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    OK, the only person I ran into at a meet and greet from my past was the brother of a girl I dated in high school and his wife. I remember asking him about his sister, who was cute as hell in school, and he laughed and said she'd gained a lot, a very lot, of weight. It was always enjoyable seeing him around town after that and talking but we never gave any indication that we'd get together as two swinging couples.

    But I had a very interesting childhood experience with a girl that I'd love to have run into as adults at a swinger's gathering.

    Toni was one of those girls who loved attention. The interesting thing was that she was cute enough to get attention without showing her panties.
    But, show her panties, she did. It was in fourth grade and Toni would sit near the back of the classroom and when I, and Iím guessing other boys, looked back at her she would smile, spread her legs a bit, and pull her skirt up enough to see her panties.
    A year later I was in line for the water fountain in fifth grade. Toni and, her best friend, Nina were in front of me in line and talking about two cousins of Toni, a boy and a girl our age, who had said theyíd been having intercourse. I remember Nina saying she didnít believe it but Toni swore it must be true. Toni, who was standing in front of me and between me and Nina, asked me if I believed it. I just smiled and said that, if were me, Iíd sure do it, or something to that affect.
    About halfway through the next hour of class, a note was passed to me. It was from Toni. It was short and to the point.
    ďYou said that you would fuck. Would you fuck me?Ē
    I wrote a quick, ďyesĒ, and sent it to Toni through the usual delivery system of boys and girls in the classroom.
    We met outside in the playground as soon as class let out for the next recess.
    I remember Toni telling me more graphically what her cousins had told her. I remember her saying how they used Vaseline to help. That recess didnít go further than just talk but that talk had really gotten me fired up. That was the last recess of the day.
    When school let out I found Toni. She was now in charge and she knew it. She would tease and then run away. I didnít know girls could run that fast as I chased her. There was a place near the playground with some tall grass and thatís where I caught her. When we went down together, I was laying on top of her and, if weíd known how, I would certainly have kissed her. I wanted to but just didnít know how and I donít think she did either.
    The next day we agreed to meet again after school. The schoolís playground was connected to a city park and the fire department had donated old firetrucks to the parks for kids to play on. That particular truck had been used to transport firemen and had two compartments that could hold four or five firemen in each and the compartments were separated by a wall. The truck was old and the floor had long since rusted and had been removed for safety reasons so, if you stood on the ground in one compartment, the dividing wall began about your waist.
    Toni and I decided to stand on each side and let the other explore each otherís genitals. That way we didnít have to see each otherís faces while we explored.
    Now I canít speak for Toni but, I loved the look and feel of my very first female genitalia. OK, why am I being so careful about this? Hell, I loved that little pussy!
    I donít know how long we played with each other. Iím not sure if I penetrated her with my fingers or not. If Iíd known that it was OK, Iíd have gone down to my knees and used my tongue. I do remember us pushing closer and my dick feeling the warmth of her body.
    But we didnít, as sheíd written in her note, fuck that day. And for some reason we never had a repeat of any kind. We had seven more years of school together and, for some reason, we never dated when we were of dating age. We were just friends with a shared moment and memory. Iíve often wondered if Toni remembers those moments as well as I do?
    I reconnected with Nina a few years ago on FaceBook and asked her about Toni. Iíve always wondered if Toni told Nina, who was her best friend in grade school. Nina didnít seem to have any knowledge though so I guess that Toni hadnít told. And I know that I didnít tell anyone, even some of my best friends.
    Nina and I communicated a lot for about two years and I really wanted to ask her more about Toni. But, sadly, Nina passed away before I could.

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    Immediately after my first divorce, I fell into a long affair with a woman. She also was just out of a marriage, we fell in love. We dated for about two years. In that time, we were ‘seduced’ by a slightly older couple, we both had our first swinging experience on a trip with them to Niagara Falls.

    I’m now sure that if we had stayed together, we would have immersed ourselves in the LifeStyle, we would have had a great number of friends, perhaps she would have become a hotwife which became one of my perversions.

    However, I decided that I shouldn’t become permanently attached to someone on the heels of my marriage, that I should give myself broader experiences, so I broke up with her.

    I’d love to meet up again with Lura in a swinging environment.

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