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    Although I had engaged in threesomes more than once before (MMF, FFM, FFF), as well as a couple of orgies when younger and single, I'd never actual tried swinging; let alone when married. My husband had only had threesomes (a couple of times when married to me), but never more. After being married a few years and already a couple of kids, we were curious about swinging and started to look into it, but didn't really get into much online before stumbling upon a couple we met through my son's preschool of all things. They had two young children like us as well and we hit it off with them, building a very friendly relationship, with plenty of get togethers like BBQs, coffee times, date nights to movies and the like. Over time it was clear there was more to our relationship than just friendship. My husband was constantly checking the other wife out (we'll call her Tina, not that you'd ever know who she really was! LOL) and her husband (Andy) was doing the same with me (and, yes, us girls were very flattered and reciprocated- it really feels good being noticed after having a couple of kids! LOL). Tina and I also had some sparks between us, as we had similar tastes in clothing (both pretty feminine/girly girl types) and a woman's form (I am bisexual and was openly so then, too). So over time we started drinking more together at one or the others' place (kids always babysat, if you're wondering!) and doing things like dancing (and, increasingly, swapping partners for that, plus sometimes the wives would dance while the men watched and, yes, it was getting more sensual and, even, a bit lewd). We eventually started playing games like strip poker, jokingly played spin the bottle, truth or dare, and other silly games that might lead to some more naughty results.
    One night, we all had a lot to drink and the tension in the air could be cut with a knife, when Andy made the first move and slide his hand up my thigh and under the skirts of my dress, then kissed me. I looked a bit shocked but also smiled and looked over to my husband and Tina, who were clearly enjoying the show, so I kissed back and deeper, putting my hand on his thigh and hitching up my skirts a bit more, legs a bit more open too. He saw this as his invitation and slide his hand well up my dress as we kissed. Tina then turned to my husband and kissed him, while running her hand over his crotch. So then things really took off.
    Soon Tina was on her knees with fellating my husband who was running his fingers through her hair with one hand and the other in her blouse playing with one of her breasts, which he'd pulled from her bra. Andy had 2 fingers buried in my puss as this was happening and our kissing got more intense, my legs wider and skirts hiked up much more.
    In time, Andy had his head up my skirts licking my wet puss, my legs wrapped around him, as I squirmed and moaned. By then, my hubby was behind Tina, her skirt to her hips and panties to her knees, as she was on all fours, her breasts now fully dangling freely below her as he fingered her with one hand and felt her breasts up with the other. She was still lactating after the birth of her second, so he was basically milking her a bit, too. There was so much moaning, sighing, gasping and the like then, and the air was filled with our scents. LOL

    After fingering and licking Tina to orgasm, my husband then filled her wit his cock and truly pounded her from behind. It was such a beautiful sight seeing her jerking and her breasts swaying, as she grunted and moaned. Andy could tell I was excited by what I saw and told me to kiss her, so I went to her and did that as my husband fucked her. She had such a sweet mouth and she was so eager to kiss me, our tongues played for what seemed like forever. As I kissed her and kneaded one of her breasts, Andy got behind me and filled me like Tina was filled and soon there were two girls grunting, gasping, and moaning.

    When our husbands were ready to cum, we each licked and sucked their cocks together: two wives enjoying each cock on their own. Our faces and breasts were covered by their cum (and our mouths had some, too). It was glorious! After our men were spent, us girls got together and enjoyed one another, kissing, feeling/licking/sucking breasts, fingering one another, scissoring a bit, then ending in a 69 position that was a beautiful time. When we orgasmed again, we all cuddled together, the wives together with Andy close to me on one side and my husband on Tina's side. We were so content and knew this wasn't the last time we'd do this. I later found out Tina had limited experience with girls, but did experiment a bit in high school and college, but nothing significant and she never considered herself bi. That changed after being with me during our swinging sessions. LOL
    We were regular from then on and still see them from time to time as part of our little group of swinging couples, early 15 years later (adn we have done a fair bit more than we did that first time! LOL).


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    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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    Wow, what an awesome time! Sounds like the ideal way to meet another couple, become friends, become comfortable and take the steps you did to end up in that swinging situation.

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    Isn't it amazing how freeing sex can be when there is no jealousy?

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    Swingers Board Addict couplers's Avatar
    female in poly family
    Thanks for sharing your story.

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