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    Quote Originally Posted by J&Wu View Post
    Well why not! We have some well heeled friends who are planning an excursion flight in Las Vegas to get their crews, otherwise the mid way larger middle lavatories on the big Airbuses would be easiest. They might jettison you if you get caught under a blanket in a seat, flights seem so full these days, darn.
    We're visiting Vegas this fall. Hmmm.

    On a related note, while it wasn't on a plane, we did just have an additional fun experience walking through the streets of a favorite vacation destination in Europe.

    The sun sets late there and we were walking back from a late meal with plentiful wine, and found that part of the cobblestone street we were heading down, with a park on one side, was not well-lit. It gave us pause since we couldn't see what was in the park. I stood there for a moment trying to make an informed decision, and once I saw that many other people, both locals and tourists, were walking along, I figured it was not too isolated and must not be an obviously dangerous area.

    It was a fairly long stroll in the dark and there was an interesting monument on one side covered in gold leaf with a spotlight on it. I think that's why the street was kept dark, to emphasize it. In any case, we sat down on a bench for a few minutes and looked at it. As we were sitting there, the crowd thinned out and it got quiet enough to hear what was going on in some of the buildings around us. It was a nice night, people had the shutters on their old homes wide open, and it quickly became apparent that at least two different women were getting fucked on either side of us.

    This really put both of us in the mood, and after a little fooling around by hand, once we were convinced that we didn't have an audience, Mrs. EastInWest pulled me out, hiked up her skirt and climbed on top of me. She really liked hearing other women climax while she was approaching her own, and it was enough of a thrill that I took her again from behind after we got back to our hotel.

    With the windows open, of course.

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    In my husbands bosses office. During a Christmas party his boss was staring at me often and it was turning me on. I wore stockings and a garter belt to the party and there were a couple of times I made sure my stocking tops were shown. His boss suggested once I go with him to the coat room. I did not but dam it made me wet!

    So I was with my husband one day at his office and we were the only ones there.

    I said "I want you to fuck me in your bosses office" He said "But Dan might come in the office". My response was "If he does, He will cum for sure".

    I was wet and horny as my husband ate me and ate me. Then he bent me over his bosses desk and shoved his cock inside my now dripping pussy. I do not know how many orgasms I had but the entire time I was hoping his boss walked in on us because I wanted his tongue and cock both and I would have gotten both. Even today I masturbate thinking about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
    I said " I want you to fuck me in your bosses office" He said but Dan might come in the office. My response was If he does, He will cum for sure.
    Got to admit, I was pulling for Dan to get his act together, here.

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    Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

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    Oh, do tell please!
    Not all those who wander are lost

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    I assume you mean me since I just realized no one else has posted for almost a year.

    Well, the museum has event space. Not really. They just set up tables and chairs and a dance floor in the main atrium of the museum. We got tickets for a fundraising event there. The museum is closed to the public for the events, but they only block off certain exhibits, so most of the museum is still accessible even though most of the lights are off.

    After the dinner and the speeches, people danced and drank. At about midnight, there were probably only about 50 people left. My wife and I decided head off to check out some of the exhibits. They've got a Lego exhibit that was locked when we first got there, but as we were wandering, a janitor came out and didn't lock the door. Since he was wheeling out his cart and garbage, we didn't think he was coming back. We waited awhile and sure enough, he didn't come back.

    We snuck into the Lego exhibit, locked the door, and went at it like bunnies right by the Lego Great Pyramid of Giza. Just as we finished up and got our clothes back on, we heard keys in the door. The janitor was back and asked what we were doing in there. We told him the other door was open and we were trying to find our way back to the party. He let us out and directed us back to the main atrium (which only a MORON wouldn't have known where it was since this exhibit was attached to the one wing of the main atrium).

    He knew what we did. We knew what we did. It was pretty exhilarating. We ended up doing it again in the car in the parking garage before we left. LOL

    I don't know how to add pictures, but I've got a ton of pictures of the nearly vacant museum. It's kind of cool and kind of creepy all at the same time.

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    I'd love to do it in U-505!

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    In a dressing room with the merchandise on (a blue leather dress) with the salesman

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    The Lego exhibit in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago...I think we have a winner. You DO know that museums have cameras just about everywhere, don't you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldCoCouple View Post
    The Lego exhibit in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago...I think we have a winner. You DO know that museums have cameras just about everywhere, don't you?
    Yeah, we know. Didn't really care (but also didn't notice any in this area) and I'm guessing no one will ever even review that footage unless something happened to the exhibit that night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamgunn View Post
    I'd love to do it in U-505!

    We actually went there first! It was one of the few exhibits that were roped off. We could also hear some of the cleaning crew working down the hall, so we headed off to check out other exhibits and scout other locations for our debauchery!

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    In a storage unit.

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    I acquired the use of a private airplane that we flew to Vegas many years ago with a couple we were friendly with. The wife was with him in the back seat and she was beside me in the front seat. I don’t think we were in the air for more that five minutes before the two of them were removing each other’s clothes in the back seat. As our passions rose with our furtive glances into the back seat. When they culminated the act of my wife’s initiating him into the mile-high club I set about to initiate her into the same club.

    After she undressed she pulled my pants down around my ankles. I moved my seat all the way back and she climbed onboard. As I defied the laws of gravity by pushing the yoke back and forth, she rose off me when I descended and was slammed back down on me when I climbed as I joyously initiated her into the mile-high club.

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    Had to cum back to this thread as my craziest place has been updated.

    A few months back I had my mom staying with me so met up with my guy for lunch. Restaurant is located in a busy strip mall type place with several restaurants and stores (parking lot always packed at lunchtime). We had lunch and headed to sit in his truck for a bit before he had to head back to work. Started making out a bit and before long I was fucking him reverse cowgirl in the backseat. Good thing his windows are darkly tinted.

    A couple of weeks later was in a waffle house parking lot (that time it was dark outside).
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    This place, in November, during a meteorite shower.

    Hidden Gems Inside Appalachia | West Virginia Public Broadcasting

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    In my bum.

    Interpreted differently - near the top of a Colorado 14er, but that time in the usual sex location, in my vagina.

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    at Haulover beach in Florida. My husband and his wife sat between us and the other people on the beach while her husband fucked me anally from behind. I think if you saw us it would have looked like he was just spooning close to me. Also on stage at an audience participation sex show in Amsterdam Holland. Deb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyguy6977 View Post
    ... Also on stage at an audience participation sex show in Amsterdam Holland. Deb.
    Now that sounds like fun!

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    it was fantastic. I love being watched.

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    In the middle of a cricket pitch-- I literally bowled a maiden over. lol

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    Out in the open by the hot tub with over 10 people watching and encouraging on. Oral, straight and anal - we put up a show for all to see for seven nights during our first Hedonism trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john67a View Post
    In the middle of a cricket pitch-- I literally bowled a maiden over. lol
    Buy one beer for the price of two and get the second beer absolutely free.

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