Actual swinging has reset the bar a little, but my first record that held for a while was getting head from my high school sweetheart - then ex - while her roommate sat next to us reading. I was a little surprised at first, but learned the score pretty quickly when another guy came by that night. She hinted around to me about what was going to happen, and ended up screwing him with all four of us in the room.

Short explanation is that her parents had put her in the female-only liberal arts dorm for quiet, studious girls who didn't want to party. I forget the nickname it had acquired, but what ended up happening was that guys would come by and hang out in the lounge until curfew and girls would come by to pick one to crash in their room. Her and her roommate had two guys who knew to swing directly by their room for whichever was available.

That took some blinders off, it was an eye-opening weekend.