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    Default Thought Experiment: how long could NOTHING BUT great sex satisfy you?

    I've been playing around with an imaginary scenario in my head for a long time. Imagine this with me:

    A new Big-Brother-ish reality show is announced, in which 32 contestants (16 males and 16 females*) are selected to participate in an extended orgy. The men who audition must either have vasectomies, the women sterilized/on the pill, or both (whatever version you're most comfortable with), so the chance of pregancy is eliminated. Everyone is background checked, then put into isolation for a period long enough to ensure they have no undetected STDs. Those who test clean are interviewed and profiled, and the final 32 are peer-selected, so we can be confident they are all sexy, attractive, personable, uninhibited people you'd want to have sex with and who want to have sex with multiple partners. In short, all the pragmatic barriers to unrestricted, bareback group sex are removed to the fullest extent possible.

    Then the real show begins: the top 32 finalists are sequestered in a luxurious mansion with a large central courtyard and pool. Nudity and sex are permitted (and encouraged) anywhere on the grounds. Gourmet meals are available anytime on request. However, there are restrictions:
    • You will have no direct interaction with anyone outside the 31 other participants. The housekeeping staff even cleans rooms only when empty. (Medical staff are on hand to provide free care if needed, however.)
    • Other than some sex-themed board games, there are no other diversions. There are no TVs, no movies, no web, no magazines, no books.
    • Your interaction with the outside world is restricted to one opportunty to batch-send and receive emails once per day.
    • There are cameras in every room of the house. Your activities are broadcast on the web 24/7.
    • Once you leave, for any reason, you're off the show and cannot return.

    That's it: no work, no laundry, no cooking, no commuting, just the opportunity to fuck your brains out with like-minded partners whenever, wherever, as long and as often as you like.

    There's no voting off, no compulsory elimination. Everyone is welcome to stay as long as they like, until they voluntarily choose to leave. The last two remaining (or all those who remain when the last of one gender leaves) split a million dollar prize.

    My questions are:
    1. How long would it take you to call it quits and walk away from a non-stop orgy and a potential $500,000 payoff for it?
    2. How much would this prediction change if this were a couples thing, and your S/O was doing this with you, but you both would have to leave together if either one of you quit?

    *or feel free to rewrite this as suits you best if you're LBGT, etc.
    Single male, previously in 20-yr poly triad. [Many old posts w no caps written by my ex-wife]

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    Default Re: Thought Experiment: how long could NOTHING BUT great sex satisfy you?

    It sure would be fun, trying the endurance test.

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    Default Re: Thought Experiment: how long could NOTHING BUT great sex satisfy you?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tadahiko View Post
    . . . as long and as often as you like. . . [/I][/INDENT]
    I've found a loophole. I would save my energy for important stuff like checking e-mail and fuck once a day.
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    Default Re: Thought Experiment: how long could NOTHING BUT great sex satisfy you?

    Lol, really interesting and amusing scenario and very well thought out! I would not exclude fertile contestants, and would add rules around minimum encounters to combat the loophole above. If we really wanted to make it challenging then how about adding a "you can't say no" rule?

    I'm fairly sure I could go weeks like this. Maybe even months. I'd certainly give it a go!

    I have no partner so cannot answer the second bit.

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