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    Quote Originally Posted by Numex View Post
    I opened this thread to see if the problem was getting it up or keeping it down. Could be either way depending on the situation.
    I see that the OP included the information, " . . . those who witnessed the flag-raising . . . ".
    Pedo ergo sum.

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    When it happens, maybe someone will 'take a knee"!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Numex View Post
    I opened this thread to see if the problem was getting it up or keeping it down. Could be either way depending on the situation.
    So obviously you have never been to a nudist resort as opposed to (perhaps) a swinging lifestyle resort. They are two completely different things - even though there are undoubtedly some swingers at many nudist resorts, but they know well enough to either be discrete or typically be ejected. Nudism is not about sex, swinging is all about sex. True nudists men rarely have a problem "keeping it down", they are accustomed to seeing nude people around them doing everyday things all the time, it's no big deal to them in that setting. Often they are also family resorts so children are present. Official clothing optional locations, especially public ones are also not intended as swinging locations. However there are often the looky loos, creeps and perverts - who also btw often do not get naked. Those are typically the ones sporting their little stiffies and thinking for some pathetic reason that people are going to get excited seeing it. A lot of public locations, both official and unofficial, with plenty of cover have sexual activity going on in the bushes and people - almost always bi and gay men - trolling for sex partners. Surprisingly a lot of them are mature bi married men. Weekends at those locations typically see more couples and women, midweek mostly men. Nudists tend to avoid those locations unless they have no other options. The official public locations are usually patrolled by rangers or police for illegal activity. Interestingly now I think about it I do not know of any public Nude (i.e. NO clothing permitted) locations as opposed to Clothing Optional ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by padoc View Post
    When it happens, maybe someone will 'take a knee"!
    Actually at public locations known for bi/gay male activity someone frequently "takes a knee", occasionally two knees.

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    Oh, and BTW: Of course as a nudist you may still do a (hopefully discrete) double take even at a nudist resort when someone who you find attractive catches your eye, but it's no different than the same situation in a regular textile setting. You just get to see more and leave less to the imagination - not sure which is better .

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    We go to sandy hook and have seen a couple of guys get hard. itís usually gawkers and they roll over on their stomach when it happens.

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    Never been to a nudist colony or a nude beach, but in four years of taking figure drawing classes in college, with both male and female nude models, I donít think we ever had an incident where someone had a visible erection, and we were all young guys in our teens and early twenties. In a matter of minutes after the model got undressed, we were all concentrating on the task at hand. They usually hung out with us on breaks, sometimes dressed and sometimes nude, depending on the weather. Never had a problem.

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    My wife and I are very longtime nudists and have both modeled for figure drawing classes. Both of us really enjoyed being models. I never had a problem with getting an erection. I did find being nude in a college classroom very enjoyable. The modeling I did was for an evening figure drawing session open to everyone at a college. Everything was very professional and friendly. The funniest thing that happened to me was when a middle aged woman was sketching in the session where I was modelling. At the break, her teen daughter came in to wait for her mother to finish so they could drive home. Here I am sitting nude on a platform and the girl asked me if I was the model. That was an example of a girl who realized that nudity was not necessarily associated with sex.

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    Truthfully if a couple is stealthy, sexually fun times can be had if you are watchful and do it at the right time. We loved our home beach and went every day. I always was naked and wife was topless. We usually had sex back home but my wife sucked me off one afternoon while I was the lookout. She even fed me a mouthful of come afterwards. We practiced female domination so my wife caned me several times on the beach. We enjoyed the freedom but was careful as well. Beaches are very erotic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butchj View Post
    Truthfully if a couple is stealthy, sexually fun times can be had....
    Depending on the location, this could be a problem... or not. If anyone is new to this, I strongly advise doing your homework, to be sure that you know & understand what the local laws or rules are.

    BTW - the (newer) "PC" terms for nudist & nudism are: Naturist & Naturism. A lot of folks still use the "old" terms, but if you want to blend in better....

    I can best speak from my experience visiting Hippie Hollow Park (HHP) in Travis Co, TX (where Austin is). The Park is about a 30 minute drive from downtown. ... I lived in Austin for 7 years, and visited HHP as often as I could (which was sometimes every week). I also was very active on the (privately run) BBS there (which is very similar to this Bulletin Board System).

