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    Default Our first real swinging experience

    OK first of all this may be a little tame for most so if slow and gentle isn't your thing maybe skip this post lol.

    Saturday just gone we went to a club for the 2nd time. Our first club visit involved me and the wife fucking in front of others but no swapping at all.

    It was fancy dress and we were kitted out like American cops , Mrs Scared looked incredible with her very short skin tight black uniform and her cleavage attempting to bust the seams.
    The club was busy and it was obvious that a lot of people there were in groups and the people that had made us feel so welcome on our first visit were otherwise engaged talking to others, this made us go into our shell a little to be honest and we had a hard time finding the courage to strike up conversation with anybody. However , that all changed when this really tall good looking lady and her man came over to us and started up a conversation, they recounted some of their experiences and answered our questions , and both were quite witty and well spoken so we soon felt very comfortable around them.

    The other lady went over to the pole and started going through a routine, wow, she was good , her legs went on forever and yet she was incredibly agile on the pole, she showed my wife a simple move and she tried it too.
    We talked a little more and the other lady said "I'm just putting this out there , we really like you two and if you feel like going up to the playrooms we would very much be up for that" wow... reality check moment! It was time to go hard or go home, I asked my wife if she was OK with it and she said she would like to do some stuff with the girl but she wasn't sure she was ready for another man. My head exploded right there, until very recently my wife has shown no interest in her bi side whatsoever, but obviously me being a guy, it had been a big fantasy of mine since forever.
    We headed upstairs, the 2 girls arm in arm.
    We found a bed and all sat down, my wife was clutching her wine glass like it was the only thing keeping her alive , the other guy took her glass and the other lady asked if she could kiss my wife, they kissed each other so softly and sensually I was desperately trying not to blink.
    The other lady said "I'm going to take your dress off now" and she unzipped it right the way down the front, she also asked if she could remove my wifes bra but alas my wife said no, and then chimed in with "you can remove my knickers though" game on!
    My wife has large natural boobs which I love but she has always had a hang up about them, she didn't feel comfortable letting others see them just yet.

    The girls kissed for ages and the other lady asked for permission to go further every step of the way, it was a really nice touch I thought, she knew my wife had never been with a girl before.
    As she kissed her way down my wife's body I could feel my heart beat quicken , then as she started to gently lick my wifes pussy my head was swimming, my wife made noises I'd never heard , that alone made me so horny, I held her hand for a while until my wife said "I can't take any more, it's my turn now". The other lady insisted that she didn't expect the favour to be returned but my wife insisted that she wanted to try it for the first time. The other lady was very vocal in her enjoyment as my wife had her first taste of pussy, I actually wondered for a second if this really was the first time she had done it lol.

    The girls kissed some more and the other lady asked what my wife wanted to do next and she said she wanted to go back to their own husbands.
    My wife immediately climbed on top of me and began moaning really loudly as my cock entered her, she was obviously very turned on, the other guy got oral from his wife before they started fucking and I have to admit I felt a little cheated that I didn't get any oral, when I asked her about it the next day my wife said she was sorry but she just needed my cock really bad.

    I undid my wifes bra as she rode me and the other couple commented on how sexy her boobs looked, I think they both realised my wife was self conscious of her boobs and I thought that was a really classy touch by them.
    We fucked side by side in various positions and everytime I looked over at them it just felt so erotic it was mind blowing.
    Eventually we got dressed and said our goodbyes, we went back to our hotel and fucked until 4am.
    On reflection we had an amazing time and the other couple were largely responsible for that, we both feel very lucky to have stumbled across such a considerate pair for our first experience.

    We're now trying to pluck up the courage to ask them if they'd like to meet again lol

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    Default Re: Our first real swinging experience


    A wonderful first step into the LS and a great story. As for your wife's breasts...from looking at your avatar, she shouldn't have any problems with her absolutely stunning chest. Thanks for sharing (the story and the picture of your wife's boobs).
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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    Default Re: Our first real swinging experience

    WHOAH what a great story! we have never been to a club or party before, and honestly Im not sure I am interested, but I really enjoyed reading about your experience. Thanks for sharing!!

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    Default Re: Our first real swinging experience

    Mrs scared is still getting butterflies in her stomach everytime she thinks about it bless her lol

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