I just got back from college spring break in Florida with three girlfriends and I was surprised at how shy and sexually conservative they were. At the Ft. Lauderdale beach they wore the standard bikinis, full back, some cleavage, and they are all very pretty with nice bodies. They were surprised when I came to the beach in a leopard thong string bikini. They attributed that to my European background. Next we ventured to South Beach Miami. They were stunned to see that most of the girls there were topless in thongs. They were even more surprised when I took off my beach smock sans bikini top, with a tiny white thong. I tried to prod them to go topless, and they were amazed when I walked into the water that way, and shocked when I walked back- my white thong was completely sheer wet.
Then slowly one lay on her back and undid her top, then the other two. I talked them into turning over to prevent tan lines, and they did slowly, to expose their milky white breasts to the sun for the first time. Their nipples were all perky, which meant they were all turned on. Slowly they leaned up and sat up and when I suggested we go for a walk I had to pull two of them up. We walked to the water, then along it, and they gradually loosened up. I was the only one with tanned breasts but they looked sexy with their bouncing white ones. We moved along and I told them now they need the thong look, so I went behind one and folded her bikini bottom in to reveal her cute white bottom. I helped the other girls do the same. They were giddy and felt sexy as we strutted along the beach topless and in (near) thongs. We met four cute guys and even played frisbee with them. That night we hooked up with them, paired up, and had great sex. The girls all said it was their first one night stand, but what gave them the nerve was being nearly naked on the beach. The next day I brought them shopping for thongs- no tops- that were see-through when wet.