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    Default First consensual sex age

    With all the news of sexual harassment we were discussing how old you were when you had your first sex. Not talking about abuse, talking about your first to time with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Most people we know say it was in high school. Any regrets?

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    Default Re: First consensual sex age

    Like doing most things for the first time in life, having sex was unfamiliar, not totally comfortable and a bit bewildering; I came, but it was underwhelming, nowhere near as good as masturbating (or getting oral or finger fucked), but intimately connecting. And like most things in life, it becomes easier and much more satisfying with practice, much better than masturbating. Having said that, I had penis-in-vagina intercourse for the first time at seventeen and believe I could/should have started much younger, with the result that sex at seventeen would have been more satisfying. The only caveat is potential for pregnancy; my Catholic parents and school never made birth control accessible, although if I knew what was coming I would have found where Planned Parenthood was and gotten my ass over there.

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    Default Re: First consensual sex age

    High school for me.

    2nd year of college for Mrs Doc. She's made up for the late start since then!!

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    I was 14. My partner was a few years older than me, but not very experienced. In retrospect, the sex was fine but not fantastic. Because, fortunately, there were no consequences such as pregnancy or STDs, I suppose I have no regrets.

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    I was 15 when I got head for the first time, from a 16-year-old. Met my high school sweetheart when I was 16, she was 17 and we lost our virginity in a friend's apartment. We had some on-and-off times and got with other people but kept having sex for about three years. My main regret is that we didn't experiment more than we did. You feel like those early relationships are intense and they feel like they have to be a certain way, and if we had known we were just having fun like you do at that age we might have aimed for a different experience.

    Mrs E. gave head for the first time at 14, but felt like she was going to get into trouble and stopped before he came. She ended up losing her virginity in a backseat at 17 before she tried that again. Her regret was basically listening to the nuns, wasted time.

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    Mike has told me his story. He was 16 and he went out with someone he knew was going to be willing. One of his buddies had been with her. It was in a car and not great according to him. He has never been with a virgin.
    I was younger, 14. My best friend confided in me that she was with her brother’s friend. She would tell me everything they would do. I was at my friends house all the time. The big day happened when I was left alone with her brother. It was strange because I knew him as a brother not a boyfriend.

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    I was 13, he was a couple years older. I wish I had waited for someone who really thought I was special...otherwise no regrets.
    There's time for sleep when you're dead.

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    Allen 19 - in college, GF was the same age.
    Kendra 15 - in high school, BF was 17.

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    I remember my first kiss at age 12 with tongue. A boy who touched my breast at 13. How many times did I have to push his hand away? We progressed to him unhooking my bra. He was my boyfriend for a year and he never got my pants off. Any touching was through clothes. A few times he tried. I was almost 15 had started dating an older boy, he was 16. He got to third base in about a month. On my 15th Birthday we were at his house. His parents were at work. My first time naked and seeing him naked. I chickened out going further. We dated for months and got naked together plenty but we never went all the way. I finally did it with another boy on our second date. I was not 16.

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    I was 13. He was 16. It was consensual but I really didn't know what I was doing or what I wanted. And it wasn't even that much fun. It hurt, and then it was over. In hindsight, which is always 20/20, I should've waited.

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    In terms of losing my virginity, sophomore in high school, I was 15 1/2, he was 16 1/2. We pretty much fucked at least weekly for the next two years, then he went away to college. My senior year, I dated another guy but stricter my activities to hand jobs and the occasional blow job. Didn’t start intercourse again until college.

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    I would call it begging more than consenting. I was a high school freshman she was 17. Our parents were friends and i knew her for years as a older family friend. We only saw them at family things. In HS we were both on a team and she treated me like a family friend to her friends. I was shy and younger so nice that she did that. She sometimes drove me home after practice. Sometimes my mother would pick me up at her house. My first time was with her and if you read this, it took you longer than it took me.

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    I was 15 and it was with a slightly older man, 40 or so, but completely consensual. Some people will immediately jump on this but it was entirely my choice, and it was great.

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    I was 15 and she was 13. We stayed together until just before my 18th birthday, which was handy, as what we were doing would have been illegal for the next 2 years... We split up because I was too conservative. If only I knew then what I know now...

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