I guess it's anatomically quite possible. Just seems like it might be a tad uncomfortable.


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    Active Member athenagirl's Avatar
    single female
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    Default Re: How big is too big???

    Quote Originally Posted by strathmore View Post
    Hmmmmmm... we're talking a soup can here. ??? That's almost 8 inch girth. My 5.5 inch girth, which is above average, is 1.75 inch diameter.
    I guess it's anatomically quite possible. Just seems like it might be a tad uncomfortable.

    I have to agree. I just like an average cock. Not to big, not too small. (Goldie-cocks)? And I'm not into girth. I like it to fit into my mouth and pussy easily!

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    Default Re: How big is too big???

    Hmmm i dont think there's such a thing as too big hahaha!

    Well... actually.. maybe 12" i'd consider too big though i've yet to see one that size.. though i have seen my fair share of "gifted" men in my time!

    its funny how when me and my bf had our first threesome my bf thought the other guy was big (and the other guy wouldnt have been more than 7" ) ... i remember quietly thinking to myself "oh i've seen bigger!!!"

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    Default Re: ATTITUDE to spare

    Hard question to answer. If I'm in the mood for a little rough and a little harder can't go too big. Prefer around 6-7 but sometimes I just need that little extra and love it as big as you can find. Although that's never been more than 9". Depends on mood and lube.

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    Very, very intense! intensity_too's Avatar
    a sorta married female who is "single" now.

    Default Re: How big is too big???

    Here's an interesting thing to consider. My hubby measured an average 5 1/2 inches, and depending on the position, he could really hurt me with that thing. He'd slam into the end of my cervix and it would hurt to the point that we'd have to change positions. There were numerous times in the 9 years we were together that I would use the bathroom post sex to find that he had made me bleed.

    Now, I am with a guy that is around 7 inches in length, and no matter how deep he thrusts or what position we are in, it doesn't hurt at all. He's never made me bleed post sex, and we've never had to change positions due to pain.

    How the hell does that work out???

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    Default Re: How big is too big???

    If it hurts, it's too big.

    I've almost turned down one because of length, and it did hurt for a second or two.
    Dave & Holly

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