    The consensus of the HHP BBS is that getting an erection is not a problem, but what you do with it can be. As long as you do not flaunt it, cover up in some way (immersing in cold water can for sure do the trick), folks generally will overlook it. I think this is a universal truth, across the USA anyway.

    At HHP however, it is part of the County Park system, which has its own police force (which is rather thin, over a large area). There are very explicit "No Lewd Behavior" laws in place at HHP (which you have to be 18 or older to get in). I say all this because I would not want anyone looking to start exploring the Naturist Lifestyle to get the wrong idea, and get in trouble unnecessarily.

    The locals at HHP look VERY unfavorably upon, and are VERY sensitive to "lewd behavior", and will typically call the police if they see it. The reason being that if it happens too often, they are (justifiably) afraid that the park could be closed down (as a Clothing Optional [CO] park, anyway). And it would be a real bummer if it got shut down too, because it is a beautiful place to hang-out naked, among some (mostly) very friendly people. Being a "Public Park" however, there is no "filter" regarding who can get in, and sometimes that can be an issue. But the locals tend to look after that jewel of a resource.

    There are very few legal CO Public Parks across the USA, but I am betting most of them operate very much in the same way as HHP. ... While outdoor sex is a favorite of mine (so I get that), I just want to be sure anyone new does not see that as acceptable everywhere... even if you are being "stealthy". ... It is wise to know ahead of time what kind of situation you are getting into.

    Here are links to the HHP County Parks site, as well as the (privately run) BBS, which can be an excellent resource for getting answers about Naturism, even if you do not visit HHP.
    ... that "Message Board" is only one part of that web, which has a LOT of information about the park, and how to get the most out of your visit there.

    As was mentioned earlier in this thread... While there is some overlap between the Naturist Lifestyle and the Swinger Lifestyle, there are some vast differences too, and you would be very wise to know which situation you are getting into, and what is acceptable (or not). Again... Do your homework.

    There is a "Swinger Lifestyle Friendly" nude resort a bit south of San Antonio, called Riverside Ranch. While my girlfriend at the time & I discussed going, we never quite made it. Reviews I saw were mixed, but if you are in the area, you may want to check out...
    Clothing Optional Lifestyle Friendly Nudist resort Elmendorf Texas

    As for the OP (original post)...

    Quote Originally Posted by GuyInMD79 View Post
    ... Has it caused embarrassment/humiliation/mortification, or was it a "no problem" reaction from those who witnessed the flag-raising? Was a dip in the pool actually the solution?
    Again, what you do with it is way more of an issue than getting an erection in a public nude situation... that is strictly Naturist in tone.

    Most naturist facilities (the private ones for sure) require that EVERYONE carry a towel to sit on. This is a sanitation issue (and a good idea in general). For the guys, the towel can come in handy as a quick cover-up too.

    I have seen dozens of posts by guys worrying about this. But the reality is that usually in very short order, this becomes a non issue. For most folks (especially guys, and the erection issue), being in a publicly nude situation can be a real mind twister. It goes completely against a lot of social programming that we've been subjected to for our entire life. Once the reality sets in however, that in a Naturist environment, it is OK to be naked among a lot of other naked people (in a non-sexual way), the tension usually just melts away (and sporting a hard-on typically becomes less of an issue).

    People do not typically stare at your junk, especially if they are talking to you. So acceptance is high, and judgement (and pressure) are low, much as it is (or should be) in the Swinger Lifestyle.

    The truth too is that when (most) everyone around you is naked, it is easier to blend in by being naked also.

    Another thing about public nudity is that it tends to tear down a lot of barriers, and "level the playing field" so-to-speak. There is typically not much room for pretense when everyone is naked, and that can be an extraordinarily liberating experience.

    One last bit...

    There was a post on this BBS recently that spoke on getting / not getting a woody. It deals with the social issues & challenges that can be faced in the LS. You can see it here (in the last big paragraph of that post), as it basically deals with this issue in an opposite kind of way.


    "I ride my bicycle to ride my bicycle."

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