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    Default 1st Time Did Not go as planned

    My wife and I were married very young. After only a few months of marriage I started bringing up swinging. The first few time we talked about it she did not want to have anything to do with swinging. I was the only man she had been with before we married. After a while she started to warm up to the deal of swinging, but she did set some limits on what she would be willing to do. She did not want us having sex in our home town with anybody we knew. We would only swing together, in the same room. She did not want to swing with any blacks. When we were looking at some swinger’s ads I made a joke about her seeing a well hung black man she got very upset and refused to look at more adds or talk about it for days. I did not bring the subject back up after that.

    For our first swinging experience we drove to a large city a few hours away from our home. We checked into a hotel we knew hosted a swinger’s club in their bar. We started drinking early, and hanging out at the bar. It did not take long before we hooked up with some of the people from the club. The club had a mix of couple and singles in attendance. We ended up riding with a single guy to the home of a very nice looking that was having a party. The couple had a nice home with pool. Many of the guest were in the pool nude. The weather was a nice warm summer day. My wife and I continued to drink and spent time nude at the pool. The couple had a pool house that was also used as a party house and guest house. We ended up on a king size bed with the man we came to the party with and a single woman I wanted to fuck. We made out and had some very relaxing sex. The lady I was with and I returned to the main house. My wife and her man had started to make out again. My wife told me that she wanted to spend some time with her new friend and I should return to the party and have fun. She said she would find me later. I went back to the main house and watched other couples making out and danced with some of the new women at the party. After a while I found a seat by the pool and had a drink. With the sun and alcohol start having it effect on me, I fell asleep by the pool for what I think was about 2 hours. When I awoke it was getting dark, but the party was still going strong. I look around for my wife in the main house and pool area but did not see her. I returned to the pool house where I left her. The man that I left her with was gone and there were five new men I had never seen in the room. Four of the men were large black men and the other was white. When I walked into the room, the room was dark. The only light was the light from a TV that was on with the sound off. The TV was playing adult tapes. Two of the black men were on the bed having sex with a woman. After my eyes adjusted to the light I discovered the woman was my wife. She was face down on the bed with two oversize pillows of the type with arms that enable that enable your to watch TV in bed under her. One pillow push her ass and pussy high in the air and other was under her chest making it possible for her to suck a cock while being fucked with little effort on her part. And that was what she was doing one of the men was fucking her pussy doggy style was such force that she gave out grunting sounds with each trust of his cock. The other back man was holding her head while he fucked her face. My wife was face down on the bed, so she did not see me come in. I was not sure what to do next, so I step back outside of the pool house and took a set under the window so I could hear my wife being used. She had made a big deal about not swinging with any back couples or fucking any black men, I did not want to put her on the spot I did not want to ruin the mood by saying “I told you so”. It was clear from her grunting and the sounds she was making she was feeling the cocks in her like she had never felt before. I sat outside of the window for a while then I went back to watch the action. I stepped into the room in time to see the man fucking my wife’s face shot his load into her mouth. He did not let go of her head and he shot the cum into her mouth. She was unable to take his load a fast as he shot it. She choked on his cum and let it run out of her mouth onto the bed as he release her head. The other man the shot his load into her pussy. He pulled out of her and she remain in place while the next back man moved in behind her. There were some new men that had came in while I was watching my wife being fucked. Now there were a total of 10 men in the room. The other white guy had gone back to the pool so my wife and I were the only whites in the room. My wife still had not spotted me in the room, and I did not introduce myself as her husband. I still was not sure if I was going to tell her that I watched her with the black men or if I was going to wait for her to bring it up.

