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  • I made myself squirt for the first time

    2 20.00%
  • My husband made me squirt for the first time

    4 40.00%
  • I squirted once when I was really drunk and could never do it again

    0 0%
  • I squirted with someone other than my spouse AFTER joining the lifestyle

    3 30.00%
  • I felt a peeing sensation and tried to hold it in

    0 0%
  • I am unable to squirt no matter how hard my husband or his friends fuck me ;-)

    1 10.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Default Who made you squirt??

    I am a strong believer that if you put your mind to it you can do anything....I strongly believe that my wife can squirt if she wants to. She's convinced she can't and has no reason to alter her thinking into "I can". Kayla tells me that I am the most sexually satisfying partner she has ever had and that we have already reached her extreme levels of orgasm :-/. SOOO please select one of the answers in the poll and if you have your own version please enlighten me with a comment :-) **IF YOU CHOSE OPTION #4 PLEASE ELABORATE**

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    Default Re: Who made you squirt??

    "I made myself squirt for the first time" (but only a little) while masturbating, when I was a teenager virgin.

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    Default Re: Who made you squirt??

    A swing partner fucking me made me squirt the first time. Now I do sometimes with my husband and other friends.I don't have control of it, but it happens when I am really turned on and more often in certain positions.

    I am not crazy about it, honestly. My husband does like it a lot.
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    Default Re: Who made you squirt??

    He made me squirt the first time. He admits it was by accident, and we both were like wow! Then a few years later, he made it happen again, and now can make it happen almost regularly. Only down side is if we don't happen to put down a (couple) of towels, it makes for a day of laundry. He admitted to doing research on the web to find out what techniques work the best, and also practiced on me (I was a willing participant) until he had it pretty much down pat. First couple times were using his hand/fingers, but now can use his '5th' appendage almost as well as his hand/fingers.

    Another good tip, they make mattress covers that have a plastic lining under them that go under your bed sheet to prevent the mattress from being stained.

    It is a pretty intense amazing feeling, but it isn't necessarily our goal to make it happen when we play.

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    Default Re: Who made you squirt??

    A partner prior to swinging could make me squirt in less than a minute over and over. Has happened since with other partners. All fun but I have had other orgasms that are even more intense that leave me seriously seeing stars. Lucky me : )

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    Cool Re: Who made you squirt??

    Married 28 years and we didn't have our first squirting experience until after we had our first couple experience. It was shortly after the encounter that we started sharing even more information than before. The flood gates opened and we can make it happen anytime we apply the effort.

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    Default Re: Who made you squirt??

    Off topic, a bit. Hi Jane 1902. You're a new member? why don't you take a few minutes and introduce yourself.
    I'n sure other members would like to get to know you.

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    Default Re: Who made you squirt??

    Yes new here. I had MFM fantasies for several years. I have a FWB I met thru another friend that has made this happen a number of times (he has previous experience) We have attended a party as a couple (the host knew our status) and he really had my back. Big time stars! There were some single guys that were great, but enough jerks that I know I want my FWB with me.

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    Default Re: Who made you squirt??

    I love this question!! Can you really make yourself squirt? I have been able to do it since my 20's. I'm approaching my 50's and its as common for me as sex. I think it's about how much you can relax and just go with the flow, pun intended. My hubby and I are new to this scene and we are still working out our rules. I have yet to actually be with someone else and to be honest it freaks me out. I cum a lot and I'm worried that it will be a total turn off for a guy.

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    Default Re: Who made you squirt??

    I cum a lot and I'm worried that it will be a total turn off for a guy.
    Don't worry, it isn't (grrrrr).
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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    Default Re: Who made you squirt??

    This is bugging me now because I cannot remember the first time I squirted, I know I did it some with my ex, and sometimes I do it through masturbation. My current husband can make me do it pretty much on command and his favorite trick is showing my play partners how to get that response from me. I don't remember doing it when I was very young because I'm sure I would have remembered hiding all that mess from my parents, so I'm guessing I started sometime in my early 20s but by then I'd been having sex for years, so it must be learnable to an extent, but just like most physical things not everyone will be able to do it (world class athletes learn how to do the things they do, it doesn't mean that anyone can do what they do)

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    Default Re: Who made you squirt??

    51! The first time was all me, and fantastic! I didn't even know the term. When I finally talked / researched / watched porn and some selective toys I was able to (on camera) squirt big time and I was astounded! I had always came right to the edge and would panic and back away because, at first, it is the sensation you get when you pee.
    Then with a bit of coaching my hubby succeeded in making me squirt. He was wide eyed and totally turned on, as was I! He had a better view than me though! Makes me wish I was younger, but then I wouldn't have him!

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    Default Re: Who made you squirt??

    My wife was a virgin when we married in 1972. She was 19. She has never squirted with me. I had a job then where I was on 24 hr. call. A black 45 yr old single neighbor had seduced her while I was at work and was having and affair with her for over a year. One night a job was canceled. I was suppose to be out all night. It was 11 pm when I walked into the house all dark except the bedroom light was on and my wife in the shower. I found all the covers off the bed and a huge wet spot in the middle of the bed the size of a very large dinner plate. I walked over to it and it was slick and smelled of semen. She walked out of the shower and saw me and the big wet spot and me pointing at it. She says we need to talk. She tells me all about their affair and how it started. Now what does this have to do with her first squirting. The bed was so wet because of her squirting. He is the first and only man she has ever squirted with. He was doing something special inside her that no other man can do that would ring her bell and make her squirt heavy and hard. He also got us into the swinging life style.

    Older Couple

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    Default Re: Who made you squirt??

    I taught myself how to squirt. No one else has made me squirt yet but... I don't do it all of the time because I don't like the clean up but once in a while it feels sooooo good.

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