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View Poll Results: Where do like to cum (or be came on) while at a club or with another couple?

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  • In a condom.

    78 11.64%
  • Inside a woman.

    301 44.93%
  • On the crotch area.

    17 2.54%
  • Stomach.

    39 5.82%
  • Tits.

    87 12.99%
  • Face/mouth/hair.

    148 22.09%
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  1. #51
    Swingers Board Addict herpob's Avatar
    M. Female
    Quote Originally Posted by Sophy View Post
    I basically take a last second decision, depending the position and the moment...
    If is early and I want to have sex with someone else I usually ask him to hold it and cum inside my mouth or on a easy place to clean like my boobs or back-butt (not on my hair)
    Oh I so agree, NOT on my HAIR!!!!

  2. #52
    We don't do clubs. If I'm comfortable with the man I perfer it in me or in my mouth. I'll take his load on my tits, tummy, etc if that's his thing or if his partner is playing. I hate it on my face because it always ends up in my hair... Screw that

  3. #53
    Mmm this was a nice thread to bring back to life. If I know that he can make me cum, I love to let him ejaculate inside me. As soon as I feel him cumming it immediately takes me over the top. If for whatever reason I know I canít cum from his penetration I ask him to pull out when heís close and pump his load on my pussy. I love the way a warm kid feels on me and I love watching a guy jerking his cock. Iíll usually cum as soon as I see his load. If he wants to finish inside me I let him and do my best to get him off.

  4. #54
    Swingers Board Addict couplers's Avatar
    female in poly family
    This is Petra reporting. I like it when a man ejaculates inside me. It is likely a result of my Catholic schooling, sex was taught totally from the viewpoint of biology and reproduction. So when I have sex with a guy I always think about what's going on inside on a microscopic level, even when not trying to get pregnant. It's also why it's so much more of a turn on for a guy to ejaculate his sperm into my vagina than into either end of my digestive system. Those sperm can live inside my vagina and uterus for days, and it's a turn on that a living part of two or three guys is inside me.

  5. #55
    Love finishing inside. Feels like a porno film otherwise I am to spray it all over the place. The wife likes it best inside and recall one of our first LS experience the guy pulls out, as he is pulling in his condom is shot off like a rocket.

  6. #56
    For us and the couples who we play with, it's inside the woman. Pussy is first choice, her mouth and anus are close seconds. How else are you going to get sloppy seconds?

  7. #57
    When we first got started swinging(MFM), it didnít matter where they put it, I was so excited by it all I would go down and suck out the rest. The first guy was in a condom, he took it off and I went down and sucked out the rest. The 2nd guy was no condom, pulled out and spewed on my tummy, same thing, I went down and sucked it dry. Third guy, no condom, came inside me, I went down and did it again. Even my husband commented that he had no idea that I enjoyed swallowing so much. I also learned that if the guy goes down on me and gets me off, I have no thought about a condom, just getting him inside me as quickly as possible.

  8. #58
    Swingers Board Addict padoc's Avatar
    SLS Profile
    Early on, Mrs Doc was not comfortable with playmates cumming inside her or swallowing strangers during bj's. Happily that started to change pretty quickly during our 1st year or so. Now, when she knows a guy is close with a bj, she'll look up at him and smile, her hand will slow its strokes and her lips are just around the head. If he involuntarily moves his hips forward even a little, thats her sign and she'll slide her mouth as far down as she can and go to work until he cums. If he pulls back a little, she'll read that as an indicator that he wants to cum on her tits and will slowly jack him till he releases.

    If she's fucking a guy and its good, she won't let him pull out till he cums in her. If she's on top, she'll lean back a bit and rotate her hips, slowly at first then faster till he thrusts upward and cums. She almost always gets off like this. If its missionary and she gets close, she'll cross her ankles around his butt and pull him in tightly and whisper "cum in me". When he does, she almost always does too. I know how it feels, she did it with me the very first time we boinked. Its really hot to see her do that with a guy while Im next to them deep in his wife.

    She also likes a guy to do her from behind. She loves how deep it feels and likes when he cums in her that way too. She doesn't mind tho if he pulls out and cums on her ass, especially if he slides back in to help her finish. Of course, most of these things we'd discovered together before we started swinging. God she is FUN!!

    As for me, when I get close to cumming, I'll ask my partner where she wants me to cum unless she's given me a clear indication of what she wants me to do. My preferences are : #1 in her pussy, #2 in her mouth, #3&#4 on her ass or on her outer lips. #5 on her tits.

    Overall though, we just like orgasms and sharing them with friends. The where is less important than the fact that happen.

  9. #59
    I don’t like to have cum on me, I just don’t get it. To me unloading on my body or my face or worse yet my hair is just a way for guy trying to make me feel subservient to him. It is also messy for me. To have sex the ideal situation is for both to have orgasms together and for me that is usually with me on top. I’m not sure what position most couples at a party use, I find there is a lot of doggie and for me there isn’t much simultaneous orgasms. Depending on the guy some keep going and some pull out suddenly and finish on my back or butt.
    What I enjoy has changed but swinging brought on change too.
    As much as I enjoy having my partner in me, I also enjoy oral. I enjoy being in control and never had a problem giving a great bj. A dick twitching and a guy moaning and for the most part enjoying the cum.
    We Are...

  10. #60
    Swingers Board Addict couplers's Avatar
    female in poly family
    Quote Originally Posted by padoc View Post
    As for me, when I get close to cumming, I'll ask my partner where she wants me to cum unless she's given me a clear indication of what she wants me to do. My preferences are : #1 in her pussy, #2 in her mouth, #3 on her ass or on her outer lips. #5 on her tits..
    Petra asking - What about in her bum? The three guys that I have sex with all like this almost as much as in my pussy and better than in my mouth. Also no mention of DP, but although I can't get off on anal alone, DP is wonderful, both the stimulation and having two men cum in me at the same time, although only the swimmers in my vag get to spend any quality time in me.

  11. #61
    Swingers Board Addict kellimc's Avatar
    Single Female
    I enjoy watching it shoot out and feeling the warmth, so I usually like it on my face or tits. If a guy wants to cum in my mouth, that's ok too. I'll usually just take it in my mouth as far as I can to feel it shoot down my throat and feel the pulsations and throbbing in my mouth.

  12. #62
    If I do not know from previous discussion or a common playmates known preference I will always ask long before the need arises. We all have our preferences. My experience has been those that play often together will have a preference for fluid sharing. I also believe age and generational differences. Those over 40ish tend to choose this more often then the younger crowd. If the male/female is fixed and play often together it most often requested to cum inside. Younger women with older fixed males will tend to lean in this direction more often when with a trusted/known playmate.

  13. #63
    Every situation is different. When it's time to finish, the right place usually seems to follow from the context. I don't really have a favorite place apart from whatever seems to be the place where it seems hottest to the person I'm having sex with, based on whatever clues I get along the way.

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