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    Default Youngest on the nude beach at Sandy Hook

    We had been waiting for the weather to warm up to tempt a visit to Sandy Hook and it's nude beach. In the past I worried how my bathing suit looks. No worries here. Lot was pretty full. My boyfriend and I grabbed our chairs and cooler and hoped we were walking to the right place. Soon we saw a sign saying that beyond that spot we might encounter nude bathers. We kept walking and the first nude was a man about 80 years old. We kept walking. More people but not many our age. We knew not to stare. Of course you look but don't want to be caught looking. We saw middle aged couples, a few groups of what seemed to be friends. We saw one young girl probably in her 20's alone and my boyfriend nudged me. We kept walking. Saw a bunch of guys together. As we walked I am sure people were watching us. We found a spot, away from being to close to anyone and we opened our beach sand chairs. Now we had to take the next step. We had bathing suits under our shorts and tops. Getting down to our suits I noticed some women wearing bottoms, not many. I could swear every guy watched me take my suit off. Probably not. Finally in the nude we put on lotion. Felt funny sitting on the beach nude. Felt good but strange. We then decided to walk to the water. I still didn't see people our age. I know people looked up as we walked. I made sure not to stare but I know I looked. I looked at many penises and I looked at breasts. I saw too many out of shape people. I know this is a nude beach. It's about being nude and not a muscle or beauty pageant. The water was too cold to go in.

    We went back to our chairs. It was hot but so nice. Our only contact with anyone was from a couple sitting near us. He came over and asked if we were new to the beach. He was I think around 40+. He was nice and said if we wanted we could move over to them. I know I was looking right at his penis because he was standing in front of me and I was low in the chair. His face was in the sun. We thanked him but we stayed where we were.

    If we go back I know I won't be as shy.

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    Default re: Youngest on the nude beach at Sandy Hook

    Nude beaches are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get...
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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    Default re: Youngest on the nude beach at Sandy Hook

    Quote Originally Posted by GoldCoCouple View Post
    Nude beaches are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get...
    I think we went out of curiosity not looking for anything more. He thought he would see some hotties. I did think the crowd would be younger. I noticed more guys together. I know I'm not perfect and like that box of chocolates there were all different types, shapes and "sizes".

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    Default re: Youngest on the nude beach at Sandy Hook

    Mrs Doc says that there will always be someone older, fatter and uglier than us anytime we're at Haulover or any other nude venue. You discovered that truism on your very 1st visit. The first time we went to Haulover (more than 10 years ago) we were surprised at how many gay males were on the beach. As with most things, we found that the more visits we made to that beach, the more "normal" it all seemed. Go back, your comfort level will increase and your b/f will see some hotties.

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    Default re: Youngest on the nude beach at Sandy Hook

    Several decades ago(!), we took the nude beach plunge.

    Never had been to a "clothing optional" resort before, took off from St. Louis, landed in St. Martin, took a taxi over to Club Orient. The driver --it was taxi #32, we'll never forget--asked us if it was our first trip to St. Martin and to Club O. Yes, we admitted we were newbies. We got to the resort about 45 min later,we picked up the key, he drove us to our mini-suite deluxe a few meters from the beach. He asked when our flight home was, and gave us his card. He said, "ring me up when it's time to leave--but you won't want to leave".

    It was mid afternoon, there was still some sun. Like most nudie newbies, we decided to put on suits and walked down to the beach. About 200 naked people there. Some young, some old, some in shape, some way out of shape. There were some beach walkers with suits, some without (the beaches follow the laws of France--all beaches are public). We looked around, needed to put on some sunscreen. Looked again at the 200 naked people, none of whom were paying us any mind. Took off our suits, put them in the bag, put on the sunscreen. Pulled books from the bag. Imagined that in our pale white skin we somehow blended in.

    About 30 min later, we were hot, the water looked good, we wandered into the bay to get wet. Started chatting with another couple while we were in the water. They quickly deduced (did not take Sherlock Holmes) that we were first timers, newly arrived, and then they went out of their way to make us feel welcome. They insisted on buying us drinks at the beach bar, introduced us to some of their friends, and within a few minutes we ceased to notice that we--and everyone else--had not a stitch on. It took just that little time to see naked as normal.

    We got used to breakfast, beach, lunch, and beach naked. Spent the morning figuring out what not to wear, rinsed off in the afternoon in the outdoor showers. Dinner? Mrs. FL put on a pareo -- except when she got hot dancing, then she took it off. Yes, we went off property for dinner a couple of nights. Otherwise, "sand gravity" set in.

    Suddenly--four or five days later-- it was time to leave. We scheduled the pickup with Taxi 32, He showed up, loaded our bags, we got in.

    "Ready to leave?" he asked.

    He already knew the answer.

    "Already booked your return?" he asked.

    He knew the answer to that one, too.

    We've made a total of nine trips to Club O.

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    Default re: Youngest on the nude beach at Sandy Hook

    Going to a clothing optional beach for the first time can be intimidating. Beaches are not sexual. No sex on the beach unless you order Sex on the Beach drinks. We have been to both Orient Beach which is our first, and Gunnisons on Sandy Hook. We were on a cruise and met other couples who went with us to the beach. Getting undressed alone I think would be easier than when doing it for the first time with people you just met and you know you are going back to a ship with them. And yes there are all types on the beach but it is not sexual at all.

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    Default re: Youngest on the nude beach at Sandy Hook

    Not all swingers are nudists and not all nudists are swingers. As a result, nude beaches are usually more nude than 'naked'. It's about being out with a lack of cloths and not about being naked and exposed. Like dogs, sexiness and eroticism is usually not invited to the beach.
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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