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    does anyone go to a nudist resort looking to possibly find a couple or single to swing with? We are experiencing our first nudist resort, and love it, but we are both hot with a lot of fantasies to live. We've seen a couple of couples that seem to be looking us over, that we thought were interesting, but wondered what the seasoned nudists on here have to say about it.

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    At our local nudist resort they have a party every Saturday night...rumor is it's mostly a swingers party. One thing that we do know is that if you want to just 'hook up', a walk around the far side of the lake will get you numerous chances with other couples. We (no really) haven't experienced this first hand, but it is common knowledge. While all nudists are not swingers and all swingers are not nudists, there is a subset that overlaps that you can usually find at a resort like that.
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    The vast majority of places that advertise themselves as 'naturist' or 'nudist' frown on sex of any kind. Being forward with a person who isn't your spouse is going to get you kicked out. Unless their website speaks to the subject or you know from other people first hand that sex is on the menu, assume swingers aren't welcome and conduct yourself appropriately.

    On the other hand, you have some people at your place that may or may not be flirting with you. Get their numbers, get together with them off-site and see what happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovtosuc View Post
    . . . We are experiencing our first nudist resort . . .
    If you are presently at the resort, now would be a good time to ask the resort administrators questions regarding any rules related to public displays of affection as well as the more direct question of whether or not the rules are friendly toward swingers. A adamgunn pointed out, even an innocent violation of a rule could get you banned in perpetuity.

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    Paradise Lakes and Caliente, 30 minutes north of Tampa are swinger friendly nudist resorts. We don't know of any others.

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    Paradise Valley Resort and Club in Dawsonville, Ga is a adult nudist resort.
    They are a hub for swingers as well as nudists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovtosuc View Post
    Does anyone go to a nudist resort looking to possibly find a couple or single to swing with? ....
    Here are two USA locations I know of:

    Freedom Acres - Devore CA ... (Near LA)

    Riverside Ranch Resort - Elmendorf TX ... (Near San Antonio)
    Clothing Optional Lifestyle Friendly Nudist resort Elmendorf Texas

    Both of the above seem to advertise as both "Naturist & Lifestyle" resorts. They are probably easier on the wallet than some other options. (But always remember... "You get what you pay for.")

    If you have deep pockets, try:

    Sea Mountain Lifestyle Resort - Palm Springs, CA
    "USA Premier Adults Only Day Spa, Hotel, Club and Nude Resort."
    (They also host an event in Las Vegas)

    There are probably more abroad. The two I hear of most are:

    Hedonism II - a.k.a. Hedo II - Negril, Jamaica

    Desire Experience - Riviera Maya - Mexico (Near Cancun)
    "All Inclusive, Adults Only Resort"
    (Not sure what the difference is between these two
    Riviera Maya Pearl Resort
    Desire Riviera Maya Resort
    "On the exotic beaches of Puerto Morelos"
    Temptation Cancun Resort - Canun - Mexico
    ... is managed by the same group.
    This "Group" also sponsors "Lifestyle Cruises".

    As was mentioned...

    Be sure you know the rules beforehand. Most facilities will clearly state what is acceptable... or not. If you fail to do your homework, you may get tossed out and banned.

    Be especially careful of facilities that advertise as "Family Friendly", and/or are heavily endorsed by the AANR. (Be sure to check that site out, as an educational expansion.)

    I'm guessing all Lifestyle Friendly type places are "Adults Only".

    One friendly tip... always carry a towel to sit on (when naked)).

    You can find Swingers at purely "Naturist" (a.k.a "Nudist") facilities, but you may need to be covert about it. Going to a Lifestyle Resort makes more sense.

    CO = Clothing Optional... but some places are "Nude Required"... so if you are a bit shy, know what is expected for where you will be going.
    "I ride my bicycle to ride my bicycle."

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