    When the new man took his place behind my wife I could hear my wife cry out in a much higher tone then she did with the first man. I move nearer to the bed for a better look. The new man had a cock that must have been a foot long. He pulled out of her pussy after a few pushed into it. It appeared he was going to be gentle with her. Or that was what I thought. It turned out he was just getting his dick wet in her pussy. With the next pushed he forced his cock into her ass. My wife started to give out a yell, but another man shoved his cock into her open mouth,as he held her head as the first man that used her mouth had done. With the cock in her mouth she start grunting with each trust of the cock in her ass. I was shocked when I saw the large dick going into her ass. Her ass was opened wide and accepted the big dick without any force on his part. She and I have never had anal sex, but it was clear from the size of her ass hole that someone had fucked her in the ass before this man. I had lost track of time while I was asleep or passed out by the pool, but it seemed that my wife had been used over and over for hours. The only other explanation was she had been fucking around on me before she agreed to try swinging. I watched as the man using her ass shot his load and two more new men joined in. My wife stayed face down during the time I was in the room, so she never saw me. I return to the pool area and had another drink while I thought about what I had witnessed.

    After the men got dressed and left, I went to find my wife in the pool house. She was a sleep on the bed she had been fucking in a night long. She had cum in her hair, on her body, and in every hole. The sheets were wet from all the action. I got into the bed with my wife and feel asleep. The next morning I did not tell her what I had seen. I asked he if she had a good time. She said “yes”. I went onto ask her if she tried anything new, that she enjoyed. She told me yes she did. I ask for more details, expecting her to tell me about fucking the black men, or having her ass fucked. What she did tell me that after the first man that fucked her left, the attracted couple that owned the house came to the pool house and had sex with her. This was her first threesome and she was the center of the couple attention. She told me that she feel asleep while the woman was eating her pussy. She said she was asleep until she woke up in bed with me. It appears that my wife was passed or blacked out while she was being used by the men at the party. I never told my wife that she has been fucked by a gang of black men. She still has never agreed to go black.

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    Default Re: 1st Time Did Not go as planned

    The answer is no alcohol!

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    Default Re: 1st Time Did Not go as planned

    So you walk into a room and see your wife having unprotected sex with multiple strangers, including anal which she had never done before, and you say nothing? WTF!!!

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    Default Re: 1st Time Did Not go as planned

    That is either a really crappy fantasy or you're a piss poor excuse for a man and a husband. You had an obligation to protect your wife, that's the 1st rule of swinging and as her protector, you should have immediately intervened to make certain that she was fully aware of what was happening and that she was fully capable to make a choice. Instead you watched for awhile and walked away while your wife was being abused and perhaps coerced into doing something she had told you she didn't want to do. You should be ashamed.

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    Default Re: 1st Time Did Not go as planned

    Quote Originally Posted by padoc View Post
    That is either a really crappy fantasy or you're a piss poor excuse for a man and a husband.
    Why not both?

    I didn't even read the post. I just did Ctrl+F "black", because the fake "my wife did something involuntarily" stories are all the same.

    Oh, look, 10 matches.

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    Default Re: 1st Time Did Not go as planned

    I call bullcrap too. I'll give the OP an opportunity to retort, but it doesn't make sense to me. First time swinging and he left his wife alone, then didn't come looking for her immediately after finishing with his tryst... passing out in the sun? Normal first timers wouldn't do those things, the list goes on

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    Default Re: 1st Time Did Not go as planned

    Quote Originally Posted by TnA83 View Post
    I call bullcrap too. I'll give the OP an opportunity to retort, but it doesn't make sense to me. First time swinging and he left his wife alone, then didn't come looking for her immediately after finishing with his tryst... passing out in the sun? Normal first timers wouldn't do those things, the list goes on
    Not only that they drank themselves into a coma!! He passed out by the pool for two hours & she didn't know what was happening to her. Yea right!

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    Default Re: 1st Time Did Not go as planned

    I don't believe a word of it...

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    Default Re: 1st Time Did Not go as planned

    True or no, I would NEVER leave my woman alone with another man. She is able to do this because she trusts me to be there in case anything goes wrong or she becomes uncomfortable for her. What if this woman was left alone and all of these guys were forcing themselves on her? Sure, according to the story that doesn't seem to be the case, but what if this really happened and the woman was fighting but had finally given up? This is rape, no matter what the circumstances are that set it up.
    If you don’t have to lie about sex, you don’t have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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