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    Default He is a nudist, she is not - any other couples like us?

    We are a very happy couple , I have always been a nudist, nude beaches in Jamaica, and resorts here. I am a home nudist also, never wear clothes at home. My lady is not a nudist but doesn't mind me nude, she hardly notices. I can masturbate and she loves watching.

    My question is are there any other couples here that is in the same situation? Thanks for all replies!

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    Default re: He is a nudist, she is not - any other couples like us?

    Yes my wife is just like your gf, but over time she with my encouragement has gotten naked in our back yard in Arizona when the weather is good and warm. I am planning to take her to a nudist resort in Palm Springs in March. This comes after a long discussion about her getting out of her comfort zone and enjoying what life has to offer. Good Luck communicate to her your needs, expectations, and desires so she knows where you are coming from.

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    Default re: He is a nudist, she is not - any other couples like us?

    I understand where you're coming from. I have the same situation.

    My wife knows that I enjoy public nudity but she really, honestly, doesn't. We've been to a local clothing optional beach together twice. Both times I totally enjoyed the euphoric feeling of freedom until I sensed just how uncomfortable she was. Plus, let's face it, with her the only one with a bathing suit still on, I'm sure she felt like an outcast.

    We've been to a resort with a clothing optional pool a few times in Key West too. (Banana Bay) Now this wasn't quite as bad because it was mostly just the ladies being topless. And, not all of them. But, not wanting to be the only man, I didn't join in and it just wasn't the same as a real nudist resort or area.

    Now she says she'd have no problem with my going alone to a real nudist resort. I've even found a couple here in Florida that sound nice. But, there's just something about a single man at a resort for couples that doesn't fit.

    This is something that either appeals or doesn't and I don't think you're going to change her mind. I know I haven't been able to change my wife's mind.

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    Default re: He is a nudist, she is not - any other couples like us?

    We haven't been to any resorts yet...but have frequented Hippie Hollow in Austin and had nakey time at the beach.

    To the of the couples we have seen there a few times, he bares all, she hangs out in her bikini. Personally, I think it is awesome that she is willing to go and let him indulge in his desire to be nude in public...even though being naked in public does not seem to appeal to her (since we've never seen her take off her suit in the handful of times we've seen them there over the last 5 or 6 years).

    To Visexual...please see my above statement lol Was your wife really uncomfortable or you perceived her to be? I would also say that if a place is "clothing optional" that implies there is also an option to keep your clothes on if you so desire.

    One of my females friend was interested in going to HH with us. She was nervous about going...but since it is also "clothing optional" (I know some places it is mandatory to be naked) I made the same statement 'well you can just opt to keep your bathing suit on'...and she did for the first couple of times she went. By the 3rd time she was totally thanks to the men who kept pestering her the first few trips about when she was going to at least take her top off. She restated multiple times during the day about exercising her option to keep her clothes on.

    The vultures (aka the clothes males that hang around the periphery) at these places can be alternately annoying or amusing.

    Anyway, we're both naked around the house at pretty much any opportunity (when kids aren't in the house)...but in my first marriage, I was happy to wander naked when my hubs wasn't...after the kids came, he bought me a robe

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    Default re: He is a nudist, she is not - any other couples like us?

    You know 'Sexcupid' you could be right. It might have just been my thinking she was uncomfortable. I never considered that before, thanks!

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    Default re: He is a nudist, she is not - any other couples like us?

    Late in the last century (can't believe I typed that), we took our first trip to a large clothing-optional resort. I chose nude, my wife opted for swimsuit. She had a good time, and she was not pestered about her option. A few months later, we went to a smaller C/O resort. Swimsuit went in the bag, but never was unpacked. A year after the initial visit (and in this century now!), went back to large resort. No swimsuit purchased/packed etc. We got to the room, I had started to unpack and organize the few things we had brought with us. I turn around and she is already naked, hat, towel and sunscreen in hand with the look that says "What is taking you so long, we should already be on the beach?"

    My point is that self-image and confidence changes for reasons that will always remain wonderfully obscure. The fact that she's willing to accompany is wonderful. If you make no big deal about her being nude, there's a high likelihood that at some point she'll decide she does not want to be the exception.

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    Default re: He is a nudist, she is not - any other couples like us?

    We are married 5 years now. She NEVER went nude before. I introduced her to nude resorts and she fell in love with being a nudists. Now she loves it and is kind of a flirt.

    We do not mind single men if they are nice and respectful. We were both single for a few years before this second marriage and were frowned upon by couples. So we are now single friendly. At a nude dance she will dance with other single men and never had a problem with them. We have found some very nice single men and ladies and became friends with a single man. He visits for dinner, we go in hot tub naked, wife has given him a massage. There is no sex but hugging and a kiss is nice. He found a nice girlfriend but she does not want to try being naked. He would love to have her with us for a nude hot tub night and dinner. He told her about us and hopes some day she might want to join us. I think if you are both secure with each other there is nothing to worry about.

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